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Found 187 results

  1. Ladies or Guys are welcome as long as you are competitive and play through-out season. 1 QB, 1 Q/W/R/T slot to keep it interesting. High scoring ppr league! Draft is Sat Aug 24th @ 8 pm EST. If interested email Natural @ naturalqueene715@gmail.com. League: Winter is Coming https://fantasy.nfl.com/league/6370602 NFL.com League.
  2. NFL.com Ladies League has 4 manager openings available. 2 QB league, highly competitive and fun! Please be prepared to play out season. Ladies ONLY please!! Draft is Sat Aug 10th @ 8 pm Est. If interested email LM Angie @ gella02@gmail.com. Ladies Football: https://fantasy.nfl.com/league/4896766
  3. Pick 2, .5 PPR: M Mack (IND) @ HOU -> HOU Def has been pretty stout recently, especially at home and Mack hasn't produced as of late. C Carson (SEA) Vs MINN -> Health issues, and it's about time for SEA to find out what they have in Penny for the future. J Jackson (LAC) Vs CIN -> M Gordon is all but declared out officially, but I have concerns with him not being used in the passing downs. J Adams (PHI) @ DAL -> PHI RBBC concerns, especially w/D Sproles return. Leave link and I will answer your. Thanks in advance!
  4. With news that J Flacco will not play in Week 11, my WR3 play has become fuzzy. .5 PPR, who do I start at WR3: J Brown (BAL) Vs CIN, or D Moncrief (JAX) Vs PIT, or T Smith (NO) Vs PHI - available on waivers Leave link and I will answer yours!
  5. PPR league - carrying 3 TE's this week because of injury status - now looks like all 3 are playing, so which to start? Kittle Sf @ GB Monday - limited practice Friday do to knee G.Olsen Car @ Was 1pm Full practice Friday A.Hooper Atl Vs TB 1pm healthy Rankings, here and elsewhere, have Kittle way ahead, but not sure with the injury. Hooper is the safe bet health wise, but he has only 1 good week, and has the best matchup. Olsen - risk being out so long and could get re-injured quick, but upside may be the highest. Thanks for any help!
  6. i have Fournette.. who is actually killing me Breida Smallwood (i just picked up) Powell anyone out there ..? Ronald Jones is available... /sadface thanks
  7. I'm looking for 5 more people to fill out my Yahoo cash league. Draft is gonna be on Sunday @ 5pm EST. 1st wins $275, 2nd wins $100, 3rd wins $25. Feel free to let anyone else you know about the league, trying to get it filled ASAP
  8. 1 needed. Head-to-Head Keeper League (up to 5 keepers; varying draft pick costs), 10 teams (6 make playoffs), 2 divisions (8 divisional games, 5 not). Default scoring with 1-point PPR. Starting roster: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, RB/WR/TE, K, DEF. Keeper Deadline: noon tomorrow. Draft: Sept 1 at 4 p.m. Eastern. For complete list of rules and settings, visit: https://tenforward.home.blog Contact ampjr@yahoo.com (AMPJR)
  9. 11:45 EST TONIGHT ON YAHOO 10 team league PPR..3WR,2FLX,8IDP https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1377186/settings Leave email for invite
  10. 5 SPOTS LEFT....DRAFT AT 9:15 PM EST..10 TEAM IDP PPR LEAGUE ON FLEAFLICKER. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST, 2 DB, 2 DL, 3 LB, 2 DB/DL/LB (CB, S, DE, DT) Totals 34: 20 Starters, 14 Benchhttps://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/282693
  11. Managers needed. Head-to-Head Keeper League (up to 5 keepers; varying draft pick costs), 10 teams (6 make playoffs), 2 divisions (8 divisional games, 5 not). Default scoring with 1-point PPR. Starting roster: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, RB/WR/TE, K, DEF. Draft Sept 1 at 4 p.m. Eastern. For complete list of rules and settings, visit: https://tenforward.home.blog Contact ampjr@yahoo.com (AMPJR)
  12. Competitive League in its 10th Year. <<<<1 Spot Left>>>> Draft Aug26 8PM EST / Yahoo Online Draft / Leaguesafe Payment Online Draft Aug 26 8PM EST / PPR League $500 Buyin Payouts voted upon when league filled Roster Positions:QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN Draft position randomized upon last slot being filled Email me if interested - chris_aloha11@yahoo.com
  13. For complete list of rules and settings, visit: https://tenforward.home.blog/ Last year, after 15 seasons, we began afresh with some new features, namely a keeper function. Two new managers, after committing to play, failed to show up for both the draft and season. (Thanks to the rules we have in place for how to manage teams with absentee managers, or managers who quit, the season was not lost.) Everyone else from a year ago is returning, but we need to replace the two managers we never had. If after visiting the above website, you remain interested, write to AMPJR@yahoo.com. (from website) For example, a drafted player taken in Round 8 of last year's draft, could be kept this year for a 7th-round pick. If the manager wanted to keep the player again, the cost would be a 6th-round pick. Visit the site and you'll see information on everything. If you have any questions, or would like to join, e-mail AMPJR@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading.
  14. update: filled, thanks this league is going into the 5th year Draft is August 26th 2018 4:30EDT dues/keepers locked August 19th, 2018 managed through nfl.com league website: https://winfools.wordpress.com league charter team needed is #12 team finished 3rd 2 yrs in a row. has 3rd pick in the 2018 draft dues via teamstake.com reply or PM me for more info
  15. This Franchise is SOLD. ALL Pro Players 2018 Leagues are full. Want to get on the Pro Players Dynasty Orphan Wait List? Want to get on the Pro Players Startup Dynasty Wait List?
  16. Come join a fun, SAFE, competitive league. I've been running this league for ten years and every year we have 1-2 to slots upon due to general turnover. Currently 1 slot open with another manager on the fence. Once I set a payment deadline then it is first pay - first play through leaguesafe. Yahoo - $500 Buy in - Leaguesafe Payouts Draft Aug 26 8PM EST - (potential to adjust date / time) Payouts - voted upon after league is filled I don't run a gazillion leagues, just this one. I commish one league and play in 1-2 others. Message me if interested. Settings: Trade Review: Commissioner Trade Reject Time: 2 days Waiver Time: 1 day Waiver Type: Continual rolling list Weekly Waivers Game Time - Tuesday Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN Scoring Settings: Offense League Value Yahoo Default Value Passing Yards 25 yards per point Passing Touchdowns 6 4 Interceptions -1 Rushing Yards 10 yards per point Rushing Touchdowns 6 Receptions 1 0.5 Receiving Yards 20 yards per point 10 yards per point Receiving Touchdowns 6 Return Touchdowns 6 2-Point Conversions 2 Fumbles Lost -2 Offensive Fumble Return TD 6
  17. Looking for players to fill a 12 team PPR Fantasy Football League, Live Online Draft August 30th 9:00pm, All entry fees are paid online through Fantrax.com, and will be held by Fantrax treasurer until disbursement after the season has ended. Below are the rules and details of the League, if you are interested contact me and I will answer any questions and send you an invite if you want to participate. Finances are as follows- $480.00 total collected in entry Fees, $80.00 is paid to Fantrax for hosting League and processing payments. The remaining $400.00 is paid out as $300.00 First Prize & $100.00 Second Prize Over 83% Payout 2018 CTFFL Seasonal Tournament General League Name: CTFFL Seasonal Tournament Scoring System: Head-to-Head Points Maximum # of teams: 12 Played On Fantrax.com League Entry: $40.00 P****rizes League Champion- $300.00 First Prize Runner Up- $100.00 Second prize Schedule Scoring Period Interval: Weekly Scoring Period day to start:Tuesdays Playoffs Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 15 (Dec 11/18 - Dec 17/18) and last for 2 periods (rounds). Number of teams qualifying for playoffs: 4 Playoff Seeding:: Division winners get top playoff seeds, 1 Wildcard 1 vs 4 , 2 vs 3 No Reseed after each playoff round Rosters Max/Minimum Total Players: 14 Max/Minimum Active Players: 9 Max/Minimum Reserve Players: 5 Injury Reserve Players Not Used Active Roster Requirements- 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 FLEX - RB, WR, or TE TE KICKER DST Scoring Offense Fumbles Recovered for Touchdowns - Offense (FRTDO) 6pts Offense Fumble lost -1pt Offense Interceptions Thrown (Int) -1pt Offense Passing Touchdowns (TD) 4pts Offense Passing Yards (Yds) .05 per yd Offense Receiving Touchdowns (TD) 6pts Offense Receiving Yards (Yds) 0.1 per yd Offense Receptions (Rec) 1pt Offense Rushing Touchdowns (TD) 6pts Offense Rushing Yards (Yds) 0.1 per yd Offense Two Point Conversion Rushes & Receptions (2RR) 2pts Offense Kickoff/Punt Return Touchdowns (RtT) 6pts Kicking Extra Points Made (XP) Kicking Field Goals 1-39 Yards (FG1-39) 3pts Kicking Field Goals 40-49 Yards (FG40-49) 4pts Kicking Field Goals 50+ Yards (FG50+) 5pts Team Defense / Special Teams Extra/2Pt Point Attempts Returned for 2Pt (XPB2P) 2pts Team Defense / Special Teams Points Allowed by the Defense (PA-Def) Calculate Per Scoring Period, NonCumulative: From 0 to 0, award 15point(s) From 2 to 10, award 10point(s) From 11 to 20, award 5point(s) From 21 to 30, award 2point(s) From 31 to 60, award 0point(s) Team Defense / Special Teams Sacks 1pt Team Defense / Special Teams Safeties by the Defense (Sft) 2pts Team Defense / Special Teams Takeaways (TA) 2pts Team Defense / Special Teams Touchdowns - Defense and Special Teams (TDDST) 6pts Transactions Lineups Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes Lineup changes are executed: Daily Lineup Changes are locked 0:05(hours:minutes) Set amount of time before each player's game of the day Trades Trade System: Owners propose their own trades Maximum Trades per Team: Unlimited Trade Deadline Date:Thursday Nov 15th, 2018 7:00 PM CST Trade Voting System: Owners & commissioner Days to Vote: 2 # of Objections Required: 33% Claims/Drops Claim/Drop Privileges: Owners perform their own claims & drops Max # of claims per season:Unlimited Max # of claims per week: Unlimited Use Waiver Wire process: Yes Can't drop list: Fantrax Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team Free Agents Free Agent Claim System: Free for all (1st come 1st serve) Waiver Wire Priority order: Reverse Order of Standings (serpentine) Rotate Waiver Wire Claim Order After Each Claim: Yes Waiver Wire Claim Order Reset Days: Tue Waiver Wire Claim Order Reset Time: 2:00 am CDT Waiver Wire players are processed: On specific days of the week Waiver Wire players are processed: Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun Waiver Wire claim processing time: 1:00 am CDT Automatically put players on waivers: 0:05 (hrs:mins) Before the start of their respective games each day. Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team Draft Draft Type: Live Online Standard # of rounds: 14 Draft Date: Thu Aug 30 2018, 9:00PM CDT Time limit per pick: 0:01:30 minutes/seconds Immediately pick for owners not present in draft room: No Draft order type: Random - Snake/Serpentine Undrafted players go to the Waiver Wire PLEASE NOTE - This is a LIVE online Draft, there is NO Auto-Draft/Draft Robot, You miss your pick, you get skipped and fill your roster out with waiver wire/free agents. This is why I currently have the pick time set at 90 seconds, the time limit is negotiable once the league fills. Message If interested or you have questions.
  18. CBS Sports using league safe. We have 2 slots left! If you're serious, please use the the link provided below and be prepared to pay once you join. http://cbssports.com/lr/087E2189
  19. Need one in PPR league WHIR Mike Evans @ Carolina or Martavis Bryant @ Houston
  20. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Pick Week 14 Flex Spot

    Thielen - WR Burkhead - RB Gio Bernard - RB What say you all on one best choice on these three for a flex week 14... PPR
  21. werethemillers

    Rate my draft, keeper league, PPR

    Had our draft yesterday in our 8 team 6 Keeper league, 1 pt PPR. Kickers more relevant with custom scoring, and D/ST more valuable with turnovers and scoring. Id like others thoughts on my team and how I drafted. Heres a list of all kept players QB:Brady(ME), Cousins, Rodgers, Brees, Carr, Prescott, Ryan RB: Crowell(ME), Ingram(ME), AP(ME), Ajayi, Howard, D.Johnson, Gurley, Freeman, Gordon, McCoy, Bell, Miller, Murray, Montgomery WR: Baldwin(ME), B. Cooks(ME), Brown, Green, Crabtree, Crowder, Hopkins, Cooper, Robinson, Hilton, M.Thomas, Jeffrey, Bryant, Nelson, Benjamin, Maclin, Snead, D.Thomas, Evans, Fitzgerald, OBJ, Julio, T.Hill TE: Kelce, Gronk, Reed Due to trades, I did not have a 1st round pick, but had 2x3rd round, and 2x4th round picks. K-Brady K-Ingram K-AP K-Baldwin K-Crowell K-B.Cooks 2.6-Graham 3.4-Powell 3.5-Tate 4.6-Garcon 4.8-Duke Johnson 5.4-T.West 6.6-Rudolph 7.4-T.Williams 8.6-Jamall Williams 9.4-Jameis Winston 10.6-Matt Bryant 11.4-Eagles
  22. SNES4Life

    Which 3 WR and TE to start?

    Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, Sterling Shepard, Marvin Jones, or Sammy Watkins? Pick 3.... Austin Serferian Jenkins or Delanie Walker? Cooks been cold lately, should i gamble a start with Shepard or jones over him? PPR
  23. For Brady's value, who do you guys think is worth trading straight up for? or maybe a combo trade? I currently own Brady and he's my number 1 source of points per week. WR: Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, Marvin Jones RB: Dion lewis, Jonathan stewart, Isaiah Crowell, TE: Jenkins and Delanie walker Should I trade Brady for a RB straight up? I was thinking about trading Brady for Ertz and Alvin kamara. Thoughts? Thanks.

    Carson or CJ Anderson

    Feeling strongly about Carson at this point. Just need a little expertise from the "nation" Need one of the two to go along with D Freeman. Chris Carson @ HOME against Indianapolis CJ Anderson @ HOME against Oakland I think Carson will have the heavier carry load with Prosise out

    CJ Anderson or Mark Ingram

    Hey there Need your input CJ Anderson vs Cowboys in Denver Mark Ingram vs Patriots in New Orleans Help the swami!