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  1. Brad GLuckman

    Packers @ 49ers: Part 2 NFCC

    I think thats about right. 9ers are a more complete team.
  2. Brad GLuckman

    Packers @ 49ers: Part 2 NFCC

    Packers will have Bulaga back for this one which will help
  3. Brad GLuckman

    Packers vs Seacawks

    The entire story in GB this year is how bad the receivers are (outside of Adams). They planned on second year guys getting better and they haven't.
  4. Brad GLuckman

    Packers vs Seacawks

    GB got screwed out of a turnover. Everything after that was minimal.
  5. Brad GLuckman

    will the 2019 patriots go undefeated?

    Are you making fun of Pats fans or are you serious?
  6. Brad GLuckman

    Browns being Browns

    Fans get emotional about players. A good GM doesnt. Just look at GB. Plenty of fans would have been fine hanging onto Favre for 1 more year at the sacrifice of another 10 years of elite QB play.
  7. Brad GLuckman

    the packers

    Man Drobs has been doing this a while. So strange how Pats fans hate Rodgers/GB so much. Not even the same conference.
  8. Brad GLuckman

    SNF Niners vs Seacawks

    Class of the NFC. Ravens - Niners rematch would be a hell of a Super Bowl
  9. Brad GLuckman

    Death Pool 2019 squeezing it in...Don Imus

    I didn't listen to him. Was there more to the racism than just the one comment? I would expect that headline for a much worse offense.
  10. Brad GLuckman

    Vegas HATES GB tonight.

    Well I hope they win, but I've watched almost every game and they're just not very good. Unbelievable to me that they get the #1 seed if they beat Min and Det and Seattle beats SF.
  11. Brad GLuckman

    Vegas HATES GB tonight.

    I still think GB should get points. It's in Minnesota. They're a different team there.
  12. Brad GLuckman

    Vegas HATES GB tonight.

    What am I missing here? Like it's funny that Vegas hates them? They should be double digits underdogs in my opinion.
  13. Brad GLuckman

    impeach Trump?

    Didn't he threaten to withhold funds? I'm honestly tired of it so I haven't been following.
  14. Brad GLuckman

    Growing up Hip Hop

    Did these guys meet by chance in the men's room? Or maybe they were on a road trip and just couldnt resist each other any longer so they pulled over at a gas station for a quickie? Like, unless the bathroom is a known meet up spot for gays, the first scenario doesnt sound all that realistic.