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  1. Pete drew a crowd over 1,600 last night in Iowa in his first visit. Like I said earlier in the thread, Beto is sinking like a stone. When you are relying on buzz as a candidate, you have to sustain that type of momentum.
  2. Very different situations. Bernie and Beto were already popular established names when they launched their campaign. Buttgieg was the big unknown in the race that nobody was talking about. He started to move into the sleeper darkhorse role two months ago after polling at no higher than 1%. Now he is up to 3rd place in key states and jumped to 4th in fundraising. It is still very early in this race but he's the one with real momentum.
  3. Buttigieg has passed Beto and Kamala in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls for 3rd place. He is starting to raise money at a fast pace and has knocked them out of the headlines.
  4. Vince44


    Last week's episode was the best. Bob Costas was hilarious and George Brett made an appearance. Amanda Peet is also back and looked better than ever.
  5. Vince44


    Wiff, Season 3 begins tonight on IFC.
  6. Vince44

    Characters you dislike...

    Greg Medovy- NYPD Blue
  7. Looks like the nonstop racism finally caught up to 90's bigot after that uncalled for attack on Pennie. Mike was the last visitor to his profile page after the latest anti black rant, but this time it was foolishly directed at a fellow poster. LOL!!!
  8. Vince44

    Best action movie star

    Stallone losing to Ford? Stallone should be the obvious number two.
  9. Vince44

    Man's raving wife run over by Methodist

    Hey Wiff, Death Wish 4 on Encore Action in four hours.
  10. Vince44

    Characters you dislike...

    Donna Martin- 90210
  11. Vince44

    Best action movie star

    Commando will always give Arnold the edge
  12. Vince44

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    Do you live anywhere near Naples?
  13. Vince44

    Urban Cowboy

    "Looking for love in all the wrong places" Great country song. My favorite scene is when Wes beats the crap out of Bud at the burger joint early in the movie. Scott Glenn played a good redneck in all his scenes.
  14. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/media-gush-over-ocasio-cortezs-questioning-of-michael-cohen "Washington Post congressional reporter Paul Kane lauded her questioning as the “very best” and said other lawmakers should “watch and learn.” Here's clip of @AOC questioning, which was among the very best, drawing out information & possible further investigative leads. Others should watch & learn from her, from veteran Rs to freshman Ds (including some of her own friends/allies),” Kane tweeted Wednesday." "The Huffington Post called Ocasio-Cortez’s questioning “masterful. The freshman New York congresswoman ‘expertly laid a trap’ to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns, and ‘won’ the Cohen hearing, according to two raving press accounts,” the Huffington Post reported. A reporter with HuffPost said that Ocasio-Cortez “made it look easy.” "Caroline Fredrickson, president of the American Constitution Society, wrote an op-ed that appeared the New York Times Thursday that outlined how she believes Ocasio-Cortez “won the Cohen hearing.” [Her questions were] well thought out. Like a good prosecutor, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez was establishing the factual basis for further committee investigation, Fredrickson wrote. She asked one question at a time, avoided long-winded speeches on why she was asking the question, and listened carefully to his answer, which gave her the basis for a follow-up inquiry.” "CNN political commentator David Axelrod linked to Fredrickson’s piece in a tweet where he praised Ocasio-Cortez for producing “real news. I agree with this. @AOC asked incisive questions of Cohen on the tax and legal implications of how Trump values his properties. Real news,” Axelrod tweeted. " Ocasio-Cortez focused her questions on whether Trump ever inflated the value of his assets to an insurance company and whether he tried to undervalue those assets to reduce his tax bill. An MSNBC analyst said her interrogation of Cohen was better than almost everyone else's effort.“@AOC just got there and she is asking better questions than 90% of members. Short, specific, factual, with no speechmaking. (Maybe it's because she just got there.)” he tweeted."