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Route 66: The Race to the Santa Monica Pier

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As of now, we have 2 open teams in a 16 team dynasty empire-like league (.5ppr), $30 entry fee.

It's a race to the Santa Monica Pier (division). Get to the pier and win a Fantasy Bowl and win the jackpot. Currently it's worth $222.07 and nobody is in the Santa Monica Pier division yet.

To move up 1 division (there are 8 divisions total)
Have a winning record
Win the Fantasy Bowl
Collect 4 Hubcaps (read footnotes to get a better understanding regarding this)
Teams can move up more than 1 division after the season is done

We also have a side game called, The Route 66 500 Race

All new team owners will have a dispersal draft. Check out the teams that say 'open team' and that will give you an idea of what the dispersal draft will look like

Link to league is below. Please read the footnotes to understand the twists.


If you are interested in joining and/or have any questions, email me at richhavlik@gmail.com

Your 66 Commish

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2 of 3 open teams for dispersal draft left, since division is important, new owners will be randomly assigned an open team



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