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  1. I have been looking at the set lists of completed concerts and I am bummed that they haven't played Abacab yet...
  2. posty

    2021 Season Discussion

    Sure is... I figured it would be a close matchup, but I still didn't like my chances with the way the Jays hitting was going...
  3. There are at least 40 more reasons that fandaddy isn't the best poster here...
  4. Games remaining: 11 Wins: 57 Home Runs: 117 Remaining schedule: @PHI (4), @CIN, CHC (3), CIN (3) Guesses (wins) that still can be hit: MTSkiBum 57 155 Posty 59 166 Fandaddy 59 190 Mookz 61 144 WhiteWonder 61 153 Mike Honcho 62 176 TimmySmith 63 123 Voltaire 64 198
  5. Fan off and andy? WTF does that mean?
  6. posty

    Did Titans Get Kilt For His Chiner Book?

    Don't leave man... If you leave, this place will get worse and it can't go much lower...
  7. Anal sex on the moon… https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/503687-when-the-school-board-meeting-goes-from-covid-to-cornholing/