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  1. GuidingLight

    Veteran candidates

    Told ya all, WI 'covers and the win ! Go nuts ..
  2. GuidingLight

    Do You Wear Duluth?

    yep right next door I have a Duluth co. https://www.duluthtrading.com/men/ Honestly the best comfort and feel ..Enjoy
  3. GuidingLight

    A diet with more vegetables

    39 responses and not 1 ~ Drink V-8 Low Sodium .. easy and healthy bud
  4. GuidingLight

    In the least surprising news from Democrats...

    Okay politicians.. What in true life will happen dependent on these elections for someone who has no clue? Who wins or loses will make my life > blank
  5. GuidingLight

    Good Morning

    Awesome you had a great weekend! I don't think I ever played a board/bored game to completion. Hiking is an awesome fun any time or place. Good luck to the next.
  6. Thank you, one of the best/honest reads. It's interesting what elicits an honest re from this crowd. I love reading this thread and learning about all of you. ~Alcohol is by far the easiest and most truthful. Never done any Rec drugs so don't know how those compare. Prescrip ones..are most reliable. With the whole opiod abusers , can't include those, never had them either. I'd say Ambien and Zanax. Those make me sleepy every time.
  7. GuidingLight

    Happy Football Day Week 9

    WTG drob almost nailed it! Packers suck though I love Arodgers..
  8. GuidingLight


    for those that know me ~ no it's not a funny post..far from
  9. GuidingLight


    What should I expect? I don't want treatment. Is it going to suck that bad w/o meds?
  10. GuidingLight

    Who Will Die First?

    Name a member..cant be dead already or Rusty or etc...lol ...sorry if a bus hits you today!
  11. GuidingLight


    Glad you're still alive SUX thought 1 of us would be dead by now . Fine awards overall.
  12. GuidingLight

    Post your childhood home

    I have to wake up at 3am and 2 pages to do this for you all, wake up! - https://sumally.com/p/283093
  13. GuidingLight

    ***American History Draft***

    William Hartell
  14. GuidingLight

    ***American History Draft***

    Guiding Light ~ armed with 2 Colt Dragoons.go for it
  15. GuidingLight

    Talk about something relevent

    peenie never fails to make me laugh