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Is there a way to change 1 owner's keeper player without having to reset and input all keepers all over again?


I am able to make the change on the keeper tab and then when I go to the overall or offense sheets, the new keeper and the old keeper are greyed out. In other words it does not put the old keeper back into the player pool.


I hope there is an easy solution that doesn't require me having to re input the whole keeper sheet again.



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Hi supastars. Easy solution - yes. Keepers must cost a draft pick. When you input keepers and select the draft pick, what Buddy does is copy the player to that pick on the draft report tab. To remove the player, find him in the draft report tab and highlight position and player, and hit the Delete button or choose Edit > Clear Contents. That should do it.


Of course if you are inputting a new keeper in the same spot (draft pick) as the old this won't even be necessary. But typically a different keeper would be a different draft pick, I suppose.


One thing to keep in mind - you should set the "reset draft picks" option to "no" as well, so it doesn't get wiped out when you Compile Cheatsheets again.

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