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A $260 PPR (Winner gets $1,880) and 2 Other Apex Drafts This Weekend

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We spots open in THREE DRAFTS this weekend: a $260, a $110, and a $55! Winners get $1,880 in the $260 on Saturday, $750 in the $110 and $360 in the $55 on Sunday! Second and third place get paid in every league as well, don't miss out on your chance to win the highest payouts with your fantasy football prowess at ApexFantasyLeagues.com!

How does Apex ensure the best teams win? Glad you asked:

Two Game Weeks

Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues require teams to play two games a week: one against a random opponent and one against the average. Against the average, the six highest scoring teams receive a win and the bottom six receive a loss. By playing two games a week, we significantly decrease impact of the random “strength of schedule” element. For more information on this topic, take a look at our Best Format page.

Blind Bidding

All Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues have “blind bidding” free agency with each team receiving $500 in “blind bidding” money as the mechanism for acquiring free agents. This requires owners to not only place a monetary value on each free agent but to also judge the market wisely, for no one can see each other’s bids. This also forces owners to manage their money wisely and adds yet another element of strategy to Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues.

Deeper Roster

While many fantasy leagues only require 8 players in your starting lineup, Apex Fantasy League require 10. By forcing owners to fill more positions, we help find owners more ways to differentiate their teams while rewarding owners for doing research and having deep knowledge about fantasy football. For additional information on lineups, visit our PPR Scoring page.

We are also associated with MyFantasyLeague.com, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, and PayPal to ensure our credibility as a fantasy football money leagues provider. Join our email list to get FREE EXPERT PROJECTIONS right away!


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