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  1. tanatastic

    Juneteenth, who has it off?

    My company honoring it on July 2nd since it’s late and on time going forward. Love another paid holiday.
  2. tanatastic

    My Granddaughter

    It’s now considered racist if they DONT.
  3. tanatastic

    Ahmaud Arbery

    One look at his criminal record and reasonable cause for suspicion will be a no brainer making any pursuit understandable. I chalk the case up to manslaughter by reason of self defense. Unlawful attempt of detainment could be there as well but attempted kidnapping is laughable. Chasing someone down doesn’t mean you plan to tie them up in your basement. They wanted to question him and play cops and robbers while flexing with their guns to feel in control.
  4. tanatastic

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Career criminal and thug trespassing gets chased by guys trying to apprehend him or detain for authorities due to suspected robberies. Expectation is 2 guys with guns can subdue an unarmed man without violence, since people usually aren’t dumb enough to attack men with guns unless they have one themselves. They were wrong, he attacks them, forcing their hand in self defense and he is tragically killed as a result. Spin it however else you want, that’s what happened. Same result happens if he is white, brown, green or blue. Attack guys with guns and your chance of getting shot skyrockets.
  5. tanatastic

    Ahmaud Arbery

    Nah, that makes no sense and there’s no way they would expect to get away with it. The guns were for control and intimidation, they were shocked that they had to use it against an unarmed man and only did when there was no choice. It would have been different if he had his hands up and they shot him execution style. This would be an open and shut murder case in that scenario.
  6. tanatastic

    Ahmaud Arbery

    If two armed men were chasing me with guns, the very last thing I would do is attack them. I’d submit to them yes. They were not trying to kill him, that’s the last thing they thought would happen that day. Their hand was forced when he attacked them.
  7. tanatastic

    Ahmaud Arbery

    This really is the winning post of this whole long thread.
  8. tanatastic

    Slowly normalizing pedophilia

    You could talk to 100 black women and all of them would have stories of being raped or molested as a child, it’s normal in that community so child sexuality comes easy.
  9. tanatastic

    Ahmaud Arbery

    None of that is relevant. You still don’t attack men with guns. In the list of 100 options he had, he chose the only one that resulted in his death. Attack them is the only option that gets him killed. They were not planning to gun down a man in broad daylight, he left them no choice. If he takes that gun he kills both guys. They had the guns to control him and make him comply. Their reasoning on that is irrelevent.
  10. tanatastic

    Mrs. Siobhan MedStudent aka Dakota Skye

    Wow medstudent must be taking the news of her death hard. I know I am…cuz I’m watching her porn.
  11. tanatastic

    The Toyota

    There’s crazy inventory shortages and people are gouging the used car market big time.
  12. tanatastic

    The Toyota

    Camry is the top selling car in America for like 20 years running.
  13. tanatastic

    Stupid people in front of you at the grocery line!

    Many times I’m tempted to walk up and say hey can I help, this process seems to be baffling to you guys.
  14. tanatastic

    Ahmaud Arbery

    He attacked men with guns. That’s the only relevant part of this story. Why they were after him, what he was doing, both irrelevent. Don’t attack men with guns.
  15. tanatastic

    Top three picks review

    This will be a popular narrative for draft season and he could eventually start getting under drafted. Winston could become more of a RB passer when he has a guy like Kamara to throw to. Hill, well he’s just a guy coach is obsessed with so I’m sure he will end up starting and I don’t like it but hey Kamara was still RB1 overall so there’s that.