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  1. Roast Beef

    Trade Help! Leave Link

    Stick with Bruce and McGahee. If he's willing to give up someone better than Pittman, resume talks.
  2. Roast Beef

    Sit/start advice

    Julius Jones or Jonathan Stewart at flex? Willis McGahee or LeRon McClain at flex? Delhomme or Carson Palmer? Muhsin Muhammad or Devery Henderson? Leave your links I guess.
  3. Roast Beef

    wide reciever starting help

    I'd say Braylon, Calvin, and Santonio. I wouldn't bench Braylon yet.
  4. Roast Beef

    Not another flex topic!?

    This is my starting roster: QB Drew Brees WR1 Braylon Edwards WR2 Anquan Boldin RB1 Joseph Addai RB2 Willis McGahee TE Tony Gonzalez K Phil Dawson DEF Chicago FLEX: Hines Ward, Eddie Royal, or Donald Driver Hines Ward is getting the redzone targets of late, so for now I'm leaning his way. However, I do feel bad about not starting Royal with Cutler throwing to him against those soda crackers that the Saints call a secondary. Driver is another option, but I most likely will go with one of the other two. Another option is to bench the struggling Braylon against a tough Ravens secondary, but I don't want to be the guy who benches his struggling stud WR on the day that he breaks out for the season. Any pointers?
  5. Roast Beef

    Fun and competitive Fleaflicker league.

    Draft date was moved back, but we still need to fill this league out.
  6. http://www.fleaflicker.com/showLeague.do?leagueId=26004 Trying to get the league filled out before the draft.
  7. Roast Beef

    Draft doubt, could use opinions.

    Someone reached for Brady, I managed to get Addai! Here's the rest of my draft for you all to critique. 1. (6) Joseph Addai 2. (19) Braylon Edwards 3. (30) Drew Brees 4. (43) Anquan Boldin 5. (54) Rudi Johnson 6. (67) Tony Gonzalez 7. (78) Kevin Smith 8. (91) Donald Driver 9. (102) Dallas 10. (115) Jerry Porter 11. (126) Kevin Jones 12. (139) D.J. Hackett 13. (150) Tarvaris Jackson 14. (163) Neil Rackers 15. (174) Randy McMichael The picks I'm most regretful about are #4 and #5. I should have gone RB first. Rudi isn't bad as a #2 RB, especially if he stays healthy and goes back to 2004-2006 form. I'm heavily relying on Kevin Smith for depth at RB, but having watched the guy since college I'm certain he can make things happene even in Detroit. Kevin Jones was more of a "eh, what the hell" pick. He should get a fair share of opportunities in Chicago and he did manage to score 8 TDs last season, so we'll see how it goes. I'm very happy about my WR situation though. Braylon and Boldin make a great base, Driver is an EXCELLENT third option (arguably even second) and great value at 102nd overall. Porter and Hackett are fliers, both have decent chances of having career years, so I consider them solid backups. Dallas has Ware, Hamlin, and newcomers Zach Thomas and Adam Jones to help force turnovers. I normally don't pick TE that high, but I could tell they were going fast and Gonzalez is as safe a bet for a beastly season as anything. 1000+ yards in his 10th season? Yes please. Brees is an excellent choice, I had him ranked over Romo and Peyton Manning, and I was able to get him comfortable in the 3rd round instead of blowing my second rounder on him. This is maybe my favorite team that I've ever drafted. It has its flaws, but one can't help but to look at it optimistically. All 12 owners showed up for the draft, and most of them knew what they were doing.
  8. I have the 6th pick in a 12 team non-keeper league doing a serp draft, with the roster requirements as follow: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, W/R, K, DEF My general attitude towards my first round pick is basically that of hope that one of the first five owners reaches for Brady or Moss like so many people are inexplicably doing these days, and one of the top tier backs falls my way (most likely Addai, but hey, you never know). However, I'm at a loss as to what to do if those five top tier RBs get drafted straight up. Being that it is a PPR league, I'm ever so slightly leaning towards Gore, however I am not a big fan of his team's situation at all. Martz running the offense in SF helps me believe this to be the correct pick. However, I'm also considering Larry Johnson simply because of the sheer workload he'll be given, but last year's injury and the fact that he's in a rebuilding team with an o-line currently made up of abandoned seashells make me think twice. Portis is an attractive option, since Zorn plans to work him heavily this season, and he is about as consistent as one can get. His upside is ultimately not as high as one would hope, and he does lose some value in PPR leagues. Finally, there's the Randy Moss factor, though nothing yet has convinced me that he's worth a pick this high in a draft, especially considering how I'd have to scramble for starting RBs and QBs in the following rounds. So that's my situation. All I'd really like are opinions about what you'd do given my position. All advice is appreciated.
  9. Alright guys, I already sent you an e-mail, but just in case I'll post it here. The league filled up, we will have the draft as scheduled. Thanks for your cooperation, hope you can all be there.
  10. Man, it looks unlikely that we'll get enough in time. I'm willing to wait until tomorrow night to see if it fills up. but it don't look good. If I do postpone it, it will have to be set after July 14th, since me and my brother (also on the league) will be away on a trip.
  11. With treewarden, that makes 8 teams. We still need four. I'd like to remind everyone that if the league doesn't fill up by thursday night, I'll be postponing the draft.
  12. Sorry to hear that. However, you should check back here later, since it seems I might have to move back the draft date if it doesn't fill up. If I do, then you might just be able to make the draft. If the league isn't full by Thursday, I'll be changing the draft date.
  13. Redraft, and there's no entry fee. I'll send the invite soon. Also, I sent two invites to others who replied to this thread, and they haven't accepted yet. I hope you all didn't forget, we need more members to fill this mother up.
  14. Alright, email me so I can send you the invite. armando.doreste at upr dot edu The draft is timed. If I remember correctly, Yahoo drafts give you 1:30 to make your selection (or was it two minutes?). I'm trying to confirm this but I don't see it anywhere. Also, it's looking more and more like I'll need to push the draft date back, seeing as how it don't seem like they'll be filling up in time. I encourage anyone interested who knows other cool people who are also interested to tell them about the league. Thanks guys.