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  1. tanatastic

    Boss says he will FIRE me if I self quarantine!

    Do you just sit around all day thinking up these dumb stories on whatever alias this is?
  2. tanatastic

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    Worry about the virus- 2. Regular flu has already killed 23k this year in the USA ALONE. Let that sink in. Worry about our focked economy and long term effects of this media induced abortion- 9. It’s not worth hardship to 99% to save 1%.
  3. tanatastic

    Ozark on Netflix

    God damn this season is so good.
  4. tanatastic

    What sport do you miss the most?

    If this hurts football season I might consider a long drop out of a high window.
  5. tanatastic

    Anyone been playing Video Games lately?

    I played Odyssey and Witcher 3 not far apart from each other and I thought they were a good comparison. I think I liked Odyssey more but that’s a minority opinion as Witcher is beloved. I just love Greek mythology and Odyssey’s combat felt really good. I don’t think you can go wrong. Also you probably are well aware but be sure to play the Witcher 3s 2 expansions as they are highly touted.
  6. tanatastic

    Anyone been playing Video Games lately?

    Damn, the first one, taking it back. 2,3,4 and lost legacy are masterpieces.
  7. I think MMA should absolutely still fight and I’d even say no fans would make a great atmosphere. There is a huge ratings opportunity with everyone at home watching tv. The problem is stuff like Basketball has 20+ guys together where wwe is just a few at a time, staying under the 6 imposed limit.
  8. They still have weekly shows and are even still doing WrestleMania across 2 nights. Like you said, some guys are pulling out and some have already taped their matches in advance. But there are ratings to be had with everyone stuck at home so they are still doing shows, as are the other wrestling outfit AEW.
  9. At small venues like the performance center which is a gym they use for workouts and stuff.
  10. tanatastic

    **Official** Biden for President Thread

    I’ll take an oof burger with extra yikes sauce.
  11. tanatastic

    Ozark on Netflix

    It’s already available on my Netflix, I just checked.
  12. tanatastic

    MLB Just put a grenade under the entire season

    Virus just gonna go away cuz a few months have passed . This is here to stay and so is the recession until we decide to just say eff it and deal with the losses. Ok let’s say we are declared safe in a month, everyone back to work yay...then all the mingling just sets off another outbreak...oops back to quarantine...rinse, repeat.
  13. tanatastic

    How to post a tweet?

    At the bottom of a tweet on the right there is a little arrow pointing up coming out of a box or something, tap that and it gives the option to copy the link.
  14. tanatastic

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    It’s not possible logistically to get accurate measures of who is getting tested. There are too many people that ride it out at home or want to avoid huge medical bills that won’t get tested. Then there’s legions of people walking around right now that don’t know they have it and won’t get sick for a week. None of that matters anyway.
  15. tanatastic

    Netflix: Tiger King

    Haha, it’s hard to read eccentric, gay, polyamorous, white trash murder mystery with big cats and not be interested.