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  1. Quickolas1

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    a) tight ends should get 1.5 PPR and 0.12 points per yard. b) the OP is a waste of time and makes FFToday worse. c) There is no C.
  2. Quickolas1

    Krafty move

    Brady... Goodell... or how far away is Mar-a-lago?
  3. Quickolas1

    JuJu Smith looked hurt at Pro Bowl

    If Dr. James Andrews is spotted driving around in a new Ferrari this week... be afraid.
  4. It would only be fair if each and every time a commentator or show host or whomever gives Sean McVay any credit... that Jeff Fisher is also mentioned and discredited.
  5. Quickolas1

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Shirley, you can't be serious. The Steelers would be lucky to get one early #1 for Ben. And they'd be lucky to get one late #1 pick for AB. (Plus some later round throw-in)
  6. This riversco guy said "goodnight ravens" during the Ravens-Chargers game and then of course the Ravens won. He can't help but keep putting his foot in his mouth.
  7. We get it, you consistently overrate the San Diego Peak-Too-Sooners.
  8. Quickolas1

    Players to stash for next season?

    All those mentioned above (excluding the Chiefs Williamses until the K.Hunt shocker) are going to be rostered in almost every league of this type. I'll mention one who is also probably unavailable but if not I'd stash him... Chris Warren, RB, Raiders.
  9. Quickolas1

    Ravens at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    That the Ravens D >>> Chargers D. That the Chargers disappoint like usual. That Antonio Gates probably just fumbled away the Chargers' chance at going to the Super Bowl.
  10. Quickolas1

    Zay it ain't so

    No, he is not good. Robert Foster... maybe.
  11. Quickolas1

    Zay it ain't so

    Or Robert Foster might be the one really gaining Josh Allen's trust.
  12. KC vs LAC vs NE vs Hou can never take place in a straight up tie-breaker step for seed or wildcard. If these 4 teams all ended up with the same record, first you'd have to narrow down KC vs LAC (H2H, then division record). Let's pretend the Chargers advance out of that... Then it's LAC vs Hou vs NE using: H2H, Conference Record and then Common Games. In other words, two tied division foes always get sorted out before any other step. Division record only matters when determining in-division seeding or advancement. It then becomes obsolete... replaced by Conference Record.
  13. Quickolas1

    Raiders at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Beat reporters are saying on Twitter that the Raiders have petitioned the league to extend the trade deadline so they can send a few of their 1st round picks for Nick Mullens. He's going to switch jerseys at halftime. He's Nick Mullens!
  14. Quickolas1

    Raiders at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Nick Mullens laughs in your general direction.