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  1. Only dilemma of championship weekend. Will answer yours! Thielen vs GB or Mclaurin vs Giants. NON PPR.
  2. Kam187

    WR help

    For sure Metcalf.
  3. Kam187

    Flex Help

    Boyd and Chubb. I think both have nice games. Drake is more risky in a game they may have to throw a lot. Good luck! Please see mine!
  4. Kam187

    In need of your opinion...

    Cousins and Doyle. Two of Cousins best games in fantasy came against GB and its at home. Doyle will rebound from last week. Best of luck. Please see mine. Thx.
  5. Kam187

    Melvin Gordon or Ingram lll full point PPR

    I got Ingram also and I am playing him. I see a possible multi td game. Good luck! Please see mine.
  6. Kam187

    Perriman or Fuller

    Definitely Perriman. He will do well today. Good luck! Please see mine.
  7. Kam187

    dak or winston

    Winston in a shootout. Please see mine. Thanks.
  8. Kam187

    QB help

    Winston for sure. They just throw a ton and I see this as a shoot out. Dallas will play more ball control. Good luck. Please see mine. Thanks
  9. Kam187

    WR Starts

    Perriman, Brown and Diggs. Miller is hit or miss and I don't trust Trubisky. I think Minny passes more in this game without Cook or Mattison. Good luck. Please see mine. Thanks!
  10. Kam187

    Flex help

    Chark for sure if he starts. If not Washington. Good luck. Please see mine. Thanks.
  11. QB-Cousins RB-Mostert and Henry WR-Perriman and Parker Flex Bell against his old team. I like Parker but something tells me he could disappoint. Good luck! Please see mine. Thanks
  12. Kam187

    Lineup help

    Ingram, Mosert and Mclaurin. I think thats your best bet. I wouldn't trust any Vikings RB if Cook is out. Even Boone. Good luck! Please see mine. Thanks
  13. Kam187

    Flex position and TE will reply

    Easy one. Mack and Fant. Mack has a sweet matchup at home and Fant has the same against Detroit. No brainer. Good luck. Please see mine.
  14. I would keep Chubb in there personally. I think they will run a lot against Baltimore and Chubb can break the big one easily like he did the first time. I like Highboy as well. Brown is still a rook. I wouldn't rely on him to go off this weekend but that's just me. Good luck! please see mine. Thanks!
  15. Kam187

    Championship Help!!! Will answer back.

    Perriman and Brown. Peterson at RB. I would go that route. I like Thielen but Minnesota still doesn't pass often. That game is a home game and if Mattison or Boone start, they will get the rock a lot in that game. Good luck! Please see mine. Thanks!