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  1. Vince44

    Mayor Pete leading Iowa?!

    Hope he is able to win in Iowa. Would be great if he can pick up steam.
  2. Vince44

    Louisiana Governor Election Today

    Kentucky and Louisiana voting blue? Another win for the Dems in these Governor Races in Deep Red States. You ever notice how DJT will only hold these big Governor rallies in the heart of the redneck hillbilly south? Both of these Republicans that pattern themselves after him keep on losing. Too funny.
  3. Vince44

    MLB 2019 Season Awards...

    Javy Baez not even in the Top 15 voting for NL MVP? Garbage!
  4. Vince44

    Another school shooting in California

    Looks like it's time to break out those three words.... "Thoughts and Prayers"
  5. Vince44

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

    Rudolph just came back from a concussion, too. For a league that's all about trying to prevent head injuries, you need to hit this punk with a full year suspension. He is lucky to not be sitting in jail if that connected with more force.
  6. Vince44

    Going to see Bobby Brown tonight.

    Every little step I take, You will be there.
  7. Vince44

    ESPN is bringing back NFL Primetime

    "The show will air online on ESPN+" Not even gonna put it back on their own network? Fail.
  8. Vince44

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Minkah Fitzpatrick to the Cowboys? Very interesting trade talks with the Dolphins.
  9. Vince44


    DJT makes a complete ass out of himself yet again. A thin skinned insecure big baby that can't accept he was proven wrong. Must always resort to the teenage juvenile crap. Like a little kid trying to change his F to A on the report card.
  10. Was the police in the right here? Of course they were. This punk deserved to be shot down. Is the police always in the right? Not even close. Let's not act like this doesn't go both ways cause another story will break soon showing the cops getting it very wrong.
  11. Vince44

    Trump allies raise money to target reporters

    The weak selective outrage by the right wing hypocrites, whom never shut up about the opposing party not ever respecting the constitution, and here they are spitting on the face of the first amendment.
  12. Vince44

    (another) Mass shooting in west Texas

    Thoughts and Prayers Mental Illness 2nd Amendment NRA Campaign Donations Party of Red (Literally and Figuratively)
  13. Vince44

    Mass shooting in Mobile Alabama.

    West Texas shooting. 5 dead. 21 injured. Oh well. What to say at this point? You just gotta break out those thoughts and prayers for the 500th time. Republicans in Congress will never take any action. Far too worried about playing politics. It's all about the mental illness! Is there no mental illness in other countries that don't have mass shootings? Keep on failing, right wing!
  14. Vince44

    Good morning

    Good morning.