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keeper league

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I'm in a "keeper" league in which you forfeit your pick in the round that your keeper was drafted in the previous year. Does DB make this adjustment to reflect keeper being taken for the round of forfeiture?








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Hi KS. Draft Buddy will certainly track this for you. There are two ways to include this in Buddy:


1. rules tab, input max keepers and check off "keepers cost a draft pick"... Compile Cheatsheets for the keepers tab to appear... when you input a kept player, then in the yellow highlighted cell to the right of the player, click and use the drop-down to select the pick given up... this should copy the player directly on your draft report tab, mark him off the cheatsheets and add him to rosters tab


2. skip the keepers tab and input the player directly on the draft report tab next to the pick given up to keep that player... same result, marks him off cheatsheets and adds to rosters tab

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