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  1. Phil Simms 11

    Axe Elf

    RIP, I enjoyed his posts on here. From another site https://forums.bettoringreen.com/index.php?/topic/8731-rip-axe-elf/
  2. Phil Simms 11

    make an offer

    Yeah, usually a sign that the other team has been pestering you for a player and you keep rejecting them. Just tell them you’re not interested in trading right now. Not “dreaded” just cumbersome.
  3. The Chiefs have always been made up of low quality people, not only players either. Remember their assistant coach and son of current coach nearly killed that little girl? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9326257/amp/Ariel-wake-honey-Dramatic-audio-reveals-aftermath-crash-involving-Kansas-City-Chiefs-coach.html Disband the whole damn team
  4. Phil Simms 11

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2024: First Four Rounds

    Bijan, I had him and will draft again in round 1. New coach is enough, but maybe a new QB as well and I see a big season for him.
  5. Phil Simms 11

    We are the Champions!

    Won two of my five leagues Higher stakes my roster was forced to start 3 TE, barely won last week and played a team with their own injury problems in the championship. Qb Hurts RB McCaffrey RB Elliot WR Nico WR Pittman TE McBride Flex Goedert Flex Likely Flex Brian Robinson No kicker, no def league.
  6. Phil Simms 11

    Jacksonville Homers

    Dernest is the one to own
  7. Phil Simms 11

    Is foreman worth starting ?

    Hubbard is a great play this week.
  8. Phil Simms 11

    Any value to Roschon Johnson after this week?

    I picked up Rochon, could be a RBBC mess but if the offense can keep some momentum hoping he is a good flex.
  9. Phil Simms 11

    UPDATE: Jameson Williams - Reinstated - Back with DET for Wk5

    I would see how Dotson does and drop him
  10. Phil Simms 11

    UPDATE: Jameson Williams - Reinstated - Back with DET for Wk5

    Have this guy on my bench in the 16 team league, not expecting much but will be holding for a while as a WR 4 boom/bust play.
  11. Phil Simms 11

    Christian Watson - Hamstring Injury

    No but the bench is only 5 deep to help waivers a bit.
  12. Phil Simms 11

    Christian Watson - Hamstring Injury

    I played Watson, no better options in a 16 team league
  13. Phil Simms 11

    Jaylen Waddle Out for Week 3

    Great, going Jeudy or Kirk now.
  14. Phil Simms 11

    Ekeler vs Bijan

    Took Bijan at 7, definitely would have went Ekeler if given a choice but Bijan at 7 ain’t bad
  15. Phil Simms 11

    Late round Tight Ends

    Took Higbee and Schultz late, hoping one is decent