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  1. tanatastic

    Better QB rest of the season

    Our league taco drafted Jameis Winston round 6 and dropped him before the game yesterday. Tacos lack understanding of value concepts.
  2. tanatastic

    Week2 Streaming Defenses

    I got a decent 11 from Panthers D, I’ll take it.
  3. tanatastic

    Ronald Jones to get more carries....

    That game will rightfully mess with so many heads this week. OJ gets zero targets and Evans looks like a clear second fiddle to Godwin while Rojo gets completely left in the dust for Barber. Wild times here in week 2, I expect many more surprises as well.
  4. tanatastic

    Who are you trading for?

    That’s the second deal, which is a lot closer. I meant Evans for Mccoy deal.
  5. tanatastic

    Week2 Streaming Defenses

    Starting Panthers D tonight. Can do worse than a home team on TNF vs an erratic QB coming off a stinker. Will probably be a shootout but the logic is there.
  6. tanatastic

    Who are you trading for?

    I think that’s way too low on Evans there with the first deal. I’d treat him as a WR1 still. Second deal much closer. I think people are a little carried away with McCoy as well, he’s just the split time guy in KC.
  7. tanatastic

    Fantasy football. How much is skill, how much is luck?

    About 80% luck, 10% knowledge, 10% common sense. You can’t control who you play head to head. This week I lost scoring 150, another team won scoring 97. If it’s a league where everyone knows their stuff, it’s just about who got injured and who faced who head to head.
  8. tanatastic

    Post your odds AB is a Pat week 16

    Just found out his contract has specific language in it that says the guarantee and salary can be voided if his conduct “undermines the clubs public image”. Care to revise again?
  9. tanatastic


    Plus every minority makes it a point to have 5 babies minimum regardless of finances.
  10. Ok this is a definite concern and I might have to rethink things.
  11. tanatastic

    Will the Pats Cover? Line at -19

    History of trouble for Patriots in Miami, Pats looking ahead to week 3, Fins nothing to lose. Trap game, take the points. Patriots 30 Dolphins 14.
  12. tanatastic

    September 11th

    It’s like the group of football fans wearing opposing team colors in the home stadium. Of course they are happy and will celebrate later even if they aren’t jumping for joy in enemy territory.
  13. tanatastic

    WTC tower 7

    I’m a big fan of 911 conspiracies and little to none of the official story ever adds up to me. The planes could have easily just caused big fiery holes in the building and ruined those few floors. Minor disaster at best. No way they could predict it would collapse the whole tower like that perfectly and both of them in fact. I like all this. Lot of convenient little things. The passport thing is good too.
  14. tanatastic

    September 11th

    We should have wiped that whole region off the face of the earth the day after. They celebrated it, that means they are all our enemies. Enemies should be destroyed. Simple.
  15. What does this even mean? “Disadvantage” lol like im wearing a piece of armor with less hit points in a video game or something? left behind? Post gets stranger every time I read it. I’m thinking it was tongue in cheek.