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  1. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Feminist Cafe That Charged 18% ‘Man Tax’ Goes Out of Business

    Oh I know what houcaller is. I've been there a couple times. We live on the far Fringe of the big ass city. The stuff really close by sucks. There is a decent Mexican place (owned by a real Mexican) a 20-30 minute bus ride away. The mall 40 mins away has a real burger place, decent pizza, and a host of good "other Asian" food. For top notch foreign food, you have to go an hour and a half to the cool district, or Hong Kong, which is about two and a half hours. That's more of an overnight trip thing.
  2. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Clinton State Dept appointee pleads guilty to spying for China

    I will give trump full credit for taking a hard stance on china. Hell, a month or so ago, when he ordered the Navy to sail through the Taiwan straights with gigantic American flags on them, I had patriot wood. I wish he would not make a deal, crank up the tarriffs, and really make em squirm. But he has been nothing but a servile b!tch where Putin is concerned.
  3. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Feminist Cafe That Charged 18% ‘Man Tax’ Goes Out of Business

    Man, china sucks enough even in a tier 1. I don't know how you stay sane in the sticks. I can eat literally any kind of food that exists here. Sure, it may be an hour each way to get there. And the better stuff is in Hong Kong. But once in a while, you gotta do it. How the fock do you not even have a McDonald's? There are two that are open 24 hours within walking distance here. Same in zhengzhou. You should buy a franchise and open one in panzhihua.
  4. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Clinton State Dept appointee pleads guilty to spying for China

    I hate how one party has a hard on for Russia but not china, and the other has a hard on for china but not Russia. The truth is both of them are a threat to our global order and need to be contained and checked at all costs.
  5. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Feminist Cafe That Charged 18% ‘Man Tax’ Goes Out of Business

    No straight nonwoke male would go into a vegan restaurant anyway. I'm sure the crowd was 60% angry dykes, and 40% fags and a few straight cucks that were happy for the chance to virtue signal. Good god. I can't believe I wrote that. I have to stop reading this damn bored.
  6. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Lots of smoke in Nashville that the Titans want Drew Lock, QB, Mizzou. I highly doubt that, but it would be interesting. Would have to trade Mariota for peanuts at that point, let tannehil start the season.
  7. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Declaring war on Canada?

    The Philippine navy consists of three or four diesel coast guard cutters we gave them. These are 80's era boats. We offered to give them modern turbine ones, but nobody there knows how to service them. Remember that china seized the Scarborough shoal using not the Navy, but fishing boats. This is right off the coast of Manila. And they're gonna invade Canada? The Philippines naval academy is near my wife's hometown. I laugh every time we drive by.
  8. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    Everything is blocked here. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, reddit, YouTube, all other Google services, Netflix, and apparently HBO. That's why one must have a VPN. I pirate soooo much. Movies, shows, and books. I do pay for netflix, but will probably stop. Half the time it detects that I'm connected via proxy and wont let me play anything. There actually is some Chinese website that airs game of thrones. But it's probably heavily censored and crap quality.
  9. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Declaring war on Canada?

    Dutuerte is such a focking clown. Third world trump.
  10. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    For one, I venture to guess it is either blocked or region locked. For another, I don't want to pay for HBO when I can pirate the few things they show that I want for free. Probably could use my sister or parents password though...
  11. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    It often takes a long time. Usually the new episode appears on pirate Bay around 10 or 1030 china time. I start the torrent. It's ready anywhere between 2 and 6 hours later for me to watch that night. I usually run my torrents at night. I have 3TB of random crap ive downloaded on a hard drive. Netflix actually does work well and plays in 1080p.
  12. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    I don't hate you. But it appears I'm one of the few you haven't pissed off of late.
  13. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    I won't watch anything less than 1080p for game of thrones. The leaks are usually like 580.
  14. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Woman killed by industrial meat grinder...

    I picture OM's vagina like the sarlac in Return of the Jedi. https://www.google.com.hk/search?q=sarlacc&client=opera&hs=wGu&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjF6dTHk-jhAhUNrZ4KHY3vCcoQ_AUIDigB&biw=1200&bih=659&dpr=2.5