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Need 3 owners little cheap buy in draft Thursday

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We are at 9 of 12 spots full so we’re about full and will get leaguesafe sent out right away. Ok so anyone start mock drafting and sick of 3/4 of the draft auto drafted? These leagues went off really well last year as many of you know. I’ll be doing a bunch of these drafts up till pre season starts. They are just cheap $5 leagues that everyone makes playoffs since they are done so early in season as basically mock drafts but worth playing for something with competitive owners to see how drafts are really playing out. These are to have fun and get a feel for how players are being drafted. Everyone read the settings please I want no complaints last year had all leagues with no complaints and it was enjoyable. Thanks and good luck. 


This will be our first draft of season. If want in please let me know as these will fill up really fast. 


Draft Date: May 23rd

Time: 8:30PM EASTERN 

90 second picks 

Buy in $5 

PPR ESPN 12 teams

Money kept: Leaguesafe(payed once draft is full)

Best Regular Season Record: $30

Playoffs 1st: $30

1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 2 FLEX(wr,rb,te), D/ST, K

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