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  1. posty

    What caused Funny Picture thread lock?

    I didn't report anyone... I work from home so I don't have to worry about people seeing my screen...
  2. posty

    Another Day in Trump's America...

    I liked the one he posted recently that stated something about the large amount of conservative posters they have on the board... I couldn't help keep from laughing...
  3. Saw this yesterday... However remember the polls had Clinton winning in a landslide, so take everything with a grain of salt...
  4. posty

    Another Day in Trump's America...

    He is trying to save face IMO... It is too late for that there... The only way to fix it would be to start banning the trolls on the left or just shut down the politics forum completely and posts in the FFA would lead to a banning... Though that place will be out of its mind when Trump wins in 2020...
  5. We had someone that used one at the office, but she was told to get rid of it... Upper management said it was distracting because she was bouncing on it constantly while listening to music... Oh and before someone asks, she looked like Rosie O'Donnell...
  6. According to Wikipedia, Trump filed the paperwork to run in 2020 right after the inauguration, why be forced to take it down now? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_2020_presidential_campaign#Background
  7. posty

    What caused Funny Picture thread lock?

    This is why I said that we need a way to disable pictures... People can't help themselves and have a picture like that "loaded" puts up red flags...
  8. Do you remember if anyone had Hillary stuff before the 2016 election? How about Obama before 2012?
  9. Are you allowed to put a MAGA hat in your cube?
  10. posty

    Lock Them Up!

    Fogle is already in jail...
  11. posty

    It Was 50 Years Ago Today ...

    Interesting... This says that Sesame Street debuted in November of 1969, not March as you state... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Sesame_Street
  12. posty

    It Was 50 Years Ago Today ...

    You were held at gunpoint?
  13. Watch all of it... I wonder how this would be viewed over at the socialist FBG?