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  1. Phil Simms 11

    Jordan Howard traded to Eagles

    So the Eagles get Howard and also gave up 5th but will get back a 4th round pick? What’s the downside? Bears I thought we’re in win now mode. Bad trade for them.
  2. Phil Simms 11

    Tyreek in trouble

  3. Phil Simms 11

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    Yes, 1ppr is too much. 0.5 please
  4. Phil Simms 11

    Forums Software Upgrade - 2/5/19

    Sunday 8pm?
  5. Phil Simms 11

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    I don't mind the Pats getting in if they lose it.
  6. Phil Simms 11

    Jets expected to hire Adam Gase

  7. Phil Simms 11

    Jets expected to hire Adam Gase

  8. Phil Simms 11

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Theres going to be a trade with the Chiefs and Sammy plus a pick going to the Steelers.
  9. Phil Simms 11

    Eagles at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    Not sure he kicked it low or not but maybe this stops the death threats
  10. Phil Simms 11

    Eagles at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    I read the kick was blocked, that legit?
  11. Phil Simms 11

    I'll take my lumps. Bears lost to the iggles.

    Tough loss. Trubisky showed some signs he may reach Eli status just yet. I thought the kicker was a good one, seems he was pretty average this year just checking the stats.
  12. Phil Simms 11

    Eric Ebron, Calvin Ridley & two first rounders

    Wait, its a post you knew was just a misunderstanding from months ago? You cant do an I told you so to an accidental post.
  13. Phil Simms 11

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Don't see Ben getting traded any time soon. And I doubt this is Brown or Ben as an ultimatum, Brown is asking to be traded period. Move Forward with JuJu, Conner & Ben and trade Brown for a few picks. Use one of the picks for a receiver and what else do they need? Looks like they force a real low amount of turnovers, maybe they need some defense help.
  14. He has earned a shot as a head coach, surely he wants to be a HC once in his lifetime after putting in so much work. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/FangVi0.htm