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Draft Buddy is all setup, but I cannot get the sounds to play. I am a mac user; I downloaded the file, saved to the same folder as the draft buddy, and then I receive a run time error. The first several years they worked (this was probably 8 years ago and on a PC), but last couple of years no go. And the sounds are friggin awesome - the league loves them...


Run time error '5':

Invalid procedure call or argument


I use: Microsoft Excel for Mac

Version 16.26

License: Office 365 subscription 

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Sorry t_g, got an email notice for this but lost track of it since last night. Let me test it out on my Mac. Could be changes since an older version that is causing it to not function.

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Okay, I believe the problem is described here:


and the fix is rather complex. Here is what I suggest: open the Finder and browse to the folder with the sounds. Should be wherever you have Draft Buddy /sounds/

Now pick one of the sound files and right-click choose Open With > QuickTime Player. It should open a small window with the file in QT which allows you to play, pause, rewind.

Now open each sound file you want to use during your draft, and spread them out for easy access. While you have to tab out of Draft Buddy to use them, you'll have more control playing them directly in QuickTime.

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