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Variable Starters?

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My league allows us to start 2 RBs and 3 WR/TEs or 3R RBs and 2 WR/TEs. Is there a good way to reflect this on Rules tab?

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That is what the O-Flex position is for Rich. You'll want to set up your starters like this:


RB = 2, WR = 2, TE = 0, O-Flex = 1


Combine WR + TE = yes


Make sure to check that RB, WR and TE are included in the Flex (options just below the backups).


Note the cells for the backups line under O-Flex is not meant to be used. That is why it isn't highlighted yellow. Split your RB and WR/TE backups as you think most teams will draft under the RB and WR headings. You can use decimals too, if appropriate. Say, for example, you would expect 5 backups to those positions and half the teams draft 3 RB (2 WR) and half draft 2 RB (3 WR). Put the backups as 2.5 RB and 2.5 WR.


Still 0 for TE backups since your league is combining them with WR, but make sure to set both the WR and TE scoring on the scoring tab.

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