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Neil Rackers

Trade, or Stay Put

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All right, here's the deal. We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE, DEF, K (the usual)


My team:


Terry Glenn

TJ Housh

Shaun Alexander

Deshaun Foster

Warrick Dunn

Antonio Gates

Matt Stover



Noteable Bench: Frank Gore, Aaron Brooks, Greg Jones, Matt Jones.


I love my four running backs, even though I can only start three of them. And I love gates. My WR i got late, theyre not studs, but they dont worry me. My only worry is my QB.


Another team in my league would be a perfect fit for a trade. He has two good QB's (Carson and Eli) Two good WR's (Chambers and Driver) and a thin running back core (Ronnie Brown, Domanick Davis, Maroney)


I could either stay put and hope my RB's (and gates) take me to fantasy glory despite my lackluster QB/WR core, or trade one of my most valuable RB's (Dunn) to the other team. Perhaps Offer, Dunn, TJ, Terry Glenn, and Delhomme for Eli, Driver, and Chambers.


I feel like i could plug in gore and not lose too much, and the upgrade at QB/WR/WR may be worth it.


Let me know your honest opinion, and if you have some similar problems I promise to make my suggestions as well!

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I like the trade. Driver and Chambers may well both be top 10 WR's this year, and Frank Gore should be a great flex option for you...you're losing your depth, but even if one of your RB's get hurt, you could plug Matt Jones in at the flex and still remain very competitive.


I agree making the trade is the riskier move, but it also increases the upside of your overall roster. you're getting the better players in the deal, and I think it's worth making the trade...




help me out if you can:



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I doubt he would give up his top 2 WR for what you are offering, chances are you will have to give up what you listed for only one of his top receivers and 2 nd stringer.


But if you could swing it, you should, although Gore will produce since Barlow is gone, not sure how good a receiver he is.

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as was said, you probably won't get that trade. However, you are looking really good at RB. I'd hang on its a long season and with bye weeks you'll start 3 waulity RB's all year. And, you're going to be plesently surprised with Delhomme this year...just a gut feeling.

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