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  1. Phil Simms 11

    Jacob Hollister

    Next year I’m avoiding religious nuts like B Cooks in my fantasy drafts.
  2. Phil Simms 11

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    The NFL did their part to clear the image of collusion against Kaepernick. The move is more about marketing. Anti-kneelers happy he is out of the league. Pro-kneelers happy the NFL organized a workout. Or at least it will quiet the pro-Kaepernick crowd from the argument of ongoing collusion. Unless this was part of the $10mill settlement in the collusion case, seems likely marketing is the only reason. The league doesn’t hold workouts on behalf of FAs.
  3. Phil Simms 11

    N'keal Harry

    Too many options, good luck picking the right one weekly. Edelman and Sanu should do well, Dorset/Harry will be unpredictable.
  4. Phil Simms 11

    Jacob Hollister

    I can't click the links or quote the post by @The Football Guru Am I the only one? That happens occasionally on this site.
  5. Phil Simms 11

    Streaming week 11 defense

  6. Phil Simms 11

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    It's either Hill or Hyde in PPR
  7. Phil Simms 11

    question - why isn't hooper listed as O on yahoo?

    Yes, it’s annoying me as well. He was actually listed out for a couple minutes and changed back when I was processing a pickup. If I did the transaction 10 seconds earlier it would have gone through.
  8. Phil Simms 11

    Jacob Hollister

    I picked him up before this last game and will need him now that Hooper is out. One concern is the ramping up of Gordon as WR3 and still have Locket, enough passes to go around?
  9. Phil Simms 11

    Shepard still out?

    Some positive news https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/giants-sterling-shepard-ready-to-resume-practicing/ Not sure the Giants would have him practicing if they were shelving him, but he still needs to get out of the concussion protocol.
  10. Phil Simms 11

    Shepard still out?

    The Waiver is barren so I have been keeping Cooks and Shep, but I do have 2 IR spots. My WRs are hurting with only RIdley and Pascal. Going to be tough to keep holding as this week I may have 5 players out Cooks Shep Hooper Breida Ty Johnson
  11. Have Gesicki and Hollister behind Hooper. Graham was just dropped. I liked how Hollister looked so hoping it’s him.
  12. Phil Simms 11

    Anyone rolling Wentz out vs NE?

    I would roll Jimmy, Carr not bad either.
  13. Phil Simms 11

    Mike Davis - Speculative Add?

    RBBC. Holding Bonn in PPR