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    Peyton Manning is the greatest QB of all time

    Don't forget the 50 yard kick return allows by his special teams with under a minute to go in that game. Ya know, after Manning marched Jacob Tamme and Blair White down the field for what should have been a game-winning FG. Or when Vanderjagt shanked a FG against the Steelers. Or when his defense gave up a game-tying-TD at the end of the 4th quarter to the Chargers, only to see the Chargers win the toss in OT, and win the game without ever allowing Manning a chance to score. We all know Manning SUCKED in playoff games early in his career. But if you look at what he's done since ~2005, he's really been a very good playoff QB.
  2. kmbryant09

    Will Denver go 16-0?

    Belichick hasn't given Manning fits in like 8 years: 2012 - 337 yards 3 TD's / 0 INT 2010 - 396 yards 4 TD's / 3 INT's 2009 - 327 yards 4 TD's / 2 INT's 2008 - 254 yards 2 TD's / 0 INT's 2007 - 225 yards 2 TD's / 1 INT 2006 - 675 yards 4 TD's / 2 INT's (2 games) 2005 - 321 yards 3 TD's / 1 INT Average game - 317 yards 2.75 TD's / 1.1 INT's
  3. kmbryant09

    Anyone rolling with Eli Manning v. PHI this week?

    Would you guys really start him over Kaep? I know HOU's defense is solid, so I would really temper passing expectations for Kaep, but Wilson ran all over Houston in the 4th quarter (77 yards in total - I'm guessing about 50 of them came in the 4th quarter). I'm willing to bet SF is taking note of that, and will probably try and let Kaep run a little more than he has through 4 weeks. So, Kaep or Eli?
  4. kmbryant09

    Name your favorite fantasy prospect...

    Not sure if he qualifies, but Josh Gordon. In my dynasty leagues, I've also been trying to acquire Tavon Austin. I know the dude is small and all, but once the Rams actually start using him (and Austin gets up to speed with the NFL game), I think he'll be a perennial 80/1000/6+ with some rushing/returns sprinkled in. Dude can be electric in the right set of circumstances.
  5. kmbryant09

    Peyton Manning is the greatest QB of all time

    I believe the stat was in the final 5:00 of a game? I know both SB's against the Giants would qualify for the Pats - what about the Rams/Panthers games?
  6. kmbryant09

    Peyton Manning is the greatest QB of all time

    Peyton is certainly top 3, and I actually think he's the best QB of all-time. But when discussing Greatest-of-all-Time, one must look at the entire resume. Unfortunately for Manning, some things like playoff records and SB rings are on that resume, and that is what is (for the time being, at least) keeping Manning from claiming the top spot. But anyone who thinks Peyton isn't clutch is just downright lazy. You probably did nothing but look up Peyton's playoff record...Failing to recognize that his defense has given up 5 4th-quarter playoff leads - most in NFL history (2nd place only had it happen to them twice). Failing to recognize that his kicker has hurt him nearly as much as Vinatieri helped Brady. Failing to recognize that his playoff QB rating is actually higher than Brady's. I really don't mean to make this into a Brady vs. Manning - just pointing out that Brady is widely regarded as "clutch", while Manning isn't. I do think Peyton needs at least 1 more ring to equal or surpass Joe Montana. Until then, he's "just" the best regular-season QB the NFL has ever seen who also has a SB MVP to his name.
  7. kmbryant09

    Fantasy outlook -- AFC East

    I'm sorry, but this is too tough to read. I appreciate the time & thought you put into this, but please try and clean this up a bit.
  8. kmbryant09

    The "Offensive Player" position strategy

    The issue is, in a 2 QB league, you can't wait until the 5th or 6th round to grab your value QB. Kaep & Ryan will be (or at least should be in any decent league) 1st or 2nd round picks in a 2 QB league.
  9. kmbryant09

    Who are you targeting in 2013?

    Target: P. Manning C. Kaepernick S. Bradford L. McCoy E. Lacy B. Pierce V. Cruz J. Gordon T. Austin Avoid: M. Stafford B. Roethlisberger A. Foster D. Murray R. Mendenhall D. McFadden B. Marshall V. Jackson T. Smith
  10. kmbryant09

    2013 Bold Predictions

    Weepaws will post something intelligent.
  11. kmbryant09

    Doug Martin will bust this year

    Doug Martin has 100+ total yards or 1+ TD in 11 of his 16 games - and he narrowly missed a 12th when he had 98 combined yards. Yeah, he had 1 monster game, but take that away and he still put up 1,600 total yards and 8 TD's (in 15 games). He may bust (injury, setback, sh!tty offense), but it won't be because he wasn't producing consistently last season.
  12. Rice is still a stud. He's still the #1 RB for the Ravens, and will likely see another 300+ touches in 2013, barring injury. But any unbiased fan is crazy if they don't see the talent in Pierce. I had no horse in the race, but Bernard Pierce, AT TIMES, looked like the better running back in Baltimore. Maybe Rice was banged up. Maybe he wore down. Maybe the play-calling simply worked in Pierce's favor. But when Pierce was brought on the field, he looked EXPLOSIVE - moreso than Rice did at times. Now, Rice is still the complete back, and he does things better than Pierce that matter a lot in today's NFL - namely pass-catching and blocking. For now, Pierce is nothing but Ray Rice's handcuff with occasional FLEX appeal based on the matchups. But definitely monitor the situation - If Pierce starts seeing 10-12 touches a game, and starts out-performing Rice on a per-touch basis, then Pierce may force Baltimore's hand to re-address the RB pecking order as soon as 2014. More likely, IMO, is that happens in 2015.
  13. kmbryant09

    keeper value for 2013

    Shorts, pretty easily.
  14. You aren't the only one in that camp. But doesn't it say/mean a lot that the Packers clearly like Lacy better than Franklin? I know we all like to pretend like we are scouts and GMs, but the GB staff has probably spent days upon days evaluating every little nuance of these 2 players. And they came away liking Lacy better than Franklin. I've gotta believe that Lacy has the very inside track at the starting RB in Green Bay.
  15. kmbryant09

    A.J. Green or Jimmy Graham

    Green has clearly figured it out already, so I wouldn't be expecting a big jump in year 3. But i agree with you that Green is the better option.