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  1. adam smitty

    Whizz - YGM regarding your league payment

    Sent a couple things to you over the past few weeks but havent heard anything back. Get back to me if you get a chance...hope everything is OK!
  2. adam smitty

    Arian Foster One Half And Done

    The amount of injuries today is just unbelievable.
  3. adam smitty

    problem with a trade

    I cant approve the trade between singman and grinders that was Jake Locker QB and 2012 Draft, Rnd 2 for Mike Thomas WR because grinders traded away thomas in an already accepted trade. I'll veto it for now and let you guys work something out.
  4. adam smitty

    Free Agency

    Is set to open on the 2nd at 12 eastern. Nice work on the draft gentlemen!
  5. adam smitty

    Trades 2011

    smitty sends 3.10 to horsemen for Jacoby Jones
  6. adam smitty

    Looking to get in on this trading action

    I've been away from football (and this league for that matter) for far too long, but I would like to get in on the trading frenzy that is happening right now. Shoot me some offers, and lets see what we can do.
  7. adam smitty

    Trades 2011

    I'm sure there are going to be a bunch of trades over the next few weeks...make sure to post them in here so everyone can follow whats going down por favor!
  8. adam smitty

    The draft is ON!

    2 picks in so far...hopefully we can get this done in a week(ish) this year! remember to predraft if you can, or email jwood or myself a list and we can try and make this go by smoothly. buena suerte
  9. adam smitty

    Waiting this thing out....

    the time limit is 24 hours, per usual. the only difference is if you get skipped, your pick wont come up again until the end of the draft. So, don't get skipped!
  10. adam smitty

    Waiting this thing out....

    almost set. i propose starting the draft a week from today if everyone is ok with that. i'm going to be out of town this weekend and it will also give time to get the last two fees in. so unless anything changes: draft begins at 9:00 AM central next monday.
  11. adam smitty

    Waiting this thing out....

    Everyone has email!
  12. adam smitty

    Waiting this thing out....

    I'm going to be away from a computer until next weekend but can still be reached by email...everyone who hasnt sent in entry fees can do that and hopefully singman will turn up by then and we can get this moving when I get back.
  13. adam smitty

    Waiting this thing out....

    Received entry fees from: Fubars Shugar Grinders Sparkky Scooby Jwood Urine Trouble ma the meatloaf Shox Stil waiting for Whiz and Singman
  14. adam smitty

    So will the draft start July 5th?

    Negative. I believe there are still a couple completely MIA. I know i havent heard a word from Singman. I've got about half of the entry fees though, which is a start. The draft will probably still be a couple weeks away.