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  1. tanatastic

    Charlize Theron raising her adopted boy as a girl.......

    This is sickening and that poor kids ramblings at 3yrs old may shape his entire upbringing mentally. A 3 year old cannot make life decisions like that. They can decide how hard to poop themselves, that’s it. It’s wrong to warp his mind like that.
  2. tanatastic

    No Colitis, No Obstruction

    So who got their arse rooted around in at the doctors lately?
  3. tanatastic

    Who gets Goof Friday off?

    Goof Friday? That’s every friday around here.
  4. tanatastic

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    No I don’t think old maid would notice if someone was in her tailpipe. Wait, that can’t be right...Oh oh my bad. Yea nah I wouldn’t notice.
  5. tanatastic

    Has anybody ever hired a privates detective?

    It’s ok guys, it’s hiding under your gut, no need to hire a detective.
  6. tanatastic

    Federer > Woods

    Jack vs Tiger feels like Bill Russel vs Jordan. Yes Bill has more rings but...ehhhhh.
  7. My heroes are people like Spider-Man, I have no idea who you mean.
  8. tanatastic

    Has anybody ever hired a private detective?

    PI are just something you see on TV. Investigating is all done online now, there’s no guy in a trench coat taking pictures and following people around lol.
  9. tanatastic

    Pollen Cloud

    I’ll bet this is fun for allergy sensitive folks.
  10. Why are people treating the American flag like it’s the confederate flag now?
  11. tanatastic

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    Great start to the season, really enjoyed the episode.
  12. tanatastic

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    What an incredible feat for Tiger to win. To say he’s been written off is an understatement. This is so huge for him and his legacy, even if he never wins again.
  13. tanatastic

    Cassowary Kills Owner

    This is a raptor pretty much, just without carnivore instincts.
  14. tanatastic

    Reparations have begun!!!

    Time for me to start identifying as black.
  15. tanatastic

    Plant both feet start at 39 mins

    This is the grossest one. Just snapped backwards like a birds leg.