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  1. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Is there a way for the other 2 branches to rein in a rogue House?

    50 state legislatures trying to remove people followed by a massive court battle... Not bloody likely to happen.
  2. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Is there a way for the other 2 branches to rein in a rogue House?

    There is none. Hell, a united rogue house can ammend the constitution to whatever it likes. The founders figured that 551 (I know it wasn't that number at the time) is pretty unlikely to be unified enough to go rogue.
  3. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    : Christmas List Ideas

    Yes. It's e ink. It's just like a piece of paper. Much better on the eyes. I prefer oasis to OG or paperwhite for the larger screen, the one handed grip, and the physical buttons to turn pages. But I read constantly. It wouldn't be worth the extra money to occasional readers.
  4. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    : Christmas List Ideas

    If you read a lot, get the oasis. I have the 2nd generation oasis, focking love that thing. Pricey, but worth it to me. I have a full size tablet, but I hate reading on a screen like that. Hurts my eyes. I take those two toys when I travel. Tablet loaded up with 256 GB of shows and movies, kindle loaded up with books, and I'm good for a month or more.
  5. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Vudu is who I said he is: a jealous liar

    Yeah. Every group needs the kid you can make eat stuff and put your balls on his forehead occasionally.
  6. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Xmas sweater yoga pants

    She's on the naughty list. Hoe hoe hoe indeed.
  7. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    No Chiefs/Pats thread?

    Oh very much so. Big showdown with the Texans next week. The secondary is down to scrubs off the street, as butler, Jackson, and the backup are hurt. And Henry seems to have a hamstring issue. Texans x2 and Saints is a tough row to hoe for sure. Hope they can get healthy and make a run at it.
  8. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    No Chiefs/Pats thread?

    Bigly. I think pats would be one of the weakest teams in the field.
  9. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    No Chiefs/Pats thread?

    Yeah. First half of the season, the D was on fire. Now they've fallen off and the O is on fire. Would be nice if they could get healthy and both units clicking.
  10. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    No Chiefs/Pats thread?

    I really want my titans to get a piece of the pats in the divisional round. I'd love to send them home.
  11. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Piece of garbage country star kills teenage girl, dies

    One valid point would be government should quit focking with Uber and lyft to benefit the dead corrupt taxi system, as it provides a societal good.
  12. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Remember innocent until proven guilty?

    And that makes organizations far too quick to take action like termination based on public opinion.
  13. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Tori Amos...Thank you :)

    I actually like bjork back in the day. Indigo girls was another rugmuncher favorite. (unzip) OK, keep talking... What else did they share?
  14. Yep. Racism used to involve some measure of active intent or hatred. Now it's become an act of negligence.
  15. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Tori Amos...Thank you :)

    I can't see the song. VPN is down.