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  1. posty

    Which Fools Give You Gas?

    New Jersey
  2. posty

    The Great Mariano

    Oh get off your high horse... All I said that it is a shame that he was the first unanimous decision, you of course taking it as an attack on your manhood or something...
  3. posty

    The Great Mariano

    Yep pretty much... Baines and Martinez should only get in if they bought a ticket...
  4. posty

    The Great Mariano

    Who is Mark Wholers?
  5. posty

    The Great Mariano

    The thread title sounds like the name of a pizza joint that is trying way to hard to get customers...
  6. posty

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    Didn't the lady on the bicycle that flipped off his caravan as they rode by lose her job or did she just claim that she did?
  7. posty

    The Great Mariano

    Exactly... I know that there is nothing that can be done about the past, but to have Rivera be the first at 100% with all of the greats before, it a shame IMO...
  8. posty

    The Great Mariano

    Unlikely... Their problem was that they couldn't hit in the post-season...
  9. posty

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    This is unacceptable... He should lose his job and this should be looked at as a death threat... I am not a fan of AOC either, but he should be punished...
  10. posty

    The Great Mariano

    Dude relax I knew you would get pissy... I didn't say he probably didn't deserve it, he just shouldn't have been the first at 100% of returned ballots... Plus the Baseball Hall is getting awful anyway when two closers and two mainly DHs make it the same year...
  11. posty

    The Great Mariano

    Still a shame that Rivera was the first unanimous entrant into the HoF with all of the great players before him...
  12. I guess you will be happy that this is the last major of the year then... You guys bring out the knee pads every major as well...
  13. posty

    Bully of the year

    This video seems to make its way here at least three times a year...