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  1. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    I have zero problem with them pandering to any other group. The problem is that they do it in a half ass non creative way. Bat girl? Come the fock on.
  2. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    My new favorite saying at work

    Ah, thanks. Well full props to Vudu then.
  3. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    This. First of all, write a strong female hero character. Don't just make a show of some half ass femmed version of a pre existing male superhero. And in order to be a strong female hero character, she needs to be strong first, female second. Not the other way around.
  4. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    My new favorite saying at work

    I forgot who I still it from here, but "useless as anne franks drum set" has been a big hit at my office.
  5. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Dancing on the ceiling. I always hated Lionel Richie back in the day. Oh well. The things we do for love. Yeah, I saw rent in London 20 years ago. Its my favorite of the musicals. (I've seen Miss Saigon, Phantom, Les Mis). I think she'll dig that one. I'll just go to the TKTS booth at times square and let her pick whatever she likes. My family has tickets to Hamilton in Memphis when we're there. I don't know if she'd like that one, but I'd like to see it. I may just steal my nephews ticket. He doesnt want to go anyway. We saw a Cirque del soleil show here in china, and she loved it. So we will do the beatles one for sure. I've been wanting to see that one.
  6. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Yeah, honestly, I love music... I don't like concerts. I lived in Nashville for ten years, so I was always going to shows, big and small. 80% of the time, I ended up not enjoying it. I would much rather watch a good concert on my TV and good sound system than go cram myself into a tiny seat surrounded by drunken idiots. Not to mention, the band ALWAYS comes on late, which pisses me off. The show should start when the time on the ticket says. Not have an opening act, then 45 minutes to change the stage around bs. The only reason I'm going to two this summer is my wife has never been to a concert before. I wish we were in the US a little earlier, I'd take her to see Backstreet Boys, one of her favorites. I was surprised she was interested in Lionel Richie. I wouldnt think she would know who that is. But she's fired up. Apparently he is a karaoke staple in the Phils. And John Mayer will be good. I've seen him before. We will also go see a Broadway show (I'm thinking she'd like Rent) and will see the Beatles Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas. She wont recognize most of the Beatles songs, sadly.
  7. School is not designed to push gifted children to their best. It is geared toward processing the mediocre.
  8. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    Yep. It also merely makes abortion illegal for poor people. If rich girl gets knocked up, daddy can put her on a plane to whatever state or country where it's legal. Poor girls are then left with the guy with the coat hanger in the alley.
  9. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Lionel richie and John mayer this summer.
  10. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!


    Yeah. We made a nightmare clusterfock attempting to occupy places like vietnam, Afghanistan, iraq. But I'm sure we can conquer and pacify the entire earth. I mean, sure, virtually every American male would need to be in uniform and all, but totally doable and desirable.
  11. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!


    I seriously hope and suspect this is sarcastic...
  12. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!


    The Russians have always been thugs and bullies. Czar, Comrade, or president. Our policy should always be to stymie and contain such. Same goes for Chiner.
  13. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Morning puss....

    He's young. See digby, we old folks wouldn't go back to sleep once we're up.
  14. The future is going to suck. Glad I'll be too old or dead to care. Anonymity is disappearing.
  15. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Morning puss....

    I prefer weekend morning puss. Smash it, roll back over and go back to sleep.