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  1. Brad GLuckman

    2 Trillion dollar spending package

    Listened to Gabbard on the Joe Rogan podcast today and i really liked her. For some reason, i thought she said or did something overtly radical (not he Syria thing) that previously disqualified her for me but I cant remember. I will definitely look into her more.
  2. Brad GLuckman

    I'm closing in on 20 years..

    I was always told that after 20, youre working for half the pay. Time to get out.
  3. Brad GLuckman

    If I was yellow and squinted a lot I would be mad about this

    You nailed it. Are we to assume only bad teachers teach at bad schools? Absolutely not. The problem with bad schools isn't the teachers or the management, it's the kids...who are a direct reflection of their parents. You can pour endless amounts of money into these schools and it won't matter because the parents don't care.
  4. Brad GLuckman


    I would say no. Why would it be ok?
  5. Brad GLuckman

    Did you ever experience 'the one that got away'?

    The canadian side is much better than the US side if Niagara Falls.
  6. I wasn't responding to whether global warming was real or not. I was responding to why it would be a bad thing if it were real.
  7. Brad GLuckman

    Did you ever experience 'the one that got away'?

    I wasn't saying my wife is the one. I was saying if she got away, she would "in my mind" be the one that got away. My opinion of her when we first dated was unrealistically high. Kind of like what wiff was saying.
  8. Brad GLuckman

    Did you ever experience 'the one that got away'?

    Eh, I get it. I don't know man, this girl who got away is 20 years older and likely much different. You are reminiscing about a girl in her 20s not 50s. How does she look now? We're you content in your marriage before you saw this one was divorced? To answer the original question, I have a couple of girls that got away. One I didn't pursue because I was 18 and moving to Japan for the Marines. That was a smart move. Too young Another I broke up with because I wasn't that attracted to her. She was pretty but I'm a boob guy and she had small boobs. She was awesome to be around, so much fun, always happy, none of the usual emotional rollercoaster bullshit you get with women. I always somewhat regretted breaking up with her, even immediately after I did it because I just loved hanging out with her. I think part of it is the "grass is always greener" thing. No doubt if I didn't end up with my wife, she would be the one that got away.
  9. Brad GLuckman

    Did you ever experience 'the one that got away'?

    I don't understand why you got married. Not fair to your wife.
  10. I know you probably view any articles or documentaries about global warming to be propaganda, and I get that. They are one-sided. But they describe the effects of global warming and the impact on humans. Whether you believe it or not, they explain it.
  11. Brad GLuckman

    Stick hard at work

    Ya, I guess. They say the best thing you can do for the environment is not have kids. Not getting vaccines for your kids is a close 2nd, I guess.
  12. Brad GLuckman

    What would you do to your kids bully?

    I went to a birthday party a couple of months ago and some kid kept coming up behind my son (4 yrs old), grabbing him from behind, and throwing him to the ground. I don't know who the parents are but whoever they are, they never intervened. I took my son aside and told him to fight back and punch the kid. My son is bigger and could take the kid down. He said "I'm a nice boy and two wrongs don't make a right". I tried explaining that it's not wrong to defend yourself but it just didn't get through. I eventually stopped the kid and told him to stop and he did, but I'm not sure how to get my son to fight back next time. I know you'll all call my 4 year old a pu$$y but any actual advice would be appreciated. Heartbreaking to see such a little guy get bullied. We talked later and he told me that's never happened before. The kids a jerk and did it to a couple other kids, just not as much.
  13. Brad GLuckman

    Netflix film: Knock Down the House starring AOC

    She has a documentary already because its about her runnning for office. Also, not just about her. There are four stories.
  14. Brad GLuckman

    Netflix film: Knock Down the House starring AOC

    Just started it.
  15. Brad GLuckman

    Bill Barr hearing

    They're all full of . I watch CNN occasionally and they don't report on anything but Trump, now. Fox has always been crap. I assume they still are.