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Jimmy in the first?

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Probably not fair to only look at the drop from TE1 to TE2 versus the drops for WRs or RBs. The reason being is that most leagues start multiple WRs and RBs, but only a single TE. Not saying JG isn't worth a 1st round slot, but he comes at a steep price. By locking in TE1, you will get behind on the runs for at least one core position (either WR or RB). I guess you could say the same if you picked a QB.


The runs on positions can be a factor though. TE2 might not fall until round 4...



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I took him at 11. DT, Dez and RB's were all gone.


My team in a full point PPR is


QB: Brady, Dalton

RB: Gio Bernard, Reggie Bush, Ray Rice, Jeremy Hill, Darren McFadden

WR: Pierre Garcon, Roddy White, Mike Wallace, Justin Hunter

TE: Jimmy Graham, Tim Wright

K: Dawson

DEF: Houston


I had zero intention on taking Graham but the scenario which I figured unlikely unfolded which had Graham fall to me at 11. He was the best player on the board so I nabbed him and considering I took him I'm very happy with how the team rounded out. I got a little lucky with Bush and Roddy falling to me farther than they should have. I normally would hate Reggie but in a full point PPR I think he's extremely solid.

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