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  1. posty

    Sad Story

    So they have a GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/spryfield-fire-disaster-support?fbclid=IwAR3tV78F9d2e-S3q98eE3vDs0ZRdigsVTm4E2hFyeeH5sN8hXZyaT9QgWlQ I liked this quote: "Please be advised that these funds have nothing to do with burial or any other costs." No kidding... The kids are already cremated... Too soon?
  2. posty

    If Trump found a cure for cancer

    Obama would want credit for it saying it was his policies that helped pave the way...
  3. This movie is terrible... I am so glad that I didn't see it in a theater and waste my money on it...
  4. posty

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    This is why Bernie should never be President...
  5. posty

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    So? People were saying that McCain was too old to be running for President and this goober is even older...
  6. posty

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    He is way too old to be running...
  7. posty

    Harper and Machado, what gives?

    If that is true, sorry for the misinformation...
  8. posty

    Harper and Machado, what gives?

    Are just sticking to baseball for this question?
  9. posty

    Harper and Machado, what gives?

    Mochado to Padres... Ten year/$300 million, opt-out after year five...
  10. Shocking that the media would not give us all the facts...
  11. posty

    Oh those tolerant, peaceful libs.......

    He is getting abused over at FBG... You think he would have learned here...
  12. posty

    Daytona 500

    I have never been a big fan of NASCAR, but with all of their changes to start this "Chase" and "Stage winners" have really made it worse off IMO... This is another thing that should have been just left alone...
  13. posty

    Are you ready for some Football???? AAF style??

    Colt McCoy is already on a NFL roster...