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  1. Kam187

    K.Murray or Herbert?

    Herbert. I have Herbert as well. I think he has 3 tds this week in a bounce back game against an overrated Denver d. Good luck! Please see mine. Thanks.
  2. Kam187

    WR2: J. Palmer, or hit the WW

    I am in a very similar situation so I am curious who you would pick for me. Except mine is non ppr. I would go MVS. It's close with Perriman but Evans looks to be back and u can run on NY. I feel like MVS has great games against Minnesota and they will still throw. Best of luck! Please see mine. Thanks.
  3. Kam187

    Start A.J. Brown or Antonio Brown?

    AJ Brown. Antonio is dinged up and I can see them running a lot against the Jets. AJ should have a nice game. best of luck! Please see mine. Thanks.
  4. Kam187

    Swift over ? For da Championship!

    I would for sure use Swift. I think Lattimore shadows Moore this week. Swift has more upside. best of luck. Please see mine. Thanks!
  5. Kam187

    Championship Lineup Advice

    I am going Herbert as I think Denvers defense is overrated and they are missing some players as well. I actually like Everett in an easy matchup against the Lions. Best of luck! Please see mine. Thank you!
  6. I think Huntley is the better play. He has been on fire. Hill could be good but I think his ceiling is lower. I would go Huntley. Good luck. Please see mine. Thanks!
  7. Kam187

    Running back dilemma

    I am going jones, penny and Chubb. Some good choices but with these 3, you will get tons of volume in good matchups and goal line carries. Best of luck. Please see mine. Thanks!
  8. Kam187

    Pick 2 RBs. For the Big Win

    I am going Jones and Penny. I think Montgomery is fine instead of Penny if u choose that but I think Penny will just run all over Detroit with multiple scores. I just see a big game coming. Because its PPR, I can see why u would go Montgomery but its Penny and Jones for me. Good luck. Please see mine. Thanks.
  9. Kam187

    Best wr option?? UPDATORED

    I would personally go Cooks and Mclaurin. I am somewhat in a similar situation if you can take a look. I just don't see Patterson breaking his slump against Buffalo as they will key on him. Atlanta is a mess and I think Mclaurin has a better chance at scoring. Thanks and good luck! Please see mine.
  10. Kam187

    Final match

    I like your picks except I am flexing Penny not Jones. I think Penny runs all over Detroit with multiple tds. 150 yards and two tds. I think Jones splits touches with Dillon and is more risky. Good luck! Please see mine.
  11. Need 1 for the title. Will answer all links. Standard scoring Non ppr. Vandez Scantling vs Minnesota Mclaurin vs Philadelphia Berrios (no Davis, Moore, or Crowder) vs Tampa Thanks.
  12. Championship week. Will answer all links. Need just one of these WR in a non PPR standard scoring league. 1 point 10 yards receiving an 6 points TD. Mclaurin vs Eagles DeVante Parker vs TItans Michael Gallup vs Cardinals Valdez Scantling vs Minnesota Breshad Perriman vs Jets Isiah Mckenzie vs Atlanta Byron Pringle vs Cincy Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and will answer all links. Thanks.
  13. Need one tonight. Gaskin or Devante Parker 1/2 point PPR. Who has the better chance for points? Thanks! Will answer all links.
  14. Kam187

    RB help

    I think Sanders has more upside. Rams are just so tough to run on despite last weeks loss to the Jets. Good luck! Please see mine.Thanks!