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  1. Brad GLuckman

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    This guy had me watching the show for the first time since groundhog day. Fun to watch. Hes a machine
  2. Time to move forward. Im sure majority of Dems wont.
  3. Brad GLuckman

    Qanon book flying off the shelves

    Flat Earth Society is also growing in numbers. Amazing times we live in.
  4. Brad GLuckman

    Road Rage

    What was the moron in the last video doing? Speeding up and stopping in the middle of the road twice and then getting out of his car to start a fight or something? Dude is lucky he didn't die.
  5. I don't think for myself because I prefer every political thread didn't turn into a slapfight? Instead of a political thread consisting of posters actualy discussing the topic, you prefer the same insults over and over again?
  6. I would be happy if I could read past page 3 of any of these political threads without them turning into the same old recycled insults. There are intelligent posters here who can make very good arguments for both sides, however those posts are lost in a sea of trash. There are few posters left that have a viewpoint opposing Trump, Peenie was one of them. I'm just saying this place is going to be boring as hell once you guys get rid of everyone that doesn't love Trump.
  7. Brad GLuckman

    Veterans: Anyone do Space-A vacations?

    I always heard it was easy to get bumped if someone with orders needed your spot.
  8. I swear you guys wont be happy until this place is just a bunch of Trump supporters sitting around jerking each other off. I dont get it. Peenie brings unique perspective. We should want to hear all different viewpoints.
  9. Brad GLuckman

    Why do you buy Water? really?

    Came here to say this. The difference between cold water and somewhat cold water is huge. We have a jug of water that sits in the fridge.
  10. A few guys on this board are your classic racists. There are more normal posters here, but they just arent as loud.
  11. Read this on Reddit. A lot of supporters pointed to money given to Japanese Americans after internment camps. Also aid given to Native Americans. Saw quite a few comments that this isnt just about slavery, but also Jim Crow and redlining. I think it is ridiculous and will just further divide the country. Booker doesnt care, he just wants to win the nomination and this helps him seem more woke than his opponents. This is up there with his Spartacus comment to me. He is just so transparent and fake.
  12. White collar prison? Sure I'd do it. Even if I only hit a couple. Pound me in the ass prison? Nope.
  13. Brad GLuckman

    Appetizer Recipes

    We are thinking of making this, but this can't be right. Is this a typo?
  14. Brad GLuckman

    Appetizer Recipes

    Bump. Need a good dip recipe
  15. Brad GLuckman

    The Walking Dead - Season 9

    Episode was great. My only complaint is that im a bit sick of them meeting a new group, new group is evil, war with new group. Recyle, repeat. There are many other possibilities for storylines.