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  1. Vince44

    Official Coup attempt 3.0 thread

    Come on, guy. Start a thread about Boston sports. Get yourself a much needed win.
  2. Jodie Banks (The Fall Guy) Christine Sullivan (Night Court) Kelly Taylor (Beverly Hills 90210) Amanda Rollins (Law and Order: SVU) Laurie Partridge (The Partridge Family)
  3. Vince44

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    Rocky IV Death Wish 3 Vacation
  4. Vince44

    Wednesday non-political thread - Movie quotes

    Men at Work
  5. It's not NBA basketball anymore for starters. A three point and foul shooting contest is the game now. Two plus hours of this chit is not entertaining to watch.
  6. Vince44

    Less than Zero

    James Spader is great as Drug Dealer Rip. Jami Gretz was never more hotter than in this movie.
  7. Looks like it's time to break out those three favorite words of Republicans in Congress, whom are controlled by those NRA campaign donations and are still blocking bills in the Senate. Thoughts and Prayers. 🕯
  8. Vince44

    Roxette singer dead at 61

    Dangerous Joyride It must of been love Listen to your heart Dressed for success The Look ------------------ RIP. Loved her voice. Good songs.
  9. Vince44

    Pensacola Mass Shooting

  10. Vince44

    Wiff appreciation thread

    Happy Holidays, Wiff.
  11. Vince44

    The Lost Boys...

    "Two Dollars"
  12. Vince44

    The Lost Boys...

    The Sure Thing
  13. Vince44

    Mayor Pete leading Iowa?!

    Hope he is able to win in Iowa. Would be great if he can pick up steam.