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  1. Oh that is going to make some people angry... Philip Rivers doesn't deserve the Hall because he doesn't have a ring, even though almost every career stat is better than Eli...
  2. posty

    2: Is it the 2nd down or 2nd quarter?

    May? I am surprised it lasted this long already...
  3. posty

    2: Is it the 2nd down or 2nd quarter?

    I think peenie needs to stop watching sports...
  4. posty

    2: Is it the 2nd down or 2nd quarter?

    They won't put 3rd down down if it was second or fourth down... That would be silly...
  5. Oh don't do that... You will have HT yelling at you... @RaiderHaters Revenge He will get in, but the Hall is already watered down big time, Eli getting in will just add to it...
  6. posty

    2: Is it the 2nd down or 2nd quarter?

    God forbid that have the play clock there as well... They NEVER have a 3 for 3rd quarter or 3rd down... They also will never have 3rd for just "3rd down", they always put down out there... There is no way to be confused...
  7. posty

    Goodbye Eli

  8. posty

    Goodbye Eli

    I think he talks about his .500 career record as well, which is terrible for a quarterback... But what else are you going to look at? How about passer rating? Eli had to have a good... What? 84.1? Lower than Matt Schaub, Jameis Winston, Case Keenum and tied with Joe Flacco? I guess Flacco is a lock for the Hall of Fame then since he won a Super Bowl...
  9. posty

    How does your golf group play by the rules?

    "The only winning move is not to play."
  10. posty

    Goodbye Eli

    So does this mean that Eli made his team do all the work to win the titles and just because he had a good game he ends up taking all the glory?
  11. posty

    Goodbye Eli

    How did Joe Namath get in? BTW, we aren't saying he won't get in, we know he will... We are just saying that when you look at his numbers, they don't pass the eye test...
  12. posty

    Goodbye Eli

    Of course he did... He is using common sense...
  13. posty

    Goodbye Eli

    /thread Raiders won this thread... I guess some like the Hall of Fame be just average...
  14. posty

    Goodbye Eli

    Wow... Just... Wow... RIvers has better stats across the board than Manning and saying he isn't Hall worthy just because he didn't win a ring is ludicrous...