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10-Team Keeper (5 players up to 5 yrs) - Free to Play on Yahoo

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For more information, e-mail petepeeves@yahoo.com (that's "pete," not "pet").


Standard Scoring w/ 1-point PPR.

Starting Roster: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, FLEX, K, DEF

Fractional Points


League Constitution

Review the league site for information on scoring and roster settings.



  1. When a new manager enters the league, he or she will assume the draft position, roster (for the purposes of choosing keeper players), draft picks and division assignment of the outgoing manager. Teams will generally remain in the division to which they are originally assigned, though the commissioner may—for the purposes of generating interest and rivalry, or to prevent collusion—reassign teams from one division to the other.



  1. The draft is scheduled for Saturday September 2nd at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.
  2. Managers who fully participate in the draft will receive a $25 bonus to their $100 Free Agency Acquisition Budget (FAAB).
  3. The draft order for Year 1 will be randomized in advance of the draft. The order in subsequent years will be as follows: teams that miss the playoffs the prior year will draft in reverse order of the standings—the team with the worst record choosing first (the tiebreaker going to the team with fewer overall points)—and teams that make the playoffs will draft in the order in which they were first eliminated (by round), with the lower-seeded of the teams choosing first. Each subsequent round of the draft will go in reverse order of the round preceding it (a snaking draft). The draft is 18 rounds.



  1. There are 10 teams divided into 2 divisions of 5 teams. Each team will play the other teams in its division twice for a total of 8 divisional games, and play each team in the other division once for a total of 5 games.



  1. Out of 10 teams 6 will make the playoffs. The 2 division winners will be granted a 1st-round bye. The remaining playoff teams will be seeded according to record. After the 1st round is complete, the teams will be reseeded, with the lowest remaining seed playing the highest remaining seed.
  2. Teams not in the playoffs or eliminated from the playoffs will not be permitted to make moves in free agency.



  1. Teams are allotted 32 roster moves.
  2. Teams that are out of moves and are therefore unable to complete a lineup (because the player needed to fill a vacant slot has either been ruled out for the game or is not expected to play) will be granted an additional move (regular season only). This additional move will be afforded no sooner than 4 p.m. Eastern Saturday.
  3. Players on the Yahoo! Can’t Cut List cannot be cut.



  1. Each team may keep up to 5 players from one year to the next. For a player to be eligible he must have been on your roster at the prior season’s end.
  2. Final decisions on keeper players are due no sooner than the end of the 3rd week of the preseason and no later than one week prior to the draft. The commissioner will provide managers with an official due date. E-mail your keeper selections to the commissioner rather than posting them to the league page, as it is not advisable to share your selections with other managers. The commissioner will have finalized his own selections prior to receiving those of others.
  3. In order to keep a player, you must have a pick available that matches the player’s cost. You may not, in the absence of the appropriate pick, “pay more” by using an even higher pick. If you wish to keep more than one player with the same cost, you will need more than one pick in the round that matches this cost.
  4. Cost of keeping…
    1. Drafted Players

The cost of keeping a drafted player is a pick 1 round earlier than that in which he was drafted. For example, if you drafted a player in the 5th-round, you may keep said player the next year for a 4th-round pick. You may keep such a player year after year until either you’ve owned the player for a period of 5 years (including the year in which you drafted him) or his cost has reached 1st-round status, after which you may no longer keep him—whichever happens first. Players drafted in the 1st round cannot be kept the following season.

  1. Undrafted Players

The cost of keeping an undrafted player that you’ve signed in free agency is a 10th-round pick. If you choose to keep this player again, the cost is a 5th-round pick, at which time the cost increases by 1 round over the next 2 years should the player continue to be kept. An undrafted player you’ve signed can be owned thusly for a total of 5 years (including the year in which you first acquired him).

Drafted Players Cut From Other Teams

Players drafted in Round 2 or later and who are released may be acquired and kept one time for a pick 1 round later than that in which they were drafted (e.g., drafted 7th, kept for an 8th).

  1. Drafted Players Cut From Your Team

If you have drafted a player and then cut him, only to later reacquire him, the player’s original draft status holds. You may still own said player for a total of 5 years (including the year in which you drafted him) or until he reaches the cost of a 1st-rounder, after which you may no longer keep him. This is provided that the player was not owned by another team in the interim (between when you cut him and reacquired him). In such a case, the rules from subsection “c” apply. You may keep the player for a pick one round later, and only keep him the one time.

  1. Drafted Players Acquired Via Trade
    1. If the player you acquire in a trade was drafted, then the rules from subsection “a” apply.
    2. If the player you acquire in a trade was undrafted, then the rules from subsection “b” apply.
    3. If the player you acquire in a trade was drafted, released, and then acquired by your trade partner, then the rules from subsection “c” apply.



  1. The trade deadline is the 28th of October.
  2. You are permitted to make 1 trade per season.
  3. Trades will be evaluated and either approved or rejected at the sole discretion of the commissioner, with an eye toward preventing collusion.
  4. Approved trades will not be fast-tracked upon review. If a trade is to be rejected, it will be so immediately upon review. The review period is 2 days.
  5. Draft picks (excluding those from the first 2 rounds) may be traded. Any trade deal involving picks must include an equal number of selections going from one team to the other (e.g., 2 picks for 2 picks). Round 1 and Round 2 draft picks may not be traded.
  6. Players chosen in Rounds 1 and 2 may not be traded.



  1. Lineups must be completed each and every week with active players in each slot. This holds true even if it means making roster moves you’d prefer not make, such as might be the case when you have multiple players on bye. Draft and/or keep accordingly.
  2. Lineups left incomplete will be completed by the commissioner (in accordance with the guidelines that follow). If a lineup is deemed incomplete (as defined below) for a 3rd time, the manager of the team whose lineup is incomplete may be removed from the league, at which time the team and its lineup will be managed by the league (in accordance with the guidelines that follow).
  3. A lineup is deemed incomplete if 10 minutes prior to the start of the Sunday 1 o’clock (Easter Time) games, you have a vacant slot in your lineup. So, too, is a lineup incomplete if 10 minutes prior to the start of any game, you have in your lineup an inactive player whose team is playing in that game.



  1. When replacing an injured player or filling a vacant slot, the player on your bench with the most projected points for that week will be inserted into the lineup, provided there exists a player on your bench who can fill that position. If two or more suitable players share the same projection, ties will first be broken by % started (the player with the higher percentage being chosen) and then, if the tie persists, current rank.
  2. If there is not a player on your bench who is able to fill that position, a roster move will be made. The player or defense on your roster that has the fewest projected points remaining and isn’t needed for the lineup that week will be released. The exception: if there exists a second kicker on the roster, the lesser of the two kickers (in terms of projected points remaining) will be released ahead of a position player or defense. Players on the Can’t Cut List cannot be released.
  3. The free agent with the highest projection for that week and fills the position of need will be selected. If there is a tie among the highest-projected, the player with the better current rank will be selected. The would-be selection must be expected to play.
  4. Each move made on your behalf will count against your 32 allotted moves for the season.
  5. Lineup rules exceptions:
    1. You will not be charged with an incomplete lineup if you choose to take a chance on an injured player who has a shot at playing in his game—a game-time decision—even if that chance results in a roster slot you are unable to fill because the player is ultimately made inactive and you haven’t any other players to insert (such as might be the case in holding out hope for a player to play on Monday night). You will, however, be charged with an incomplete lineup if a player is made inactive, you do have possible replacements but you do not put one into your lineup (which results in a player being inserted on your behalf).
    2. If you log-in after your lineup has been completed for you and with time still to have completed it yourself, you can avoid the charge of an incomplete lineup by e-mailing me at petepeeves@yahoo.com prior to the start of the game or games in which the now-inserted player or players will take part, stating that you are, in fact, online, in time, and were about to make the change yourself. This, of course, applies to situations in which you find your lineup was completed in the same fashion you would have. If instead you log-on and change the already completed lineup to something else, such actions will be noticed by the commissioner and no such message need be written.
    3. With Thursday games, even if it is apparent that without inserting players into a Thursday game on your behalf you will not have enough players to later complete your lineup, empty slots are permitted, for you may be planning to make a roster move prior to Sunday’s action. Of course, if no roster move is made, then a roster move, or moves, will later be made for you.



1. No trade offers will be seen much less accepted.

2. Moves in free agency will be made after the waiver period has concluded (the team will not bid for free agents) and only if a move must be made to complete a lineup or if the only QB or K available for the lineup has been demoted to a backup role (provided a starting QB or K is available).

3. If a roster move becomes necessary, the player added will be the player with the most projected points remaining for the season (tiebreaker goes to the player with the better O-rank). The player added cannot be on bye. He must also, in terms of his injury status, be expected to play. The player dropped will be the player with the fewest projected points remaining (unless there exists a 2nd kicker on the roster, in which case the lesser of the two kickers—in terms of projected points remaining—will be dropped ahead of a position player or defense). If this player was needed for the lineup, another move will be made, and so on, until the lineup is complete. Roster moves will count against the 32 allotted moves. If a kicker is on bye or injured and needs to be replaced, he will be released ahead of anyone else on the team who may have fewer projected points remaining.

5. Moves for league-controlled teams will be made between 4 pm Eastern Saturday and 12 am Sunday. Any moves made during this window will hold (barring injury, suspension, or benching) even if projections later change. Additional moves may be made on Sunday morning if such a need exists.

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