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  1. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    75th Anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki...

    The reason we nuked them was not revenge. It was to save the lives that mattered. American ones. Look up how many we lost on Okinawa. the planned invasion of the Japanese home islands would have cost casualties in the hundreds of thousands. The nukes, combined with the soviets crushing their army in Manchuria, finally got them to fold.
  2. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    75th Anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki...

    I had a Japanese guy once complain that we had never apologized. I told him fock that. You started sh!t, then refused to quit when you were beaten. We ended sh!t. And you nips have been good little children ever since we wrote you a constitution and occupied for a couple decades. He was not amused. Fock him.
  3. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    What is the #1 reason, you're gonna vote for Trump?

    Two reasons. 1. China. I want a president that will push back. Hard. 2. The other side is disgusting. I'm not so much voting for Trump as against the liberal agenda and the corpse puppet they are running.
  4. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Could you be convinced to vote twice.

    Rs will win. They always win in tennesse. They don't even run a real Democrat most years. Just find some professor to put on the ballot. My district is one of the redder ones too. It's gerrymandered quite well. Memphis and Nashville are blue. The rest is red.
  5. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Could you be convinced to vote twice.

    My theoretical vote is in tennesse, which Trump will win by double digits. It doesn't matter if I vote once, twice, or a dozen times.
  6. Yep. This would be my pick too. The only problem would be Vietnam. You'd be draft eligible no.?
  7. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    California is easing its bar exam score

    Unless they've changed it, you don't even need a law degree to sit for the California bar. Back in the day, anyone who wanted to could take it.
  8. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    TikTok ban

    I have a longstanding theory about our yellow commie overlords. They don't really give a fock what you or I are saying to other focking foreigners on a small scale. From what I can tell, you get in trouble with the chinkcoms in one of two ways... 1. You involve Chinese people. 2. You are massively broadcasting sh!t that makes them look bad. Here in China, the main social media is wechat. One feature there, like Facebook, is groups. There are many foreigner groups. Once upon a time, I was in some of them. Those places were racist horrible cesspits that would make this place blush. What happened? They all ended up with some Chinese people in there who dimed everyone out. Then they passed the law that the host of a group is responsible for anything said in the group. I avoid that sh!t like the plague now. On the rare occasions I need to communicate with other China expats, I do it on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg may be a kvnt, but he can't arrest me.
  9. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Too crazy and forward?

    Of course, he's going to expect that the chick who basically asked him out twice over a 5 year period is thirsty for the d. That may end up being a problem for our young lass.
  10. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    TikTok ban

    If it was me, I'd block all chinese apps. Merely to retaliate that Google, Facebook, hundreds of other apps and websites are blocked in China. Tit for tat mother fockers.
  11. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Fauci’s Book Deal

    He will do very well financially out of failing miserably. Happens all the time in Washington.
  12. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    So, I'm being tested..

    Hope it all comes out OK for ya Wiff.
  13. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Your Personal #Walkaway Moment

    No, it isn't really sideways. Generally, you'd never be able to tell anyway, as it's hidden by dense black diaper bush.
  14. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Your Personal #Walkaway Moment

    I'll tell my best walkaway (albeit far too late) story. Those of you who were around here when it happened have heard most or all of it, but I can't recall how much detail I went into, and we have quite a bit of new blood around here since, so what the hell. As you all know, I live in China. As most of you either know or surmised, that decision came, not surprisingly, after life back home became something of a train wreck. I was around 300 lbs. of crapper busting fatty, was coming off an 8 year marriage of which only the first three containted sex of any kind, was on antidepressent and antianxiety meds, and was pretty much your garden variety simp, as the red pill crew would call it. So I arrived here, went off the meds cold turkey. Anyway, about my third month here, we had our first holiday. A week off of work. I was planning to go see some of the sights of China. The great wall, the terracotta warriors, stuff like that. An old China hand told me I was an idiot, that I was about to have 5 months of absolutely horrible cold, rainy, apocalypticly polluted weather ahead, and that I should come with him and his friend to Hainan, the so called "Hawaii of China." They were renting a condo on the beach, it had a couch, I could have it for cheap. As I was fairly broke, having just moved across the globe and only recently begun getting paid, I agreed. The first couple of days were cool. Mostly sleeping much of the day, then sitting on the beach drinking by night. There is little to no nightlife there, so it was mainly just chilling. But we decided some poosay would be a nice addition. So we fired up the local social media app, hit the "people nearby" list, and filtered for female, and began chatting up the ladies. Well. Most declined to meet up. They were with friends, see, and while Chinese chicks are quite easy alone, in packs it can be difficult. Had a legnthy negotiation with a hooker, who ultimately declined to come, because it bothered her that I couldn't speak chinese for some reason. Like what sort of discussion is required? Had one promising lead finally disclose that it was a dude, and he was extremely displeased that having a c0ck was a dealbreaker. Finally met a local chick who seemed down, but alas, she had just flown out of town to a nearby city for work. Too bad. The next day, she messages me back, and says she could fly back and hang out for a couple of days, then go back for her work. This should have been a massive red flag, but I hadn't had any in a long time, so what the hell. We agreed that I would pick her up at the airport. I did, and we had lunch with two of her friends, both pretty attractive. They wanted to have a nice dinner, and then go to a KTV (karaoke bar where you have a private room) and sing. So I dragooned my two friends in, so as to have a pole for every hole. We all get drunk, her friends leave, my friends are about to catch a taxi back to the condo. They ask me if I'm coming. I decide to escort the lady home, and see what happens. So we get in a cab. Now she's a local, so I expect that we are going to her house. But we pull up at a hotel. She checks us in, and we go to a room with two beds. She gets in one, fully dressed, and tells me to sleep (you need to keep in mind throughout this story that she doesnt speak any english, I have no Chinese, and all communication is happening via translation app). Now I may have been a simp, but even I knew that being in a hotel room the first day you meet a chick is game on. So I climb in bed with her, we promptly lose the clothes, and sexy time happens. Wake up in the morning, fock again. After, she looks at me and says "wo ai ni." After a moment of fumbling around with my app, this translates to "I love you." At this point, I have known her for about 16 hours. Red flag number 2. So she decides she wants to show me her home village. So off we go. I meet her family (red flag number 3) who live on a duck farm in bfe. There is a quaint little ceremony at her fathers house involving incense and bowing to an altar. I will later be told by a chinese friend that this means we are married, but that was much later. Anyway, the week ends with us in a hotel back in the city in a suite with her brother and his wife. By suite, I mean each bed is in a balcony about 20 feet apart, with no walls. She gets mad that I won't fock her with her brother 20 feet across the room, turns off her phone (and thus communication) and goes to sleep. The next morning, I wisely, finally, am going to sneak out and go to the airport for my flight home. But she wakes up, blows me, and then gets all sad that she'll never see me again. I ask why not, and she says its too expensive for me to fly down. When I act surprised, she asks how much I make, and I, simp that I was, tell her. She now wants to be my girlfriend. Red flag No.4. So over the next several months, we talk online. I visited her once down there, and went to her sister's wedding. She then decided to come visit me (on my dime of course). She flies up, and it being sh!tty winter, we spend most of the time in bed. I also notice, she is trying to prevent me from pulling out. I tell her to stop it, and she says she wants a blue eye baby. Red flag number 5. It is at this point that my roomate, who speaks chinese, informs me that she is telling people that I am her husband. Thats number 6 if youre keeping count. So one night, she tells me she has to tell me something. I have noticed that no good conversation with a woman has ever begun that way, so I tense up. Now I knew she had been a member of the Chinese Army. I'd seen her uniform. I knew she spoke fluent korean. But now she proceeds to tell me that she was an active member of army intelligence, that she had worked with North Korea, and was now working with Vietnam (the island her home is on is off the coast of vietnam, and also has top secret submarine bases or something). She tells me she knows kung fu and has a gun and has killed people. She tells me that a small scar she had is a knife wound from some james bond type sh!t. Now, this is not good. It likely isn't true, and shes just a psycho. Or it is true, and thats really bad. Either way is not good. She leaves. We have plans for me to go down there a month later. Ticket is already bought, and I'm an idiot, so I go. On this trip, on my last night, she tells me that her superiors know all about me, they are cool with it, she wants to get married, blah blah. She also informs me she needs surgery, and it costs a lot of money, can I help her with it, and asks me for about $1k US a month, going forward. Then she tells me that she is going to her spy boss place to quit. I should go back to her plave and sleep. I do. So wake up at her place at 3am. She isnt there. I message her. Apparently, they wont let her leave until the boss comes. My flight is early, so I tell her that I'll get to the airport myself and talk to her later. Even my dumb ass has fully realized I have to get the hell out of this mess by now. And yes, I realized at this point that she was basically a hooker, and was probably at a clients house that night. So I fly home. After consulting with the brain trust, we decide on a plan of action. Unfortunately, she is crazy and knows where I live, so ghosting is not an option. So I tell her that my mother is terminally ill, and I have to go home and care for her. I even send video I had on my phone of me in the airport back home. I only talk to her at times that I would be awake in America for a couple of days. Then I ghost her. She stalked me for three years after that. Had to change my phone number and block her on social media. Once she called my office, and my assistant yelled at her in Chinese. Months later, my friend who was with me when I met her showed me a group chat of her and the other two girls. Apparently he was also in it, but they forgot he was there. In the group chat, it became clear that these chicks were more or less hookers who scammed tourists out of money. But in my case, all told, I banged her dozens of times over months for basically the cost of flights and meals. I would have agreed to more than that up front on a straight up hooker scenario anyway. And if I haven't made it clear, yes, I know I was pathetic and a moron. But it was good cheap fun in the end, so no harm done. I like to think I've learned since then.
  15. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Your Personal #Walkaway Moment

    Thats a risky play though. Many guys would just say the rehab thing changes her to the "still hit it, but give a fake number after" list.