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  1. Dan C

    Belichick and Brady

    Way to prove a point.
  2. Dan C

    Belichick and Brady

    I was right here buddy. Don't question my fanhood. Of course back then, people didn't try to say that any team was classless, while at the same time wishing player harm and calling their fans every name they can think of. I'm not even sure its worth coming here anymore. It's so tough to find good information and discussion among the immaturity and hypocrisy.
  3. Dan C

    Shula tries to save his gravy train

    Not likely. They may rest people who are dinged up, but they will have a bye in the playoffs anyway. The starters will play at least 3 quarters. I went to the last game of the season in 05, which was meaningless for the Pats and they played the starters until the beginning of the 4th quarter. Add to that the 'stick it to everyone' attitude of Belichick and the team and I don't they will roll over for week 17 even if they have home field locked up. Shula is 77. The asterix comment was dumb. He probably got ambushed by some reporter looking for a quote to make a story with. With all due respect to his accomplishments, his opinion has no bearing on current NFL happenings. Baseball made a huge mistake with the '*' for Roger Maris and no sport is going to do it again unless there is some clear cut proven advantage that was gained by malicious subterfuge. Everyone wants to take down the top dog and since it hasn't happened on the field, people look for other reasons. The Pats have a black-eye from the video stuff, but let's face it, it had negible (if any) impact to previous seasons and none to this season. Haters want to say it does, because its a way to validate their team, its accoplishments and themselves, which is a basic human need. Shula is human, he'll do/say anything he can to hold on to his legacy. Can't really blame him, but what he says doesn't matter.
  4. Dan C

    Fake Crowd Noise? UPDATED with Video

    Clearly, the Colts' AFC championship win last year is tainted. I'm kidding, of course. In seriousness, in my mind, this is no worse than spy-gate. Neither should be a big deal. However, for consistency, the Colts should be fined half a million and lose a first rounder if its found to be true.
  5. Dan C


    You appear to be an anti-Patriot fan. I don't differentiate. Sorry if that offends you. /shrug
  6. Dan C

    Everyone is thinking it, so I'll say it

    He is just trying to fulfill redtodd's prediction: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...p;#entry3402722 I think it was a fair trade that the Colts lost Harrison, but gained the refs. Either way, it wouldn't help. They can bring them both to Foxboro and January. It won't help then either.
  7. Dan C


    Yeah, that didn't take long: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=300276
  8. Dan C


    Living up to your name.
  9. Dan C

    Can the Colts win in NE in the playoffs?

    Colts gave up 24, Pats gave up 20. Pats have better D. Even with the refs playing for the Colts D, the Pats are better.
  10. Dan C


    Tough call, but the spreads for the Pats get bigger and bigger and they keep covering ever week, so I could see it being higher. I'm guessing NE -3/4 with an O/U around 55.
  11. Dan C

    Definition of "class"

    You are just proving my point, which has more to do with yourselves than the Pats.
  12. This is how you build a nicer, more peaceful board? By wishing someone suffer? Hypocrite.
  13. Dan C

    Definition of "class"

    From Dictionary.com: Excellence; exceptional merit. Elegance, grace, or dignity, as in dress and behavior. The best or among the best of its kind. Of high quality, integrity, status, or style. From what I see, the Patriots meet these definitions across the board, while people who post about the Patriots being classless and wishing harm to Brady, Belichick or their fans are the opposite of this.
  14. Dan C


    Yeah, but realize that this is still the Yankees fault. The Sox might scrape by on a mere 100 mill., if they were stuck in the AL East having to go through NY to get into the playoffs each year. I think the attitudes from NE fans that people perceive as '######'-ish is due to many decades of crappy Pats teams and Sox heartbreak. I was talking to a mom and her 8 year daughter on a plane last night and the girl was talking about when the Sox win, we're going to the parade, etc. I thought this is what it is like to be a Sox fan post 2004. She had no inkling of the looming dread, knowing they were going to blow it that I lived with for 30 years.
  15. Dan C


    All the coach's video in the world doesn't help Moss pull down those 40 yard passes in the endzone over two defenders all over him. Simply amazing! If you look at the past few seasons, the Strength of Schedule argument just doesn't hold any water. The Pats can't control what other teams do in games they don't play in. They just continue to decimate anything put in front of them. It's awesome. Most of the so-called sports experts in the country have judged the Pats to be the best team in the league, and the rest put them at #2 in protest. I don't give them much credence, but I give them more than your S.O.S. argument. Everyone will remember how awesome they are, even if they root against them. Only the few, not-so-silent minority will hold on to their bitterness. All that hating and negativity is going to stress them out and shorten their life. Respect the greatness, some day your team might have a nice run like the Pats and I'll respect it, even if I don't like it. Post 10,000 more times about cheating if you want. It will never tarnish the fun I'm having the past few years as a life-long New England sports fan. Go Pats, Go Sox, Go Celts, Go Bruins! Right now Boston is the best place in the world to live and love sports.