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5 More Needed for Dynasty Startup: Salary Cap/Superflex/IDP/Devy

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I am looking for owners to fill up a 12 Team Dynasty Startup League. In this league you represent a city with an existing professional sports team and you get to pick your team name as well. For example: mine is the Memphis Pharaohs. There are four divisions which are simply used for scheduling purposes and nothing else. 

It's Devy, Superflex, and IDP with a $500 salary cap.

It's a $55 dollar buy in which includes prize money and league fees. I've put a link below to the league page which has everything else on it.

I plan on us drafting after the NFL Draft so that we know where the rookies will be, but if everybody wants to draft sooner than we will. It's a slow auction draft.

I haven't gotten around to "prettying up" the league site yet. The finished product will not be that "basic".

If interested then email me at Wmthmps1@gmail.com.



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