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  1. Phil Simms 11

    Who else would love to see Brady play elsewhere???

    He’s going to throw for closer to 4K yards and 30TDs. Noodle arm and dump offs forthcoming
  2. Phil Simms 11

    Who else would love to see Brady play elsewhere???

    Bad for the fantasy players on TB, good for their win total.
  3. Vote for Bernie, save the country.
  4. If that is what Romo gets Phil Simms should get double.
  5. Phil Simms 11

    Could Burrow pull an Eli?

    I don't think he is anywhere near Eli in terms of talent. Let's not disrespect the future HOFer with comparisons to never-beens.
  6. Phil Simms 11

    Eli Manning to announce retirement on Friday

    Haha, we have some guy here saying “two hot runs” in a desperate attempt to minimize the fact he had two SUPER BOWL winning runs. Winning a few games mid-season is a “run” but winning the Championship is much more of an accomplishment, and both times as the MVP no less.
  7. Phil Simms 11

    Coaching Changes / Front Office Moves

    Is top one within the top five? I think he’s going 1st
  8. Phil Simms 11

    So how'd taking two WR early go?

    Julio and Juju - one of worst teams in league. Freeman and Jacobs as RBs. Got Goffed. My other 2 teams went RB heavy and both were top 3 scoring on season. I tend to go RB heavy but never write off any strategy, just like best player available.
  9. Phil Simms 11

    Josh Gordon

    He’s on drugs again
  10. Phil Simms 11

    Ruled OUT for Week 14

    I’ve got no better choices, with Bell out just Jacobs, Laird, Breida as options for RB 2.
  11. Phil Simms 11

    Ruled OUT for Week 14

    I’m relying on Le’veon and Jacobs. Jacobs has no new injury, it’s been going on so hope he pulls through. Bell is sick, tough it out.
  12. Phil Simms 11

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    Why is he posting this religious nonsense? Surely Mike will delete it, it takes up so much space
  13. Phil Simms 11

    Week 14 Scoop and Play WR

  14. Phil Simms 11

    Giants pass catchers ... you figure it out

    Only options at WR are Sterling or Cooks. And need a second flex: Laird, Cooks, Hurns, Breida, Cobb, Hollister (if Hooper is back). Favoring Laird, Hollister, Breida Laird can’t run much but he seems to be OK for PPR. Likely going Hollister
  15. Phil Simms 11

    Giants pass catchers ... you figure it out

    I’m roll out Sterling