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Value Formula

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Hi bbrowd24. Value is essentially the calculation that compares players from different positions to generate the overall rankings. It compares the fantasy points of each player to the fantasy points of an average ranked player at that position. A player ranked higher than the average player at his position will have positive value, and a player ranked lower has a negative value number, although don't get too hung up on the magnitude of the value numbers themselves. I've never found that overly useful except to rank the players. That is the big picture description. The overall ranking method and custom baselines on the options tab influences the value calculations. You can read a little about that, here:




If you would like to poke around into the behind the scenes calculations a bit, there is a hidden tab called "calcs" that you can unhide and check out. You'll see the average player at each position based on your current settings, and the long overall list that generates the overall rankings.

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