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  1. Phil Simms 11

    UPDATE: Derek Carr headed to the Saints

    He met with the Saints and they arranged for him to do this so the Saints don’t need to trade any assets for him. In return he gets a renegotiated deal with more years and money guaranteed but less annual average.
  2. Phil Simms 11

    Official AFC Championship Thread: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Bengals. May put some money on them
  3. Phil Simms 11

    CBS sports making ff fun again.

    That’s how I like to run my league, no K or Defense
  4. Phil Simms 11

    DeSantis’ Florida continues to persecute academic freedom

    Biden is bad but Desantis is worse. At they’re not Trump!
  5. Phil Simms 11

    Wildcard Weekend: Giants at Vikings

  6. Phil Simms 11

    BUF / CIN implications after Week 18

    The case isn't really being debated in the media - Reid is guilty and severely impacted that childs life while he was a member of the team staff working for dad. I wouldn't expect you to understand these kinds of ethical dilemmas. You're the guy trying to take advantage of the BUF/CIN cancellation to steal fantasy football titles.
  7. Phil Simms 11

    BUF / CIN implications after Week 18

  8. Phil Simms 11

    BUF / CIN implications after Week 18

    Really hoping the Chiefs lose, mostly as Reid is a POS.
  9. Phil Simms 11

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    3 out of 4 playoff matches were not close so the full winnings went to the team that’s ahead. 1 match had a 80/20 favorite so we allocated the winnings 75/25% when both of them agreed.
  10. Phil Simms 11

    Can we guess how the NFL adjusts schedules from here?

    In another league where I am not commish $600 buy-in, the league members starting bringing it up. Commish acted on it and decided.
  11. Phil Simms 11

    Can we guess how the NFL adjusts schedules from here?

    Summarizing my post, that is the outcome anyway.
  12. Phil Simms 11

    Can we guess how the NFL adjusts schedules from here?

    I commish two leagues. Title games in both leagues - person has nice lead with Burrow going against Chase. That is the same players and situation for both leagues, I am awarding the 1st place here not split. Third place league 1 - One owner is up by over 80 points. Opponent had 4% odds. I am awarding to the team with the massive lead, hope I don't get any flack from the loser. Third place league 2 - This game is 80/20. The team with 20 conceded, however, I will see what the other owner thinks.
  13. Phil Simms 11

    MNF! What do YOU need, for the 'Ship?

    Two leagues. Both I have Burrow and a lead and in both the opponent has Chase. Give me Chase not outscoring Burrow by 4 and I win both titles.
  14. Phil Simms 11

    Axe Elf - Skibum bet #2 - Austin Hooper verse Cole Kmet

    Kmet with the TD catch in my title match.
  15. Phil Simms 11

    Let's see those Championship Final Match Rosters!

    League 1 QB Burrow RB Ekeler RB Jacobs WR Waddle WR Cooper TE Goedert Flex Akers Flex Montgomery Flex Allgeir Bench Meyer’s, Knox, Tua, etc No K and No D in this league League 2 QB Burrow RB Harris RB Jacobs WR Brown WR Metcalf TE Kmet Flex G Wilson Flex Walker III K Joseph Dst Dallas Bench Meyers, Patterson, Rodgers, etc