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Need 2 owners for FF Pirate League

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If you are looking for a FUN and different FF League then look no further than Black Sails FF League on MFL.  There is Plundering and Pillaging and Battle of the Ships among other Fun activities during the season.  This league has two pirate ships with 8 teams per ship and both ships have separate drafts.  Here is the site...check out the rules and if you have questions let me or  Dave Henson Jr. dave.henson.jr@gmail.com know.  See below the website.  $70 is the fee...see in the website below what that gets you....besides a rum full of fun!!  Come ye scallywags and hoist yur sails fur the high seas.  Pillage and Plunder yur way to the Best and Meanest Capt'n this side of Tortuga.




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