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  1. Vince44

    Night Court

    Funniest show of all time. Nothing could beat the LOL moments. I will check it out to see Dan once again. Will Bull and Roz make a cameo?
  2. Vince44

    Not looking good for Joe

    Go away, troll. Get your eyes checked. Right AND Left.
  3. Vince44

    Not looking good for Joe

    Bronx, I think you need to read my post more carefully. I said both political parties and pundits are equally foolish in their phony overblown reactions to the document drama. I turn it off when the news talks about it on Biden and Trump all day long. Not one voter will care about this in two years. Good luck to the Giants tommorow.
  4. Vince44

    Not looking good for Joe

    "They got him. He's going down." Not really. Not one vote will be lost cause of this on either side of the aisle. Out of all the fake selective outrage from the right and left, I think this might take the cake. All about trying to deflect from Biden's successes and turnaround going into Year 3.
  5. Vince44

    Jacksonville Jaguars who?

    Johnny Lawrence might have a better chance of completing a pass right now.
  6. How in the world was Drobeski banned for good but the "Worst Poster Ever" is still around on his fourth account? Drobeski might have been a lost cause when it came to his right wing politics, but he brought humor and sense in other topics. Craftsman is the bottom of the barrel across the board.
  7. Vince44

    Will Kevin McCarthy become Speaker? Looks like yes.

    LOL. First time in 100 years. He said a month ago it didn't matter how small or large the majority as long as it's a majority. How did that work out for him today? Keep losing, Republicans. 2018: You lose the House by the Dems picking up 40+ seats. 2019: You lose Governor races in Solid Red States in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Kansas. 2020: You lose the Presidency to Biden by 7 million votes in the popular. 2021: You start off the year losing the Senate in the Two Georgia runoffs to Ossoff and Warnock (Red States) and the next day Attack The Capitol cause you lost POTUS. Party of Law And Order, right? 2022: You lose a seat in the Senate to secure a 51-49 Dems majority and barely squeak out The House when you should've easily took back both. How did that abortion and gun issue work out for you? Pro Life Party? Except when it comes to 8 year olds in a classroom. Not to mention getting your asses handed to you in Arizona up and down the ballot. 2023: Not even four days into the new year and you kick it off with the latest embarrassment for your party.
  8. Vince44

    Mounting evidence showing Kari Lake should have won

    FBN is starting to give Craftsman a run for his money in worst thread starter of the year. Hobbs won. Lake lost. It's over. Move on. Sore losers. Arizona rejected these right wing nuts up and down the ballot. You need to step outside the alternate reality of this conspiracy theory nonsense. Nobody was going to choose freaks like Lake and Masters on a general election state wide ballot over Hobbs and Kelly. Lake was saying well before the election there would be fraud if she didn't win. Spare me this tired expired shtick when you don't win.
  9. Is it even going to matter if Dak Prescott continues to throw inexcusable ridiculous INT's on his own 20 like last week to the Jacksonville DB?
  10. If only we could weed out the Triple R's (Rural Redneck Retards) from being able to vote in elections, the country would have postive upticks in numbers across the board.
  11. Vince44

    Your favorite sitcom

    Night Court Cheers The Jeffersons Three's Company Two And A Half Men
  12. Vince44

    No topic on George Santos?

    Boy. It sure is quiet in this thread. Geek Club Republicans: Ignoring real scandals on the right. Pushing fake scandals on the left. Did Tucker uncover Ashley Biden's parking ticket from 99?
  13. Vince44

    Where is your mind at currently?

    Dahmer on Netflix. Watching Episode 3 right now. Jeff is driving down the road to Stumblin In.
  14. Assault Rifle? Well. What can you do? As The Republicans always say after a mass shooting, you just gotta break out those thoughts and prayers. Pro Life Party. Gay Nightclub? Gee. I am stunned to hear the shooter was a right wing nut. Kudos to the two that stepped up to prevent further killings and injuries. Hell of a lot more balls than those Coward Uvalde Police that waited 75 minutes to save children.
  15. Vince44

    2022 Midterm Elections

    Boom. Winning. Dems keep Senate. When Warnock wins on Dec 6th to give us the 51-49 edge, Manchin loses his power to block as Harris will break the ties he will cause. Sinema is up for reelection in two years and she's been falling back on party lines. Arizona sent a loud message in rejecting these MAGA Psychos down the ballot in the general election. Hobbs beating Lake for Governor will be the cherry on top. You shouldn't have kept focking with the McCain family. Thanks Republicans. You fumbled the ball on the one yard line six months ago by never stopping on the abortion issue until you took us back to the stone ages. How did that fake outrage work out for you in the decades of screaming about RVW? All you did was piss off more than enough women to get them out to vote in droves for the Democrats. Talk about going from a certain win to a embarrassing hysterical loss in these midterms. Thanks for putting up these unelectable unqualified wackjobs. Mitch warned you about these conspiracy clowns. You "might" be able to eke out a microscopic majority in the House (211 to 205 at this point) but even you know this is a colossal disappointment. Graham and Scott just said you got whipped when a week ago they said it was a lock for a landslide to take back Congress. Good luck with a handful of seats (maybe) in making those sweeping changes coming next year. Lots of tight races in the House still up for grabs that could go either way. McCarthy having the champagne and balloons put away is hilarious.