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Throwing a game for playoff postion

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Im in a moral dilemma this week.

First of all; me throwing a game this week in no way effects who gets into the playoffs.

I am locked in and presently the #2 seed and this week i play the #3 seed who is also locked into the playoffs.

I lead the league in points and the #3 seed is second in points.

The present #1 seed is currently in a bit of a free fall and is #6 is points and has lost 2 straight.

Me and #3 are one game behind the #1 and the #1 seed is the underdog by 20 points to his opponent this week.


IF i throw this game and the present #1 does lose; then i face (IMHO) the weakest team in 1st week of the playoffs.

IF i win then its a rematch between (IMHO) the best teams in our league.

This is a friend/money league just to put it into perspective

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