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  1. Brad GLuckman

    Rank Doritos flavors

    Obviously cool ranch is #1. I'm not an animal. #2 is spicy sweet chili.
  2. Brad GLuckman

    Woke Culture in Schools

    I can't speak for Michigan, but I will say I haven't see anything in my local districts yet. My kids are 4 and 6 so if it's happening in high school I may not know it yet. I think right now this is universities and some crazy high schools in extremely left cities. My assumption is that it will be more mainstream in the future, unfortunately. If one of my kids does come home from school and tell me that he had to "apologize for his whiteness" or some other crazy sh!t like that he will be in private schools in a heartbeat.
  3. Who in this country pushes radical dogma more than academia?
  4. Brad GLuckman

    Deadpool Update: DMX

    Like all white kids from the suburbs, we listened to a lot of DMX. Had a group text going today with my old high school friends reminiscing about all the crap we got into and how DMX was playing in the background often. That first album was fantastic.
  5. Shouldn't be a surprise. Remember when a bunch of people said the protests last summer were ok bc racism was more of a threat than COVID? Is this just life forever now? Every topic, no matter how unrelated, will always be dominated by race?
  6. Like on the Internet or in real life?
  7. Brad GLuckman

    What’s going on with the voting law Georgia passed?

    Good article on the claims of racism related to this voting law. There is a pay wall https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/03/30/no-georgias-new-voting-law-is-not-return-jim-crow/
  8. Brad GLuckman

    What’s going on with the voting law Georgia passed?

    Articles I've read say it's racist because voting lines in urban areas tend to be much longer and people can wait several hours sometimes so they need water. I kind of understand both sides of this. Are people really going to be swayed by a burger or a coke? I guess they could be swayed since most people don't even know who most of the people on the ballot are, especially at the local level. I can also see the side that says it's a difficult and lengthy process to vote in urban areas and people should be able to provide services that help people stand the long lines. I do agree that I don't understand why they can't bring their own water, though. Maybe a decent compromise would be that you can only provide these services as a neutral party and can't be affiliated with any candidate or party.
  9. Brad GLuckman

    Apparently it's equal pay day?

    I think people are just trying to one-up each other now. It's a competition among the woke to see who can be the most offended.
  10. Brad GLuckman

    BLM Trap 100 people in a Grocery store.

    There's also more to the story about the "had a bad day" comment during the press conference for the massage parlor killings. Be consistent and look for all the information regardless of the story.
  11. Brad GLuckman

    BLM Trap 100 people in a Grocery store.

    It's the middle of the day. Why aren't these people at work?
  12. You should read Hate Inc. By Matt Taibbi. It has a left spin to it but its about exactly what you post about. The media is making money off of angering and dividing people. Just look at the hate that everyone on this board has for "the other side", whatever side that may be.
  13. Brad GLuckman

    Can you grow a legit beard?

    I grew a beard out for this year's winter hiking trip. I have dark brown hair but my beard was red. I didn't mind because I'm working from home and haven't been seeing lots of friends during covid. After the trip, I shaved it off. I do feel like it helped keep my face warm during the trip. Wife And kids say they liked it but I don't like red hair.
  14. Brad GLuckman

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I read this in Borat's voice for some reason
  15. Brad GLuckman

    J-Rod broke up. So are you saying....... ??

    Stunning split? Hasnt she been married like 7 times?