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  1. Brad GLuckman

    Showing your work in math = WHITE SUPREMACY

    Success is based on performance. Whether it be sports, jobs, or school your success is based on your performance. If that's a white idea, what's the alternative? What does it even mean to re-imagine who deserves to have success? Hard work and effort are the controllable factors that determine success, right? As I type this, I am reminded of something I read before. Below is the link. "hard work is racist". What is the alternative to hard work and how does that benefit a society? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/smithsonian-race-guidelines-rational-thinking-hard-work-are-white-values-1518333%3famp=1
  2. Brad GLuckman

    Showing your work in math = WHITE SUPREMACY

    I agree to a point. Right now these conversations are mostly happening among radicals, but there is some crazy sh!t happening in real school districts (San Francisco). Academia is already incredibly liberal everywhere. I don't think it is too far fetched to think it may eventually spread to other parts of the country.
  3. Brad GLuckman

    Showing your work in math = WHITE SUPREMACY

    I'm not sure if you're kidding in this thread or not but if proper education is not necessary for success then what is?
  4. Brad GLuckman

    We should have a Geek Club welcoming committee

    I thought any new geek was really just Newbie Jr trying to get back in after getting banned.
  5. Big difference between boycotting and cancel culture.
  6. Brad GLuckman

    **Official Chiefs vs Buccaneers Super Bowl Thread **

    I cant remember a more boring super bowl
  7. Brad GLuckman

    **Official Chiefs vs Buccaneers Super Bowl Thread **

    I wonder if it is weird for Bucs fans having your favorite team winning the SB but the stars are just rentals.
  8. Brad GLuckman

    Anyone home school their kids?

    This pandemic has been eye opening for me. The way teachers have taken this as an opportunity to completely screw over kids and their parents so they can get full pay with half the work really pisses me off. I've looked into private school but there is a wait list everywhere and we were late to join. I'm so sick of hearing bullsh!t about teachers being heroes. They (for the most part) are absolute scum for what they are doing right now. Nobody should be surprised I guess, as the history is all right there. This is just a different level.
  9. Brad GLuckman

    Terry Gilliam wants to slaughter most of humanity

    Did I miss something? No where in the article did he say he wants to slaughter most of humanity.
  10. Brad GLuckman

    NFL divisional round gamblin' - Who you got?

    Im a pessimistic Packers fan and I'm expecting a close, low scoring game.
  11. I disagree with probably everyone on Parler. Echo chambers are one of the biggest reasons we have such division in this country. But I get why Trump supporters went there. Anyone that looks at this situation and is on board is a just short sighted. Just look at cancel culture combined with this and you can see where this is going. Wont be long until your current moderate views are seen as extreme. Something has to be done because 3 or 4 people shouldnt control all communications like this.
  12. There a lot of morons that burned down cities this summer and stormed the capitol yesterday. They are easily influenced and most likely don't have much going on in their life. These same morons are also hoping for civil war. If your life doesn't suck and you are even slightly grounded in reality, you are not hoping for a civil war. The media and twitter make us think this is a huge problem but in reality it's just that the dumbest among us are also the loudest.
  13. Brad GLuckman

    Democrats propose ban on all gender specific words

    This is just so dumb. Its not even a gendered word. Just stop it already
  14. Brad GLuckman

    Taylor Swift

    I'll admit it, it's a good album. More of an indie/folk vibe than her pop music.
  15. You don't need this place. It should be an occasional break for some entertainment. If Internet people are getting to you, it's best to just sign off.