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Think politics is wild in USA? Try Mexico. Every politician just gets murdered, why run?

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Posted 25 June 2018 - 11:38 PM

The world is a generally ugly place, my recent travels have really revealed the dark underbelly of this world to me, and I am even more appreciative of this nation we have.
It really mystifies me when I see people protesting and lamenting this country, I struggle to wrap my mind around it. 
If seems like there is a swath of people in this country who lack any sense of perspective. I equate them to a 2 year old throwing a fit because mommy bought them a vanilla ice cream instead of a chocolate one, yelling "i hate you" at the mom....and not unlike that spoiled little brat, much of our country needs a smack on the ass

The reason America is better than most places (among others) is precisely BECAUSE we protest and complain.

I, like you, have done some traveling of late, and seen my share of sh!tholes. Lets use the one Im most familiar with, the Philippines, as an example.

Their government is stone cold corrupt. Everyone knows it. Since independence, no nation on earth has received more aid money from the US than them. But they still lack even a functional basic road system. Why? Corruption.

But nobody complains. Ever. They are seriously debating, now, in 2018, legalizing divorce for the first time ever. The church is trying to block it. Nobody complains.

Complaining and protesting and lamenting leads to change. Improvement.

Third world sh!tholes never change. They are more or less the same as they always have been, minus some imported technology and ideas from us.

America is the best BECAUSE we do not settle. There is no good enough. There is only better. Faster. Cheaper.

Now, do we often go way too far with it? Sure. We do.