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Existing Dynasty League Needs One New Owner

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The Dungeon is a unique dynasty league that relies on an annual salary cap in which players accrue salary based on years of service rather than performance. We've been in business for 4 years now and most owners will agree that is has become their favorite league. We have a great group of guys and have lost only 2 owners in 4 years. Please review the rules and let us know if you are interested in joining.



We start a combination of 9 RBs/WRs, 2 TEs, a QB, K, DT.

We hold a 6 round draft in June to jump on rookies and top available free agents and a 6 round draft in August to fill the holes in your roster. This is in addition to the 6-11 players you will keep during the March cuts depending on your strategy and your player's salaries.

We use a silent bidding system with waiver priority to acquire free agents during the season.



Whoever comes in should probably be an original member of FFT so everyone knows him or knows of him. Everyone who joined this league went through some sort of a selection process at some point in time. I guess we could take nominations and go from there? If you or anyone you know is interested email Dan and I.

dland1957@yahoo.com (fuhner)



As soon as we get a new owner we can formulate a timeline of things to come. We'll need some time to get the new owner acclimated with the uniqueness of the rules of this league. It would be a good idea if you looked over your team (if you havent already) and get a good idea what you are going to do. You dont want to get caught with your pants down (and your hummabob stuck in your zipper).


For prospective owners the league's official rules can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/whoisjgalt0...rules_04b.html

(ignore the dates in the rules)


Team Freeze has no upcoming draft position movement and his roster situation is as follows. Roster must be cut to 24 by the deadline later this month.


Freeze - Team Salary: 48

Kerry Collins OAK 3

Jake Delhomme CAR 3

Eli Manning NYG 2

*Alex Smith SFO 1

Kelly Holcomb BUF 1

Kyle Orton CHI 1

Jason Campbell WAS 1


Fred Taylor JAC 4

Clinton Portis WAS F4

Jerald Sowell NYJ 2

JJ Arrington ARZ 1

Eric Shelton CAR 1

LaBrandon Toefield JAC 1

Marcel Shipp ARI 1


Deion Branch NWE 4

Laveranues Coles WAS 4

T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN 2

Eddie Kennison KAN 2

Keenan McCardell SDG 2

Muhsin Muhammad CHI 2

*Terrence Murphy GBP 1

Dez White ATL 1

Willie Ponder NYG 1

Corey Bradford HOU 1

James Thrash WAS 1

Josh Reed BUF 1


Robert Royal WAS 1

Steve Heiden CLE 1

Anthony Becht TAM 1

Kyle Brady JAX 1

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Sounds like a pretty complex league.


How much is it and when does this team have it's picks in the upcoming draft?









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I hope there are at least 16 teams

in your league. That is one nasty looking roster.

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