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Need flex help!

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who do i start: Fitzgerald, Mal Floyd, or JStewart?


and so you know, I am starting Rivers and Gates... Is 3 Chargers too much? i need to be aggressive.. the other team i am going up against is pretty stacked.


opinions appreciated..



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I agree that putting your eggs in one basket might be a problem. I would start Fitz


To be honest, I am in the same boat. I would go with Floyd though with Fitz being down to his 3rd string QB and also due to Champ Bailey who shut out Bowe last week. I am not sure I would want another 40 yard game out of Fitz. Floyd most probably scores once and nets 50 yards in my mind. I know its a lot of eggs but those are 3 stout players on the best passing team in the NFL. Good luck. Please see mine. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=378465

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