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Mike MacGregor

Draft Buddy 2.0 - New Import Alternate Rankings Feature

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[ NOTE: You will require a new download of Draft Buddy to use version 2.0. These changes are not possible by updating projections. Use the same login as you used previously to login and download the new version of Draft Buddy. Use Copy League Settings (action tab, lower-left) to copy settings from your 1.0 or 1.1 Draft Buddy to 2.0. ]


Version 2.0! It took longer than expected, but this update announces the release of Draft Buddy 2.0 with a brand new feature!

The new feature allows users to import fantasy football rankings directly on the cheatsheets in Draft Buddy rather than run through the Compile Cheatsheets process, calculating fantasy points based on projections and your league scoring system. Importing rankings removes some of the customization to your fantasy league, but it is completely optional. On the plus side there are three sets of rankings to choose from – FF Today, DraftBuddy.com and Dynasty League Football!

That is right, now you have can dynasty specific rankings to use for your dynasty and keeper leagues, from the guys who live and breathe dynasty over at DLF! These rankings are premium content for DLF members so we should be very thankful to have these available in Draft Buddy. I also added dynasty ADP from DLF as an option on Draft Buddy’s adp tab.


The FF Today rankings are from Mike Krueger and Antonio D’Arcangelis (IDP), the same guys who do the FF Today projections already included in Draft Buddy. This allows you to utilize some of the ranking adjustments they make that are tough to fully appreciate from a pure projections-based cheatsheet. Plus, Mike K. created overall redraft rankings for the first time to import into Draft Buddy.

The DraftBuddy.com rankings are redraft rankings from yours truly, to give you another option and opinion from the FF Today projections and rankings. Hey, I’ve been doing this fantasy football thing for quite a while and I am pretty good at it, so… why not share some of my own thinking of players I feel are over and undervalued for the upcoming season?


Hopefully it is pretty straight forward how to use this new feature. Simply go to the cheatsheets on any of the offense, idp and overall tabs, or the equivalent “with notes” tabs, select the rankings you want to import, and click the Import button. You should receive the first notification box indicating what you are about to do, and that you can go back at any time. A second notification box appears when the process is complete.

There are a bunch of things going on in the background when you import, including recreating the proper formatting for the cheatsheets (man, that was no small task), and adding the ADP for each player from whichever ADP data you are currently using for your adp tab in Draft Buddy.


Thanks to Dynasty League Football and FF Today for their contributions to Draft Buddy, and we hope you fantasy football fanatics out there like it and continue to spread the good word about Draft Buddy. As always, if you have any questions or comments please let me know.

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