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Looking for a challenge? New Dynasty Starting Up

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I'm starting up a new dynasty league with a twist. I've been playing fantasy football for about 24 years (My first two picks were Barry Sanders and Rodney Hampton). Redraft leagues don't do it for me anymore so decided to start something new.

-32 Man Rosters, with IDP, PK and PN.
-Live Auction Draft to start the league off
-Salary Cap, Contracts, Annual Rookie Draft, Blind bidding ONLY on Free Agents
-Franchise and Transition Players & Holdouts
-12 Teams
-$375 Buy-In - This is 1.5 years of dues, but is done to keep a core set of owners
-Super Payout every five years
-Division Realignment every year
-No commissioner or MFL fees. I'm running the league and this is the only league I'm in.

-See the League Charter here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BYMBLnvT9IQ5T-5pNeyWbZ8Obn6ELQF2mkHxSvv3dxw/edit?usp=sharing


-See the league page here - https://www77.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/33265#0


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