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NCAA Football Southland Saturday's - Fantrax

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Southland Saturdays - 16 Team League established in 2019

The league is played on Fantrax and this is a free league. We do use our private league board for additional communication pertaining to Southland Saturday, and our other 5 college leagues. You may visit that board by clicking the following link, horizonfantasysports.proboards.com/. You will need to sign up for our website, free of charge in order to post any comments, including our league sign up sheet, horizonfantasysports.proboards.com/thread/1289/all-american-application

This league is comprised of Southern Schools. If you want to change out a school that is available for another southern school I would permit that.

The following teams are available: Alabama, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Ole Miss, South Carolina.    I am willing to exhange a current Southern school for one not in the league.  I consider Missouri, NC and Virginia as southern states

To view the rosters for any open team please click the following link, horizonfantasysports.proboards.com/board/351/rn-all-american-school-pages. The current rosters for any team available is posted there in the team pages.

To view league rules and setting you may do so directly on the Fantrax League site - www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/qtoz9gjljrdxz0rk/home

If you currently do not have a Fantrax ID you can view the rules, settings & Scoring -http://horizonfantasysports.proboards.com/thread/1386/southland-saturdays-rules-scoring

Each year transactions, (Recruiting) will open the 3rd Monday in the month of July. Each team is given 25 transactions for the year and a budget of 1850. You can only make no more than 5 claims per week. 

If interested or have any additional questions please email commissioners Jon, jonasher0611@gmail.com or Eric, ejh1528@gmail.com.

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Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are available in this league.    If interested please email me jonasher0611@gmail.com.  You can also fill out my application on the following link and i will get you taken care of.   I seek motivated people for the league that will be active in transactions and set weekly lineups.   This is a free league.





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