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Connecticut Screwed!

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Hi I live in Connecticut and we just allowed sports betting this year, HOWEVER $Prize Fantasy leagues (Yahoo, CBS, etc) aren't allowed yet due to some legal issues, probably about how the state will get it's piece of the action. I tried to sign up for both Public (Yahoo Prize league) and private leagues who are run by members, it wouldn't let me sign up for either. Yahoo somehow knows I am in CT, I even tried a VPN today, (no luck) I am reaching out for leagues to join between $50-$100 I usually do about 3 yahoo leagues a year. I am an active manager, no funny business, and looking for a pretty straight forward league & scoring with a live draft. ( I am retired so I am flexable) If you are from CT let me know how you are working around this, if you run a league and are looking for managers hit me up. Obviously payment will need to be made via pay pal.

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