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Found 53 results

  1. In a Dynasty auction ppr league, would you keep McCaffrey for $33 out of the $100 budget? Right now I'm looking at keeping: QB - Watson $2 RB- McCaffrey $33 RB Dobbins $5 WR AJ Brown $14 WR Waddle $12 Total of $66/$100. Start 1QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1K, 1DEF and 7 bench spots
  2. This is a new league starting up this season. Entry fee: $400, leaguesafe Payouts Champion: $2400 Runner up: $1200 Third: $600 Regular season points leader: $600 Auction Draft August 27, 8 pm ET Currently have 10 managers signed up, 6 paid. First 12 to pay are in the league. Details and link to join here Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Lowest score eliminated each week until only 1 team remains. Online slow auctions will begin Aug. 7th at 4 PM CT – Any schedule changes will be posted on the league website and emailed to all owners – Be ready to get started quickly! Weekly elimination will be adjusted according to the final number of teams participating (if the league does not fill) $10 Battle for the Animated Universe – created for owners that maybe new to the experience – available teams $25 Marvel Avengers themed – most popular guillotine league – available teams $50 DC Justice League themed – most competitive league – available teams Even though the auction will start in a few days, the payment deadline is Sept 9; however, unpaid teams will be unable to nominate a player (they can still place bids on nominated players). They will also be restricted to a $100 salary cap until fees are paid. Paid teams have a $200 salary cap and can nominate up to 5 players simultaneously. · Easily accessible commissioner email: John at Vandygriff dot net · Unique format – starting lineups increase during the season as teams are eliminated. · Auction throughout the season for free agency · No kickers – no defense · Scoring – half point PPR with TE premium of 1 pt PPR · Customized MFL websites · Top 3 finishers receive prize money · Funds managed by LeagueSafe Only a limited number of teams remain so don’t wait. Pay later. John Vandygriff
  4. $100 tripleflex 1st down scoring sept 5th 6pm pac 12 team auction league on yahoo, $100 leaguesafe buy-in, tripleflex format, 1st down scoring. 11 spots filled, looking for 1 more! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1176995/settings PAYOUTS: 1st: 600 2nd: 300 3rd-4th: 100ea 5th-6th: 50ea YAHOO INVITE LINK: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1176995/invitation?key=6dcdecc0374590ad&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=472d317e1df05f44 LEAGUESAFE LINK: https://leaguesafe.com/join/4054198
  5. Yahoo $100 league fee pays 1st 700 2nd 350 and 3rd 150, 14 week season, 6 teams in 3 week playoffs with top 2 seeds bye in week 15. LeagueSafe majority approval pay out. Q, 2RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 flex, 1 K, 1 def. Auction draft 8/15 at 12:30 pm EST with FAAB waivers. Looking for guys who want to play together for many years. Run a league of 12 that 8 have been together since 2006 that started way back on CBSsportline. Link to league on LS: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3980078
  6. TheRattler

    Potential Auction Strategy

    12 team standard scoring $200 budget, standard lineup, the flex allows W/R/T. I'm going through my typical research - articles, rankings, depth charts, etc. My league has a tendency to have 1-2 top star players go for $70+ then a bunch of other players go for $55-69 (about 12-15 players in that range). I typically budget my starting roster and fill out the bench, K, and ST with $1 picks. Am I smart, crazy, or neither for thinking of budgeting $65 and $55 to my RB spots, and another $40 to get Kelce or Kittle ($40 is what Kelce went for last year)? The idea being I am comfortable with some $10-20 receivers, a $3-4 QB, and grabbing a sleeper TE for $1. I would use Kelce/Kittle as my flex. Potential roster would be Stafford/Barkley/Henry/Boyd/Sanders/Kelce/Gesicki Am I onto something or no?
  7. Are you ready for something different? Looking for a new take on season long leagues? A guillotine league begins with seventeen teams and the lowest scoring team is simply eliminated each week. When a team is eliminated, the players on that team are returned to the free agent pool and available for the remaining teams to win with the highest blind bid. Every week there are highly sought-after players available through waivers. Competition is fierce and no other league provides week after week of quality waiver wire goodness like this. Assuming you survive week 1. But, do you know what sucks about drafting in a seventeen team league? Drafting in position seventeen. Or sixteen. Or anything beyond the first few slots. And in a guillotine league, you won’t survive a bad start to the season. Auction - no one gets stuck with the crappy draft position and everyone has $200 to spend to fill 15 roster spots $200 salary cap - winning auction bids and free agent bids become a player's salary. Salaries are reset when players are dropped or released when a team is eliminated. $25 entry fee plus $2 hosting fee managed through LeagueSafe majority vote Champion wins $425 Custom graphics hosted on MFL Avengers https://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/65116#0 LeagueSafe link - https://www.leaguesafe.com/classifieds/listing/3939806 Rules - https://sway.office.com/lw0c7rj2G1PncmuY?ref=Link email me John at Vandygriff dot net with the team you want Please reply to this post with any questions and I will answer as soon as I can ** Covid19 Guarantee - If the fantasy football season is cancelled or otherwise catastrophically disrupted as a result of the pandemic or other catastrophe we haven't even thought about, owners can choose to have fees carried over to next season or have them returned to their LeagueSafe account. **
  8. *If the NFL season is cancelled after paying league fees, owners may choose to carry the funds over to next season or have the fees returned to their LeagueSafe/Fanball account. League overview: The Iron Throne Dynasty League is a 12-team empire league, with 20% of the league fees going into a progressive pot managed through LeagueSafe every year. The first owner that wins back-to-back titles will be awarded the Iron Throne and the entire progressive pot. Once the pot has been claimed, the league will be reset with all players returning to the player pool for the next inaugural auction the following season. About the commissioner: I have been managing fantasy football leagues since first discovering my obsession in August 1989. Currently I serve as commissioner for a variety of leagues including traditional draft, auction, dynasty, IDP, super flex guillotine and now an empire league. Hosted on MFL with custom graphics https://www65.myfant...20/home/62946#0 Slow auction with 24-hour high bidder timer $200 salary cap 20-man rosters with 5 IR spots 1 QB (quarterback) 2 RB (running backs) 2 WR (wide receivers) 1 TE (tight end) 1 flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 super-flex (QB/RB/WR/TE) No kickers! No defensive teams/players! Full rules and scoring can be reviewed on league site. League prize money will be distributed through LeagueSafe upon completion of the championship game and approval by majority vote. The prize money will be awarded in the following manner: Champion receives $400 + 50% of all transaction fees collected Runner-Up received $250 + 25% of all transaction fees collected Consolation receives $150 + 15% of all transaction fees collected League Scoring Champion receives $100 + 10% of all transaction fees collected In addition to the annual winnings, if a Champion claims the Iron Throne by winning the second championship in consecutive seasons, they will also be awarded the progressive pot. Their total winnings are detailed below. Value of Iron Throne if won in year 2 - $880 plus 50% of transaction fees Value of Iron Throne if won in year 3 - $1120 plus 50% of transaction fees Value of Iron Throne if won in year 4 - $1360 plus 50% of transaction fees And so, it continues every year, adding $240 until someone wins it all…. Please reply with any questions and I will answer as quickly as I can.
  9. SLEEPER AUCTION REDRAFT RELEGATION 2020 The Leagues of Ordinary Gentlemen is an auction-redraft fantasy football league competing under the Gents FF Shields. All leagues under the Gents FF Shields compete on the Sleeper platform. We are currently seeking new franchise owners as part of an expansion initiative as we prepare to transition to a Relegation Format in 2020. Our Relegation Format for 2020 will follow the same basic premise of the British Premier League (soccer) in which the Premier League relegates (sends down) the two worst teams to the 2nd Division while the two top teams in the 2nd Division earn promotion to The Premier League. The evolution of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen to a Relegation format creates a need to add a full 12-team 2nd Division (The Jellybean League) that will compete annually for promotion to the Original 16-team League (The Premier League). Many of the 12 new Jellybean Gents are in the “franchise setup phase” now but we are still looking for several more prospects to round out our 2nd Division for the 2020 season. Are we right for you? Do you want your fantasy football experience to be more than anonymous, silent game play? Do you want to join in on the early years of a league that will be around for years to come? This is a unique opportunity to become a part of a league with a growing history and a strong framework of rules and expectations to take it decades into the future! Those interested in obtaining franchise rights and investing in a team should expect to be vetted through a short interview process with the Commissioner following the completion of a short Application (Google Form). Only serious applicants will be considered to be invited to join on a one-year probationary endorsement. Adhering to and supporting our Frameworks is all a Gent need be concerned with doing in order to achieve a permanent placement in The Leagues. To receive and review a copy of our Frameworks document along with an Application to fill out for franchise consideration, please email: The Commissioner
  10. In a dynasty auction league where you can keep all your players if they fit under a $100 salary cap before the year, would you make this trade: David Johnson ($11) for Davante Adams ($9) Start 2 RB and 3 WR Current RBs: David Johnson ($11), Aaron Jones ($6), Josh Jacobs ($18), James Conner ($4) Current WRs: OBJ ($15), JuJu Smith Shuster ($10), Allen Robinson ($9), Sterling Sheperd ($5) I have the depth at RB to trade Johnson and Adams is probably an upgrade over all my receivers, when healthy. Money wise, it would make more sense to trade Jacobs ($18) but he might be the better player as DJ can't stay healthy. Thoughts around DJ for Adams, or Jacobs for Adams? Or hold steady? This is like year 9 of the dynasty league so i have gotten these players pretty cheap before they turned out to be "studs". Most aren't playing like them this year or can't stay healthy.
  11. scottybo

    Trading for Julio

    In a dynasty league ($100 budget), who would you rather trade for Julio Jones ($30): Aaron Jones ($6) Josh Jacobs ($18) We start 2 RB and 3 WR. My rbs are David Johnson, James Conner, Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs and WRs are Juju, Beckham, Josh Gordon and Sterling Shepard. The julio owner is willing to give him up for a cheaper, younger RB/WR that he will be able to keep next year. I'm in position to make a run at the title this year so who would you rather trade?
  12. We as a group of 12 teams have been playing a keeper league for over 10 years. Sadly, one of our players develop cancer a couple of years ago and passed away this spring. We are in a need a solid player to fill his spot in the league. Its a really fun league, with all dictated player. The format is a little different with 3RB/4WR in your starting lineup every week. Auction Draft. The auction draft is this weekend, Sunday Night. Select 4 keepers at this price you purchased them in the previous draft. A different format for Roster: 1 QB 3RB 4WR 1 TE 2 DEF 1 K 6 Bench
  13. In a 12-team snake draft, the person who picks 12th, gets the last pick of the first round and the first pick of the 2nd round. IE: 12th and 13th picks. In a 12-team auction, the person who nominates the first player nominates the 13th player because the nomination order does not snake. OR Do people's nominations 'snake' too? If so why? If not, why not?
  14. My league is a keeper league with 1 keeper per team. We are transitioning from a snake draft to auction this season. Does anyone have a solution on how to convert the value from snake to auction for keepers? Thanks,
  15. scottybo

    All in for QB or WR?

    In a dynasty auction ppr with $100 cap, my team going into the draft is as follows: QB- Lamar Jackson RB - David Johnson, James Conner, Aaron Jones, donta Foreman WR - Beckham Jr, Smith-Shuster, Sterling Shepard TE - George Kittle, Hunter Henry Should my target be a top end WR or QB (Rodgers, Ryan will be available and A Brown and AJ Green are best available)?
  16. The trade would be Tevin Coleman for Diggs. He's got Freeman and no 2nd RB for this week (he picked up J Allen but didn't start him). IF he's willing to do this trade, would you do it if you're me? My team: QB: Wilson, A Smith RB: McCaffrey, Howard, Coleman, Barber, Mack WR: Sanders, Cooper, Lockett, , Funchess TE: Ertz Practice squad: CJ Anderson & Guice kicker and defense (who really care, right?) Considering I've got McCaffrey and Howard, I think I'm better off making this deal but want your thoughts. Only other thing to note: drafted players are 2 year deals. At the end of the year we can keep 6 PLUS if we had someone on practice squad all year, we can keep them as well and get to keep them for 2 more years. You can also keep someone for the 3rd year at double their salary. In this case, I've got Tevin for $1 so he would be able to keep him next year for $2. He kept Diggs at double his salary this year ($8 this year) so he'll be a free agent next year. Follow-up: If he says no, would you do: Coleman for Gordon Much thanks and if you've got a topic leave the link....
  17. Looking for active owners for a 12 team 2 qb ppr league. The Auction draft starts Tuesday, Aug 21 at 9:00 pm eastern Check out these basic rules and league settings listed below and if you're still interested click the link at the end of the message and join. Rules: 1. You must be at the draft. If you’re not there I will try to find a replacement owner. 2. Be active in the draft chat 3. Be active throughout the year inactive owners will be replaced 4. Respond to trade offers even if it’s a short “Sorry, I’m not interested” 5. Keep the language reasonable. 6. Have fun We will have a discord server for communication/trash talking. Here is a link to view the League Settings: http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=1890343 If you are still interested, you can join by clicking the link below . http://games.espn.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=1890343&k=ae7a8&d=AAAABAAc2CcAAAfi%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwAAHN8%3D&t=9 Thanks, LM, Chad
  18. So I went with a stars and scrubs strategy in 2016 and won my league. I spent $62, $54, and $31 on my top 3 picks. It seems as if a few managers noticed this and in 2017 the prices paid for top players went up almost 10%. The league is a 12 team league, non-PPR, standard scoring and lineup. In 2016 the top ten players went for an average of $59 topping out at $68 for number 1. In 2017, the top ten players went for an average of $64 topping out at $69 for number 1. How do I capitalize on this? Do I stick to my strategy and just increase my budget for my top 3-4 picks, leaving even less for bench players and the flex spot? Or is there an angle to take and go against the grain for an advantage? I spent $166 on my top 4 players in 2016 when I won the league...
  19. CBS Sports using league safe. We have 2 slots left! If you're serious, please use the the link provided below and be prepared to pay once you join. http://cbssports.com/lr/087E2189
  20. Hello everyone! I am excited to roll out my new dynasty league - the UPFDA (United Professional Football Dynasty Association. The goals of the league is to recreate the feel of owning a team and using the real NFL transaction rules as closely as possible. The rosters are realistic, the starting lineups are flexible, and the scoring is meant to reward players for events that help their real NFL team win the game. Here are the key details: - 16 teams - 4 divisions of 4 teams - 40 Player Active Rosters - (expend in the offseason) - QB,RB,2 WR,TE,2 FLEX - to allow for offenses schemes - DL, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2S, 1 FLEX - to allow for different defensive schemes - Scoring: PPR/First Downs, IPD scoring focused on impact plays more and tackles less + your basic categories - Practice squad - follows NFL rules closely - Salary Cap/Player contracts/rookie contracts - prorated by roster size to match the NFL salary cap - Franshise/Transition tags - Offseason Free Agent slow auction - Offseason Rookie Draft - Initial rosters to be set by slow auction where bids must stand for 24 hrs. Please be aware this requires active owners!!! Link to the league homepage: http://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/41278#0 Link to the league rules: http://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=41278&O=26 Looking for active owners that are looking for a league for years to come. Entry Fee is $100+myfantasyleague.com site fees. This league uses leaguesafe to keep track of our financials and all entry fee's are paid out minus the site fee. Please take a look at the complete rules and settings before requesting to join. They have been developed from years of fantasy sports experience. So if you are looking a realistic dynasty experience contact me to join: hochunk5@yahoo.com
  21. This is my second year doing this, last year was a lot of fun. Out of 10 leagues we had 10 different winners and that's what I like to see. -Head to Head league w/ 6 playoff teams -$100 for 1st, $20 for toilet bowl (keeps the league active for everyone) -Majority approval payout using Leaguesafe -need 5 spots to fill the league -scoring is normal PPR w/ bonuses -No trading (encourages members to invite friends and keeps the league stress free) -8 bench players to help with team depth (QB)1 (RB)2 (WR)2 (TE)1 (RB/WR/TE)1 (D/ST)1 (K)1 (BE)8 (IR)2 register with leaguesafe and pm me your leaguesafe email addy to reserve a spot
  22. NOTE: This is NOT an online auction. It's the real deal. We have a 12-person league with a last-minute fallout. Great entertainment industry league that's been active for 4 years. First come, first served
  23. -32 Man Rosters, with IDP, PK and PN. -Live Auction Draft to start the league off -Salary Cap, Contracts, Annual Rookie Draft, Blind bidding ONLY on Free Agents -Franchise and Transition Players & Holdouts -12 Teams -$375 Buy-In - This is 1.5 years of dues, but is done to keep a core set of owners -Super Payout every five years -Division Realignment every year -No commissioner or MFL fees. I'm running the league and this is the only league I'm in. -See the League Charter here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BYMBLnvT9IQ5T-5pNeyWbZ8Obn6ELQF2mkHxSvv3dxw/edit?usp=sharing -See the league page here - https://www77.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/33265#0 Email me at thegloriousones2017@gmail.com ASAP to grab one of the last spots
  24. A year long dynasty league is starting for the 2017 seasons. Here are the highlights of the league: -Live Online Auction Draft to start the league off -Salary Caps with contracts -IDP, PPR -Blind Bidding ONLY for FAs -Annual Rookie Draft -Holdouts, Franchise Tags and Transition Tags -Rules Committee made up of 1/3 of the owners to settle disputes -Plus a whole lot more -MFL league fees already paid for year 1 by me and all funds held in LeagueSafe Check out the charter for the league - https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing Check out the MFL league page here - https://www77.myfant...17/home/33265#0 I'm an experienced fantasy football player with over 23 years of experience. I'm only playing in this league and one other work league so I can focus on running this league. Email me @ thegloriousones2017@gmail.com with any questions. If you're interested in joining please give me your "fantasy football bio" to ensure you're a good fit.
  25. I'm starting up a new dynasty league with a twist. I've been playing fantasy football for about 24 years (My first two picks were Barry Sanders and Rodney Hampton). Redraft leagues don't do it for me anymore so decided to start something new. -32 Man Rosters, with IDP, PK and PN. -Live Auction Draft to start the league off -Salary Cap, Contracts, Annual Rookie Draft, Blind bidding ONLY on Free Agents -Franchise and Transition Players & Holdouts -12 Teams -$375 Buy-In - This is 1.5 years of dues, but is done to keep a core set of owners -Super Payout every five years -Division Realignment every year -No commissioner or MFL fees. I'm running the league and this is the only league I'm in. -See the League Charter here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BYMBLnvT9IQ5T-5pNeyWbZ8Obn6ELQF2mkHxSvv3dxw/edit?usp=sharing -See the league page here - https://www77.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/33265#0