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THIS LEAGUE will ruin your other leagues (RW)

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It's happened time and time again. Our members have been cutting other leagues to have more time for this one since we began in 2012.

Simply put, you will not find a more active league anywhere. Are you tired of hearing about how active leagues are only to show up and be the most active owner by a long shot? Are you starting to realize that beating your drunken friends who barely pay attention to the NFL isn't very rewarding? Or that when they beat you it makes this hobby feel like a waste of time? There are 40+ members of our club that visit at least every single day and many of them visit more than their significant others should know about.

Now the deal is that we don't want owners that will only join if the available teams are good, we want those who would gnaw off their arm to be here and own the worst team ever...but here is the skinny....we're going to have two dispersal drafts this year in our Minor League. We could easily fill these teams as-is but since we have multiple openings the best way is to build YOUR TEAM to start. Forming a good team here won't be an issue so we're back to whether or not you are a good fit for us and vice versa.

You just will not find another league like this one. We've looked...it doesn't exist. This is Roster Wars!

WARNING: You don't get into this club just because you have some money. Everyone has that. We're looking for real owners. So if you think you have what it takes, visit our site and start at the top with the FRONT PORCH and the BYLAWS. From there, you'll either dive into the rabbit hole or you'll run away....just as we've intended.

See you there!

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Entering our 10th year, we have potential openings if the right owners are out there.  I'm unaware of another league like ours so if you want something more from your FF experience you should at least check us out to know.

You could spend hours on our sites and not see everything, so focus on the FRONT PORCH and BYLAWS sections for now.


We look forward to meeting others like us...



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