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  1. stagee

    Weather on TNF

    I can start sanders or Westbrook in place of Gordon
  2. stagee

    Weather on TNF

    With the forecast calling for rain is anyone thinking about benching Josh Gordon?
  3. stagee

    Houston Texans DEF

    would you play them over Washington and San Diego?
  4. stagee

    Houston Texans DEF

    I am thinking about it with the shape the Pitt line is in but they ARE STILL the Texans DEF. Has anyone seen them play much this year?
  5. stagee

    With D. Thomas out

    The SD DEF has not much at all this year, does Thomas being out make them a better play this week. They did not do much with KC last week and Charles was out.
  6. stagee

    Starting A DEF

    I am thinking about starting the Texans against Pitt but the guy I am playing has Big Ben and Mike Wallace. Do you guys let things like that sway your thinking or just go with a DEF regardless of the players your opponent has in his lineup?
  7. stagee

    Steven Jackson

    Beanie is one of my options also but I also have Jacobs and Woodhead (it is a ppr) I just do not know how mush SJax is going to play.
  8. stagee

    Steven Jackson

    Rams are saying he will have a bigger workload than last week, but he only had 4 carries last week. Anyone hearing how big of a worklaod?
  9. stagee

    Percy Harvin still startable?

    Thinking about benching him in my ppr league as my WR3 for D. Nelson.
  10. stagee

    Steven Jackson or Peyton Hillis

    I own SJax but would MUCH rather have Hillis Please help: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=389960
  11. stagee

    Danny Woodhead

    It is a ppr league (1 point per catch) and I have S. Jackson, Beanie Wells, Sproles, Jacobs and D. Williams as my RB's. I was thinking about dropping Sam Bradford I satrt Brady. Any thoughts?
  12. stagee

    Pettigrew vs Davis

    You make no sense, if you do not want to discuss just do not post. You are very annoying.
  13. stagee

    Pettigrew vs Davis

    Pettigrew only caught one ball last week and seems to share time with Tony S. and Fred Davis is on fire in Wash. but will he take a hit once Cooley comes back 100%.
  14. stagee

    Darren Sproles

    Is he worth a roster spot in a ppr league? How do the Saints plan on using him?
  15. stagee

    Rumor: Peyton Manning Out Indefinitely

    Does this make the Houston DEF a top 5 start this week?