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GM Dynasty League Start Up: Realistic 32 Team IDP Dynasty Seeking Competitive Owners

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GM Dynasty Super Pool League:

League Page: http://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/31769#0

Relatively Brief League Overview:

  • Dues $100 per season, plus 25% for next season due each year plus MFL fees ($100 Dues + 25% of the next year + $2.19 share of MFL fees. = $127.19).

  • 10% of dues held for five-year super pool grand prize. Pool is won by league champion in year 5, or the total amount is won to date by back to back champions. Other awards increased in Year 5 as well, if there is no back to back champion.

  • Funds held in league safe.

  • Yearly Awards: Super Bowl Winner: $650, SB Runner-Up: $312, Rest of playoff teams: $85, and Top 2 Weekly Points Leaders: 1st: $40 and 2nd: $25.

  • Back to Back Champions earn the super pool amount plus the yearly super bowl award. The pool restarts after year 5 or if there is a back to back champion. Y2: $1,450.00, Y3: $1,850.00 Y4: $2,250.00, Y5: $2,650.00.

  • If no back to back champion, the year 5 champion wins the super pool amount. The normal super pool award is dispersed among the rest of the awards

  • 32 Teams/2 Conferences/ 8 Divisions. NFL Franchise Names.

  • 167-million-dollar cap, increasing as to reflecting the NFL number each year.

  • Inaugural Auction Draft: Allows owners to set the market by determines player salaries.

  • In-depth Contract and Salary: Assign roster bonuses, signing bonus, guaranteed money, dead money, 1-6 Year Contracts, Franchise Tag and contract restructuring.

  • Contract Data kept on league spreadsheets, then transferred to MFL by the commissioners. Owners will be given templates to enter team data and 2 weeks to enter the correct information.

  • 53-man roster, 5 Taxi Squad (1st and 2nd year players only), Unlimited IR.

  • Single Player Copy per League.

  • Annual Free agent auction and RFA period.

  • Annual 5-Round Rookie Draft.

  • Custom Balanced Scoring: Every position is valuable, QBs and LBs aren’t overly valued. Big play bonuses and unique stat categories.

  • 22 Starters (11 IOP/IDP each): 1-QB, 1-3-RB, 2-5-WR, 1-3-TE, 1-Team O-Line, 1-PK, 1-PN 1-2 DT, 0-3 DEs, 3-4 LBs, 2-3 CBs, 2 S.

  • 10% of bench scoring is added to the weekly point total.

  • Regular season: Weeks 1-12, Playoffs: 13-17. Championship matchups are 2 weeks, weeks 16 and 17.

  • Up to 4 Bonus Wins Or Losses awarded every 4 weeks based on "All-Play" to simulate 16 game season.

  • Realistic Free Agent Status based on Accrued Seasons: Exclusive Rights Free Agents, Restricted Free Agents, Unrestricted Free Agents.

  • 12 team Super Bowl Playoff (winners bracket): 6 Teams Per Conference (Four division winners and Two Wildcards per conference)

  • 12 team Mediocre Bowl Playoff: Middle 6 teams per conference battle it out for the 9th Overall Draft pick.

  • 8 team Toilet Bowl Playoff Bracket: Bottom 4 Teams Per Conference: Battle for the number 1st overall draft pick in the rookie draft.

  • In-depth League Bylaws and Spreadsheets.

  • Franchise Names mirror NFL Franchises with possible relocation pending owner vote:

  • Franchise names are first come first serve based on remaining teams: 15 Remaining Available Teams: Raiders Falcons Jets Redskins Ravens Cardinals Rams Vikings Packers Dolphins Bills Broncos Panthers Saints Bucs

  • Majority league wide vote for rule additions and subtractions during the off-season.

  • MFL Page CSS customization (pending).

Owners must be willing to:

1) Validate their cell phone on MFL (Will be hidden from rest of league)

2) Join messaging app for communication.

3) Vote in all league polls within a reasonable amount of time.

4) Enter your full name on MFL (has to match leaguesafe)

5) Enter some team information on template spreadsheet within a reasonable amount of time.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Leave an email address or contact at thegmdynastyleague@gmail.com if interested in joining, thanks. Inquire about reading the bylaws if that influences your decision.



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