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Update 9/2/13: One Spot Left.




Some of you may have have seen this at the MFL Forum, but for those of you haven't, let me tell you about this unique Contest.

Pool 33 is so simple, its scary.

Prior to the beginning of the Regular Season a different NFL Team is randomly assigned to you for each Week of the Season , (except for a Bye Week), and should the Team you have for the Week scores exactly 33 Points you win the amount in the Progressive Jackpot which is increased by $33 each week that there is no winner.

Yep, that right. There's no draft, there's no Player Moves and your involvement is almost nill.

There are two things you have to do (prior to the start)

  • Choose a funny, unusual or weird NFL Player's Name (Past or Present) for your Moniker and
  • Pay a $20 Entry Fee ($18.50 if you take advantage of the "Early Bird Discount").

So far seventeen NFL Player names have been claimed (FCFS):

  • I.M. Hipp
  • Lucious Pusey
  • Goose Gonsoulin
  • Fair Hooker
  • John David Booty
  • Lofa Tatupu
  • Icky Woods
  • Captain Munnerlyn
  • DeJuan Tribble
  • D**k Butkus (The censoring on this forum won't let me put "ic" between the D & k which cracks me up) :nono:
  • Chris Fuamatu-Ma'Afala
  • C.J. Ah You
  • Richie Incognito
  • Tom Fears
  • Sneeze Achiu
  • Kirby Dar Dar
  • Ashton Youboty




If you would like a spot then send me an E-Mail, post here or send me a PM.


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Some of the NFL Players that are still available include:


Tshimanga Biakabutuka (Say this name 3 times fast)

Bronko Nagurski (Nope, he didn't play for Denver)

Guy Whimper (Wah!)


There's a bunch more - come join the fun.

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All of the NFL Teams are now in Training camps and the NFL Regular Season is just over a month away. (can you believe it?)

So why not invest in a low risk, high reward contest that involves almost no participation on your part?

Even though Hokie Gajan and DeMarcus Faggins have been claimed there are a bunch of Player's names left to choose from that are up for grabs.

If you haven't yet checked out the Contest you should. What do you have to lose?

Its easy to sign-up - E-Mail me your Name, City and State and a Player's Name and you'll be basically all set. The Entry Fee comes later.

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Now that the last NFL PreSeason Games are done and the final cut-down to 53 Players is on its way, I thought that I would update the list of names that the current pariticipants (21) have chosen:


1. I.M. Hipp

2. John David Booty

3. Lucious Pusey

4. Captain Munnerlyn

5. DeJuan Tribble

6. Icky Woods

7. Lofa Tatufu

8. Fair Hooker

9. Goose Gonsoulin

10. Divk Butkus

11. Chris Fuamatu-Ma'Afala

12. C.J. Ah You

13. Richie Icognito

14. Tom Fears

15. Sneez Achu

16. Kirby Dar Dar

17. Ashton Youboty

18. Hokie Gajan

19. Tshimanga Biakabutuka

20. Emery Moorehead

21. Frostee Rucker


Which was is your favorite so far?


Eleven spots remain.


Do you have a Player's Name that "cracks you up"? If so, grab it and come "suit up with us" by E-Mailing me. Time is growing short.


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Only five spots (possibly six) left for this contest.

Great Names recently taken (add to the above list) are:


22. Guy Whimper

23. Duke Ihenacho

24. Harry Colin

25. Ben Gay

26. Rex Hadnot

I'm thinking that the last spots should fill up now that all the NFL Teams have made their cuts to 53 and the belief that at least 95% of Fantasy Drafts are over so if you have been riding the fence on whether or not you want in, I wouldn't much longer


Just E-Mail me with your Player's Name and City and Address and I'll get you signed up.

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