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adam smitty

2010 FVMDL Rules

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FVMDL rules




Leagues Rules for 06/07










1 pt per 25 yards


5 pts per td


-1 fum lost


-1 int


2 pts per 2 point conversion completed






1 pt per 10 yards gained


6 pts per td


-1 fum lost


2 pts per 2 point conversion






1 pt per 10 yards gained


6 pts per td


1 pt per rec


-1 fum lost


2 pts per 2 point conversion






3 pts per FG made


-1 FG missed


4 pts per FG 50+ yards


1 pt per PAT made


-1 PAT missed






3 pts per INT


3 pts per Fum rec.


6 pts per def. TD


6 pts per ST TD


4 pts per Saftey


10 pts for a shutout


3 pts per blocked kick


1 pt per sack




Roster limits/requirements


All members will have 30 spots for their individual roster, those spots can be used with any players you see fit(there

are no position requirements other than starters.)


Starting rosters will consist of


1 quarterback


2 running backs


3 wide receivers


1 tight end


1 kicker


1 defense




Each week all teams must submit a starting lineup.


Every team has one IR spot which can be used if a player goes on IR in the NFL. A player on IR will not count towards the 30 man limit.



The annual rookie/free agent draft will be held in early May each yeah. Teams will need to cut players or forfeit picks so that they do not go over 30 men at a time.



Head to Head matchups


Our league will consist of head to head matches, schedules will be determined randomly. The top 3 teams from each division will make the

playoffs which start in week 14 and end with the championship game on week 16 of the nfl season.






All ties will be broken with each team designating a bench player to break ties.






Trading will be allowed and encouraged by the league. All trades will be subject to the commisioners final approval and will be presented to the league. If anyone has something against the trade a post can be made or contact the commish immediately. 3/4 majority will be required to veto trades. A trade deadline, near the end of November will be instated. All trades must be completed by that date and will be prosessed by then as well. Trading of players and/or picks for only one year in advance will be allowed. After the deadline, teams may "agree in principle'' to a trade, however the deal will not be official until after the season. Immediately following week 16 our offseason will begin and trading will be allowed under the same rules.





There will be $240 to pay out between the winners


12 teams x $20 a team= 240$ to pay out


$150 for fantasy bowl champion


$50 for most points in the regular season


$40 for championship game loser




Rule Changes


Rules can be changed with a majority vote or when the league commissioner sees it fit to do so. Any changes will be

presented before the league.

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