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  1. tanatastic

    Columbine - Sad

    Ill say what most people feel but won’t admit when there’s shootings or huge disasters like 911, Scamdy Hoax etc. It’s not sad to me, it’s something exciting to break up the monotony of the day and I’m happy reading the news about it, the drama. It’s usually a fun time.
  2. tanatastic

    Parabellum with spoilers

    This is what can sink a lot of action franchises, the stakes getting too high. Good ones keep the good times rolling, like fast and furious. First movie they are stealing DVD players, by the 5th they are saving the world. You just turn your brain off and enjoy while the Rock reroutes torpedoes with his bare hands n shitte. Wicks initial revenge story was great for the few people involved aside from the million henchmen. Then they escalate it to somehow every other person in NY is a high level hitman in this secret society where everyone everywhere is in on it. Could easily have gone downhill and they didn’t let it. They just kept up the solid action and clever fight scenes.
  3. tanatastic

    How do you reconcile your views vs your actions?

    Pro choice is the only way. Sometimes you need an abortion and it’s the right thing to do. Thinking otherwise is plain wrong.
  4. tanatastic


    I’d be fine if it was blasted off the face of the earth.
  5. It was fine as far as endings go. I’d have rather seen Jon take over but eh. It didn’t leave any wacky loose ends or shoehorn any random cliffhangers so that’s good. Not sure why the dragon didn’t waste Jon and then everyone else though. BS that the unsullied get to dictate stuff though. Bran is king, he can let Jon free, end of discussion.
  6. tanatastic

    Explain Sudoku to me

    I’ve seen it played and heard it explained to me dozens of times and still couldn’t tell you how to play or be able to win even the simplest of boards. I’m not that bad with numbers but pretty bad, letters are more my thing.
  7. tanatastic

    John Wick

  8. tanatastic

    John Wick

    I gave my review in the Parabellum thread, it was really great. Sat morning so no huge crowds. If you like the others at all (MDC is the literal only straight man who doesn’t.) you will love it.
  9. tanatastic

    Parabellum with spoilers

    Awesome movie. Many stylish and clever fight scenes beating, shooting and slicing up the baddies. Some gruesome kills with impressive effects like a slow knife in the eyeball when every movie usually cuts away or just uses that to set up tension. The dog stunts were particularly impressive as they used real trained dogs instead of CGI for an extended scene where Halle Berry’s 2 pets help our heroes dispatch baddies. Keanu’s gunplay was awesome, you can really see his work pay off. Just a great time overall and a rare threequel that delivers.
  10. tanatastic

    Cocktail of Choice?

    Been getting into gin cocktails instead of vodka lately. A gin Bloody Mary is excellent, highly recommend.
  11. tanatastic

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    Banning abortion won’t stop abortions, it will just raise the rate of u safe abortions carried out illegally. In the state where all the siblings knock each other up and really need abortions no less.
  12. tanatastic

    Dead Puss...Grumpy cat RIP

    More sad than any celebrity death.
  13. tanatastic

    porn question. kind of sad

    Human bodies are a natural sight, nothing wrong with any of it. I been cooz hounding since I was 6 years old lifting up little girls blankets to get an eyeful. A titty won’t scar your kid. The ever thinning veil that protects your little girl from banging black dudes though is def something to protect. But boys, nah, let them be men as early as possible.
  14. tanatastic

    What Your Poop Says About You

    I get a lot of watery dumps.
  15. Hired him to give me a free anal-ysis of my poop. He says the texture is a bit grainy and I should up my fiber. Plus now I don’t need to shower tonight, very thorough, like a beaver in a sawdust pie eating contest.