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Who to take with 7th overall pick

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It is a 14 team league, with 1 keeper. No PPR other than that standard scoring.


LJ/Gore/FWP are already gone as Keepers.


I will be looking at most likely Westbrook/Johnson/Edge/Marooney


All seem very similar too me.


Or the other option is take Manning, although 10 of the 14 teams are keeping RB, so RB will be slim. On the other hand after the first 12 picks, i see a big run on WR/QB so there may still be a decent RB in the 2nd round.

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I would go with Westbrook. I am picking ninth and I know he will be gone before I get a shot at him. I think he has a lot tp prove after that playoff loss to the Saints.


What is the earliest you have heard people taking Manning in the first round of standard scoring drafts?



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