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  1. BunnysBastatrds

    do you own a cowboy hat / stetson / etc.?

    When I was nine, my parents went to Mickey Gilleys in Texas and left me in the car. It was winter so they knew I was ok. Mom checked in on me. My Dad brought me a cowboy hat to make up for the Davie Crochet raccoon hat he wouldn’t get me at Stuckies. Had a JD pin and I was happy. Had that stoopid cowboy straw hat for years. Wore it, never.
  2. BunnysBastatrds

    The ***Official*** Dad Joke Thread

    I have one that is the most disturbing joke I ever heard and will not share it tonight But I have one that isn’t right, but funny. Little Jimmy asked his mom if he could help his Dad In the garage. So little Jimmy is helping clean the garage with his Dad. Little Jimmy asked his Dad a lot of questions and Dad was always forth with him. Little Jimmy: What is the difference from a cuunt and a poosay? I heard Billy say wemens are both. So Dad grabs one of his Playboys and a sharpie. He hands the centerfold to little Jimmy and replies, see the circle I made around down there? That is a poosay. The rest is a cuunt!
  3. BunnysBastatrds

    Favorite and least Sopranos character

    Paulie is my dad. Janice is the slut-shamed . Thought we did this recently?
  4. BunnysBastatrds

    Talk to me about your colonoscopy

    Green apple splattered l was pleasantly surprised.
  5. BunnysBastatrds

    If you could only listen to 5 bands the rest of your life--who?

    I saw Elton and Joel play dueling pianos once. Very good show. Elton won. Joel is an arrogant fawk.
  6. BunnysBastatrds

    Morning or evening shower?

    A phaggoty question if I’ve ever heard here. Andrew Dice Ghey: Hickory Dickory . This guy is sucking my bawls. The clock strikes three and I fawked him in the knee cap! Ohhhhh!!! Put a piece of on it!!!
  7. BunnysBastatrds

    Hey Phiiybear…

    Would appreciate it my fellow future liver transplant candidate friend.
  8. BunnysBastatrds

    Pick one

    Bach. Shorts are named after her character four decades later.
  9. BunnysBastatrds

    Ever been in an ErfQuake?

    Slept through one in Huntington Beach,Ca. Was pissed off I missed it.
  10. BunnysBastatrds

    If you could only listen to 5 bands the rest of your life--who?

    Rolling Stones Lynard Skynard Tesla The Cult Tom Petty
  11. BunnysBastatrds

    CNN & Don Lemon lied? Say it isn't so??!?!

    Just as CNN is, like yourself, are a confederacy of dunces.
  12. BunnysBastatrds

    Just got back from the Urologist

    Went to my urologist recently. Was in the waiting room for an hour. Got bored and started digging around in the drawers. Found this large metal object and got concerned. Doctor came in and was laughing at my curiosity. I was like, sorry Doc. He told I needed a prostate exam. Me: OK. What is that big metal device? A medical instrument to get a better peak into my ass? Dr. Laughing. No, it’s a shoe horn for fat people who can’t reach their feet. But I can use it in other ways.
  13. BunnysBastatrds

    How much interest do you have for Braves/Asstros ??

    This. But am rooting against the cheaters.
  14. BunnysBastatrds

    Hey Phiiybear…

    Have you done a write up for Game Of Thrones like you did for Lost? Probably the most confusing show I’ve ever watched. Your insight and humor would be helpful.
  15. BunnysBastatrds

    Hooters girls upset over new thong uniform.

    On the eighth day, God created camel toes. Which became moose knuckles after the ninth day at hooters.