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  1. tanatastic

    Christian Mccaffrey is a sissy

    Can officially label him injury prone as well as slow to heal.
  2. tanatastic

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    This is the nail on the head. Would have slid under the carpet then, not now. The Michelin lips thing was passable, the other comments were not, there’s no recovery from that. He is done as a public figure for the nfl.
  3. tanatastic

    My kingdom for a field goal

    I think it’s time for teams to go for it every time rather than kick the ep. Don’t the stats say it’s worth it I thought?
  4. tanatastic

    Trade proposal

    They prob already did. People love posting trades as if they are on the table, ready to accept when really it’s just their idea for a proposal and not at all discussed with the other member yet. Personally if someone gives me the “let me think about it”, I tell them the deal expires in 5 min.
  5. tanatastic

    Rams at Seahawks: TNF Discussion

    11 carries and a td for Sony makes me sick when Henderson gashed all night. Hes had it dyed for team colors for some time now.
  6. tanatastic

    Rams at Seahawks: TNF Discussion

    All the Sony for no reason making we want to vomit.
  7. tanatastic

    Rams at Seahawks: TNF Discussion

    Some of these ram play calls and formations are borderline trolling. Just abysmal. Luckiest catch ever for DJax on a horrible ball salvaged the drive. Meanwhile they are gashing with the run but passing on 2nd and 3.
  8. tanatastic

    Rams at Seahawks: TNF Discussion

    1st down PA bomb ok I can respect that. I still say every 1st should be a run, it just sets up your next plays so well but whatever. Then complete on 2nd. Penalty on 3rd ok so have to pass now instead they run on 3rd and long for no reason basically just accepting a punt. Me with a PlayStation controller and a madden playbook would be a massive upgrade for the rams right now.
  9. tanatastic

    Rams at Seahawks: TNF Discussion

    Run the ball in the red zone you dumbfock rams!
  10. tanatastic

    any Dam Williams thigh update?

    He’s good to go and well worth a flex start.
  11. tanatastic

    Defense ROS ?

    Just play matchups each week, but even then it’s hard to predict. This weeks great play is next weeks drop. Saints were highest scoring unit and they played Giants who everyone laughed at and scored 3 points. I started Bengals vs the lowly Jags and they got 3 points.
  12. tanatastic

    Bears name Justin Fields the starter

    Anyone else pick up the raiders D to start vs bets this week?
  13. tanatastic

    Darrell Henderson for CeeDee?

    Henderson is a beast and they aren’t even maximizing his potential. I watched him run for 7ypc then theyre at the 1 and throw twice Incomplete and lose the ball. Easy td there for him if they let anyone with 2 brain cells call the plays. In every game I’ve seen opportunities for at least 5+ carries they didn’t take that were no brainer situations. Not saying coach is always bad but he’s def not maximizing the teams potential.
  14. tanatastic

    Gilmore gone!

    Problem with that is usually money as the trade partner has to assume their contract.
  15. tanatastic

    Damien Williams - what % of FAB would you use on him?

    This will be one of those situations where everyone grabs the guy then the other guy has a big game.