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  1. Vince44

    Phoenix police dept brutality caught on video

    Have you been reading the news in the last five years?
  2. Vince44

    AOC polling terribly in her district...

    In other news, Trump is getting killed by Biden in all key battleground states that he barely won over Hillary. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Polling means nothing when it doesn't work in your favor. AOC will be a ten term congresswoman in that district as long as she wants to keep running. Not saying she would win any state wide elections, but that house seat will be hers until she chooses to move on. She will keep winning easily.
  3. Vince44

    Phoenix police dept brutality caught on video

    The constant excessive force of the modern era of "cops" would lead them to beating a puppy for not obeying orders to drop the stick.
  4. Vince44

    Spinoff: Scariest movie ever

    Friday the 13th Part 4 Halloween (1978) The Hitcher
  5. Vince44

    *** Official *** NBA 2019 / 2020 thread

    Lakers not having to give up Kyle Kuzma in that trade is huge for them. They should sign Jimmy Butler to complete their new big three. Get you a veteran point guard that can shoot and defend at a decent level. Forget about Kyrie. Guy's never happy anywhere.
  6. Vince44

    Has Anyone Been Following the Nimitz/UFO story?

    Agree. Europe had two other great songs: Rock The Night and Carrie. Very underrated group.
  7. FYI: Sho said that Mr.Hand was a poster named "Beaver" Do you know the name from FBG? Any past conflicts with the guy? He is stalking you like he stalked Sho on this board.
  8. The commercial plug was legendary "The sauce you can have, but the secret is mine"
  9. Vince44

    NBA Finals

    Congrats, I guess? Finally got to the NBA Finals after losing to LeBron every year so they never slayed their biggest demon since he moved to the West. Clinched their first ever NBA title by barely slipping past a Durant and Klay less team. Not exactly the type of championship that will be remembered after tonight. And very unlikely will get a chance to defend it since Leonard is gone.
  10. Vince44

    NBA Finals

    It's like the basketball gods didn't want the Raptors to celebrate this title in all the crazy ass delays in that final second on the clock.
  11. Vince44

    The Newbserver

    No, he isn't. Not even close.
  12. Vince44

    The Newbserver

    Your wife would have if she wasn't sick that day.
  13. Vince44

    The Newbserver

    As much as they hate to admit it, the board has been lifeless since you were forced out. It has become a one trick pony site of right wing trolling in dead end political racial threads. Never seen it on such life support as this past year. You brought some actual balance by helping make it a well rounded forum over the years. Always enjoyed posting with you in all the non political threads that you would start on many various subjects. The unfortunate invasion of these hack FBG repubs have sadly watered down this once fun board. Good to have you back, Newbie. Will take part in the Motown thread tommorow.
  14. Vince44

    The Newbserver

    If you would just look at this thread from a purely objective standpoint, you might see you were the real instigator of this current flame war. He didn't start hitting back until you set the table. That is all. It's nothing personal on my end. Sorry if it came off that way.
  15. Vince44

    The Newbserver

    Says the guy that voted for Scott Focking Walker. Says the guy that is STILL saying Rodgers is better than Brady. Says the guy that has brought up Sho's private parts 500 times in every thread you lost to MDC.