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  1. posty

    Unwinnable Arguments

    That the FBG political forum is a safe haven for liberals...
  2. posty

    Breona taylor decision

    Food is very important...
  3. posty

    Breona taylor decision

    I think that maybe they should look at the black man first on disrespecting black women...
  4. posty

    Breona taylor decision

    He is "devastated"... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/los-angeles-lakers-lebron-james-speaks-breonna-taylor-decision-grand-jury-charges-death-louisville-kentucky-010718806.html
  5. posty

    Black policewoman shoots black man...

    I am confused... After he was shot he listened and nothing else happened... I thought that was when the cops are supposed to put 10-15 bullets into him because cops hate blacks...
  6. posty

    Black policewoman shoots black man...

    Thank you, I didn't want to watch it all...
  7. Someone please post this at FBG that has passed all of their rules... Would love to see what they have to say about this... Of course they will say "It is only nine ballots, not a big deal" missing the point completely...
  8. posty

    Breona taylor decision

    So using the method that Democrats used when Obama was the president, you are racist... If you remember, any time someone disagreed with a policy that Obama had, they were immediately tagged a racist... Since you dislike one of his policies and since you are black, you are a racist as well... Also I have said in the past, that the word "racist/racism" does not mean anything any more because the word is thrown around all the time... I know you know that disagreeing with a policy isn't racism just because Trump is white and you are black, but that word is thrown around like crazy against whites... We dislike a policy thrown forward by a black politician, we are racists... We think BLM is a terrorist organization because there is a lot of looting/rioting in the protests, we are racists...
  9. So being white, do I riot or not, I have no idea...
  10. posty

    Breona taylor decision

    Do you like or dislike Trump's policies?
  11. The more and more that this crap happens, sometimes I wish New York City did have a huge wall around it and we can just put all of the people that want to defund the police inside... A real "Escape from New York" scenario...
  12. posty

    Breona taylor decision

    https://www.yahoo.com/gma/breonna-taylor-case-public-outraged-185700167.html From the article: Taylor's sister, Ju'Niyah Palmer, posted to Instagram... How in the hell do you pronounce that? Jew-Nye-Ah?