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Requiem Rules

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Requiem for a League





0.03 pts for every 1 yard(s) gained

4 per Passing TD

1 per passing 2 pt conversion

2 pts when 300 yards is reached



0.1 pts for every 1 yard(s) gained

6 per rushing TD

2 per rushing 2 pt conversion

2 pts when 100 yards is reached



0.1 pts for every 1 yard(s) gained

6 per receiving TD

2 per receiving 2 pt conversion

2 pts when 100 yards is reached


Offensive Touchdown Bonuses:

1 pts 30-39 Yards

2 pts 40-49 Yards

3 pts 50+ Yards



1 X pt

-3 missed X pt

3 FG

0.1 per yard over 30 yards FG


Defense/Special Teams…


2 Interception

2 Fumble Recovery

1 Sack

6 Touchdown

6 Shutout

4 Safety

2 Blocked Kick




Initial Draft: There will be an initial draft starting in July 2003 to stock the teams. Each team will be allocated 30 draft picks. There will be no roster minimums or maximums within the season, so you will be allowed to make unbalanced trades of draft picks and/or players. The draft will be serpentine and we will use the Irony Mail Roll site to set the selection order.


Waivers: Waivers will be extremely limited in this league. There will be no waivers from the conclusion of the draft until NFL week 3 (meaning the week prior to the NFL’s 3rd week of games). In weeks 3, 6, and 9 only, there will be a one round draft in which each team can add one player to their roster. There is no need to cut a player to participate. The draft order will be set by league points scored – with the lowest going first. These three players are the only way in which you can alter your lineup in season other than through trading. The waiver draft will be run at the league forum on FFToday starting Tuesday at 3:00pm Forum time with each pick having 3 hour clock (clock suspended from 10:00pm Forum time to 8:00am Forum time). If you miss your pick – those behind you will be on the clock and can skip ahead of you – but you retain the right to pick and remaining free agents when you return to the Forum. Forum time is Central time.


Trading: Since this is a dynasty league – trade goals will vary from team to team. As such, all trades will be assumed to be okay. In cases where something seems collusionary, a challenge can be posed. Of the ten teams not involved in the trade, it would take seven reversal votes to reverse the trade. The vote ends when either (x) four votes for no reversal are cast, (y) seven votes for reversal are cast, or (z) a week expires without either (x) or (y) happening in which case the trade stands. The annual trade deadline will be the Thursday prior to NFL week 11 at 5:00pm FFToday Forum time (Central). Trading will reopen the Thursday after the league champion is crowned also at 5:00pm FFToday Forum time (Central).


Off season cut downs: By March 1st at 5:00pm FFToday Forum time (Central), rosters must be cut down to 24.


Annual draft: In June Starting the first Monday in May of each year, a 6-round draft will be held. Any free agents or NFL rookies are eligible to be chosen. Draft order will be determined by the prior season’s finishing order which includes the playoffs – except that the order will reverse in rounds 3 and 6. Prior season’s record is the first determinant of order, with points scored breaking ties (champ drafts last, runner up next to last, the two semifinal losers 9th and 10th, the two first round losers 7th and 8th, and the non-playoff teams 1st-6th with the regular season records and then points scored being the sorting criteria for those groups). Keep in mind that if you have traded away draft picks, you will have fewer than 30 after the draft ends (and more than 30 if you have extra picks).


Weekly Lineups…


1-2 QB

1-3 RB

3-5 WR

1-2 TE

1 K

1 DT

11 total


In weeks when your QB’s are not on bye, this may act like a 2 QB league. When one QB is on bye, you can use a player at another position to cover rather than having to have a 3rd QB who is an NFL starter. You will also need to have backup TE’s, K’s, and DT’s since the waiver process will limit your chances to cover byes.


Starting lineups can be adjusted up until the last kickoff of each week (usually MNF), but once a game kicks off all the players in that game will be locked in as either starters or bench-warmers.


Divisions, Schedules, and Playoffs…


13 week regular season and 3 week playoff

4 divisions each with 3 teams

The divisional structure is permanent, but will be randomly assigned prior to the initial draft

In the regular season, play one game vs. out of division opponents and two vs. in division opponents

The 4 division winners makes the playoffs and will earn seeds #1-4 based on (1) record, (2) head-to-games games, (3) head-to-head points scored, (4) total points scored

The next two best teams will earn wildcard and will be seeded #5-6 based on (1) record, (2) head-to-games games, (3) total points scored, (4) head-to-head points scored

Seed #3 will face Seed #6 and Seed #4 will face Seed #5 in week 14

Seed #1 will face the #4/#5 winner and Seed #2 will face Seed #3/#6 winner in week 15


League Fees…


We will be using RTSports’ Gold Package for our league. The cost, including the 20% discount I can get by paying prior to Aug 15, is $72. This amounts to $6 per team. Your $6 portion is due as soon as you commit to participate in the league. I will provide a name and address to forward the funds to.


I will be using my own funds to get the league started - please be courteous and pay your share quickly. If you fail to pay prior to the season’s start, I reserve the right to replace you as the team’s owner or to restrict your ability to use some of your players. Please don’t force me to do this – it’s in nobody’s best interest.


In future seasons, the payment amount will be determined as soon as the RTSports pricing becomes available. If payment is not made by the start of the annual draft, your team will forfeit your 3rd and 4th round picks. If payment remains due as of the start of the season, I reserve the right to replace you as the team’s owner or to restrict your ability to use some of your players. Please don’t force me to do this – it’s in nobody’s best interest.


We may choose to have some additional moneys at stake, but that would be voluntary. Someone could arrange to collect $15 per owner and payout if one of the payees wins the league or carry the funds over if not.


changes due to league votes in red

non-voted updates in blue

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I'll suggest a rule change - if you timed-out last time we did a free agent fraft, then your time to pick needs to be shortened. If you can't be online during the day, then just send a list to Mongo or JGalt or else we'll be able to move on quickly. If you picked in time last time, then this wouldn't change anything for you. For most of us, this has never been an issue.


HARSH = no clock - you and the next guy are both OTC at the same time but if you have a commish with a list then you get to have your pick first, otherwise that other geek can immediately pick


LESS HARSH = your timer just lasts for 30 minutes rather than the full 180

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