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  1. Brad GLuckman

    Anybody here think Biden is going to win?

    Im think it will be closer than the polls suggest. Last time I didnt think Trump had a shot so Im hesitant to say it but....I think Biden wins.
  2. Brad GLuckman

    Brady = goat

    I can already see the Democratic campaign commercials of Tommy making out with his Dad.
  3. Brad GLuckman

    Brady = goat

    Brady was smart to go to Tampa. Great defense and lots of weapons on offense. They just needed someone competent (not Jameis) to get them over the hump. Either TB or PIT is the most balanced team in the league.
  4. Brad GLuckman

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Chuck Todds analysis after the debate was that unless you watch Foxnews, you would have no idea what the Hunter Biden discussion was even about. He framed it in a way that only crazy repubs care about it. I took it as an admission that the media is intentionally ignoring it. I would love to see the media coverage if it was Jared Kushner instead of Hunter Biden.
  5. Brad GLuckman

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    1st place in the NFC East!
  6. Brad GLuckman

    All is back to normal with Philthy fans

    I just cant imagine caring this much about a game.
  7. Brad GLuckman

    YOUTUBE Channel Purge

    Whoa. Relax, man.
  8. Brad GLuckman

    Presidential Decision

    Im not a fan of Trump, but I do agree with everything else youve said here. Well said.
  9. Brad GLuckman

    Pelosi melt down

    From what Ive seen, shes getting hammered by both sides here. Not a good look. Wolf Blitzer surprised me since hes usually a puppet for the Dems.
  10. Brad GLuckman

    Presidential Decision

    I read an article the other day that really focused on how erratic Trump has been these last couple of weeks and the current poll numbers that show him way down. Some of the article focused on how people are just exhausted with Trump (Link). I think that's the perfect way to describe the Trump presidency. It's just focking exhausting. It's so unnecessary too. If he just acted like a somewhat normal human being and pushed through all of the same policies, I bet he wins re-election. Its been mentioned here many times that his policies haven't been bad, but people are just so tired of having a child as a President.
  11. This is just a lazy response. I'm on record many times as someone that despises the media and CNN in particular. Hell, I even call them garbage in this thread.
  12. It was rejected by a bipartisan senate committee as having no factual basis. Somehow, lucianne.com omitted that information in their article. I find this surprising, as lucianne.com is the pillar of journalistic integrity.
  13. Brad GLuckman

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Biden couldnt answer the question about packing the court? Wtf
  14. Brad GLuckman

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    Man I hate Trump but I love that he gives Chris Wallace crap for being biased. He needs to back off a bit though. Hes interrupting left and right. Relax.
  15. Brad GLuckman

    Half billion dollar baby

    Good move by her. She wont have to work a day in her life.