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  1. UCanCallMeMitch

    Pool 33

    That's right - only spot remains (11th hour drop-out) Your 1st chance at the money starts this Thursday. Come join the party! Check it out HERE and E-Mai me.
  2. UCanCallMeMitch

    Pool 33

    Only five spots (possibly six) left for this contest. Great Names recently taken (add to the above list) are: 22. Guy Whimper 23. Duke Ihenacho 24. Harry Colin 25. Ben Gay 26. Rex Hadnot I'm thinking that the last spots should fill up now that all the NFL Teams have made their cuts to 53 and the belief that at least 95% of Fantasy Drafts are over so if you have been riding the fence on whether or not you want in, I wouldn't much longer Just E-Mail me with your Player's Name and City and Address and I'll get you signed up.
  3. UCanCallMeMitch

    Pool 33

    Now that the last NFL PreSeason Games are done and the final cut-down to 53 Players is on its way, I thought that I would update the list of names that the current pariticipants (21) have chosen: 1. I.M. Hipp 2. John David Booty 3. Lucious Pusey 4. Captain Munnerlyn 5. DeJuan Tribble 6. Icky Woods 7. Lofa Tatufu 8. Fair Hooker 9. Goose Gonsoulin 10. Divk Butkus 11. Chris Fuamatu-Ma'Afala 12. C.J. Ah You 13. Richie Icognito 14. Tom Fears 15. Sneez Achu 16. Kirby Dar Dar 17. Ashton Youboty 18. Hokie Gajan 19. Tshimanga Biakabutuka 20. Emery Moorehead 21. Frostee Rucker Which was is your favorite so far? Eleven spots remain. Do you have a Player's Name that "cracks you up"? If so, grab it and come "suit up with us" by E-Mailing me. Time is growing short.
  4. UCanCallMeMitch

    Pool 33

    All of the NFL Teams are now in Training camps and the NFL Regular Season is just over a month away. (can you believe it?) So why not invest in a low risk, high reward contest that involves almost no participation on your part? Even though Hokie Gajan and DeMarcus Faggins have been claimed there are a bunch of Player's names left to choose from that are up for grabs. If you haven't yet checked out the Contest you should. What do you have to lose? Its easy to sign-up - E-Mail me your Name, City and State and a Player's Name and you'll be basically all set. The Entry Fee comes later.
  5. UCanCallMeMitch

    ADP, Auctions & Draft Order, Scoring Categories & Bid Amounts

    1 & 2. Makes sense 3. In the Leagues that I "ComMitch" we utilize MFL's Auction capabilities and any Franchise at any time (subject to certain limitations) can offer a Player up for Bidding. So in this case the Nomination Order is not relevant. Can I remove without any consequences and if so, how do you suggest? 4. I turned off inflation and the bid numbers now match. Question - If I leave this on is it dynamic? That is, as players are taken in the auction, the suggested maximum amounts are adjusted based on how much previous players are taken?
  6. I have more questions & comments on Draft Buddy & FFtoday I noticed that the ADP for a 16-Team League is not available in FFtoday. Have you considered adding it? Extra scoring parameters - i.e, Points Allowed & Yards Against by Defense, Distance Scoring Categories for Offensive Position are available in DB but not in FFT. Creates differenet Fantasy Points Totals, therefore, if they are used by a League then importing from FFT would create different Fantasy Points numbers between the two (make sense?) Is there a way to either remove the Draft Order in DB when doing an Auction? Its irrelevant. How come the amount of the Maximim Bid that appears in a Player's Profile is different than the one that appears as the Forecast Max Bid on the Auction Report in DB. I hope I'm not being a nuisance.
  7. UCanCallMeMitch

    Getting #REF!

    Nope, I'm still figuring out how to use them (Projection Pal?). But, I have noticed that there are no formulas in any of the custom cells (including off-notes & over-idp). Also I didn't mention it in my 1st post, but #REF! does show up in over-notes, but not in off-notes. Strange.
  8. UCanCallMeMitch

    Getting #REF!

    In the Tab idp-notes I'm getting #REF! in the Custom 1,2, & 3 and the notes cells. Is there a reason? Should I be concerned? Would it create a problem if I deleted the contents?
  9. UCanCallMeMitch

    Pool 33

    Some of the NFL Players that are still available include: Tshimanga Biakabutuka (Say this name 3 times fast) Bronko Nagurski (Nope, he didn't play for Denver) Guy Whimper (Wah!) There's a bunch more - come join the fun.
  10. UCanCallMeMitch

    Kate Upton: Topless on a horse...

    There's a horse in the picture?
  11. UCanCallMeMitch

    Predict how the Aaron hernandez saga ends

    My Prediction - "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit" - Johnnie Cochran.
  12. Check out All Pro. The Eagles are probably available E-Mail me with your questions or want in.
  13. UCanCallMeMitch

    Updates for 2013

    I like the options of importing Keepers and Draft Results from MFL, but I have a Suggestion: Maybe in a future version, you could offer an option to import the scoring parameters from MFL - - if possible
  14. UCanCallMeMitch

    Loosing Draft Picks After Update

    Wasn't there in the Drop-Down Menu, but after I did the below, there it was! TOOLS CUSTOMIZE TOOLBARS Tab Select "Worksheet Menu Bar" Click "RESET..." Button OK CLOSE Thanx P.S. I have another question, but I'll start another thread.
  15. UCanCallMeMitch

    Loosing Draft Picks After Update

    Then it was me. Thanx. While we are talking about Excal 2003, how would you suggest I save a League since there is no "Save As" or "Office Button" - Just a "Save" under File.