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  1. BunnysBastatrds

    Aunt Jemima - cancelled

    We're not. Can't believe it took this long to get where we are today with this bullshiot. They had a local talk show host here back in the late 90's that always had controversial topics regarding race. Would fire up both sides.Very entertaining guest and dialogue. He ended up getting fired. Not for his commentary but his topics and guests commentary. Had a local black comedian on who wrote a book about the names black people name their children. He looked at local and national birth announcements along with Census records. Fired in less than a month just for talking about it. But right before he was fired, he had a black preacher screaming racism in advertising and how corporations target minorities. Kool was my favorite. KFC was another one. I shook my head and laughed. And now it's here.
  2. BunnysBastatrds

    Aunt Jemima - cancelled

    They should also cancel Kool cigarettes. The two OO's look like handcuffs.
  3. BunnysBastatrds

    Bobcat Goldthwait cougar mountain lion..

    Florence Henderson looked good.
  4. BunnysBastatrds

    ***Official mental decline thread- Trump vs Biden

    Biden could finger your mom and then lose an erection.
  5. BunnysBastatrds

    Need Advice about a Woman at my workplace

    I saw an airheads candy commercial recently. My first thought was Worms head.
  6. I had a male spanish teacher in HS. He was the ghey. First day of class someone sad "what a phag". His response was "my sexual preference is none of your business!!!" Ten years later I ran into her. He got a sex change operation and is now a transformer she.
  7. BunnysBastatrds

    Pick my CHAZ sign!

    Geek Club. You won't get a shirt though. :sad:
  8. BunnysBastatrds

    I will be 50

    Happy coming out of mamas bagina day.
  9. BunnysBastatrds

    No Drew Brees thread?

    Check out all he has done for Louisiana after Katrina and for the troops. Then tell me he's not a stand up human being. You people critizing Brees are fawkin morons who don't know anything about him other than he's a great QB (entertainer). He was pushed into a corner and took the path of least resistance? Yes. Trump stands his ground and is crucified for it. Brees has something called integrity and is humble.
  10. BunnysBastatrds

    Pink Floyd

  11. BunnysBastatrds

    No Drew Brees thread?

    When you have shiotty defenses year after year, you have to throw and score. And that's what he did. The last two years are proof of that as they run the ball a lot more with good defense.
  12. BunnysBastatrds

    No Drew Brees thread?

    Apparently they do give a shiot what a washed up QB has to say. This thread alone shows that. Check out the records he holds. That some overrated shiot right there.
  13. BunnysBastatrds

    No Drew Brees thread?

    Yeah. But don't let facts get in the way. Because of his efforts, people in need line up outside of Saints training camp to get much needed food. Fawking idiots.
  14. BunnysBastatrds

    No Drew Brees thread?

    I was shocked also. How stoopid people are. :rollseyes:
  15. BunnysBastatrds

    No Drew Brees thread?

    Yeah, who outside of LA cares about Brees. At one point his jersey was a top five seller for a few years. Guess NO. was stockpiling his jerseys.