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2022 Postseason Throwdown III

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$15.00 Entry paid through LeagueSafe - https://leaguesafe.com/join/4009174

200 Spots Available 

(1st-$1000) (2nd-$400) (3rd-$275) (4th-$225) (5th-$200)
(6th-$175) (7th-$150) (8th-$125) (9th-$100) (10th-$50)

$100 Prize each week rounds 1-3 for High Score.

4 Rounds -

1st Round will begin with 200 Teams for the start of the NFL Playoffs starting 1-14-22. Teams will submit a lineup for that weekends slate. At the finish of the wildcard games, the top *100 teams will advance.

(*All teams tied at the 100 spot will advance.)

2nd Round – The weekend begins with approximately 100 Teams, but only the top *50 scores will advance to Round 3.    

(*All teams tied at the 50 spot will advance.)

3rd Round – The weekend begins with approximately 50 Teams, but only the top 20* scores will advance to the final Round.   

(*All teams tied at the 20 spot will advance.)

Final Round – Super Bowl weekend begins with approximately 20 Teams, but only the top 10 scores place in the money –

(1st-$1000) (2nd-$400) (3rd-$275) (4th-$225) (5th-$200)
(6th-$175) (7th-$150) (8th-$125) (9th-$100) (10th-$50)

100% Payout, if we do not get 200 entries the prize money will be adjusted for the number of entries.
Salary Cap DFS style, set your lineup weekly throughout NFL playoffs

Roster - 1QB, 2RB,  2WR,1TE,WR/RB/TE, 1K,1DST

More information –



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