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  1. Yeah this ain't happening. Mark Davis is showing the sense of a squirrel trying to cross a highway.
  2. R8RMick

    OT Coin Flip Change

    This ^. Mother of God dude converted three straight 3rd and tens on that final drive. That may have been the worst playoff defense ever. It's a miracle the kid sent it to OT.
  3. R8RMick


    With one of the worst defenses in the history of NFL playoff football that kid kept them in the game. It was basically a coin flip either way at the end.
  4. R8RMick

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    That is just flat-out incompetence there. As a Raider fan I hate all referees, and don't care if we ban them and go to full-time cameras. At the very least these asshats need to devote the entire season to this job, I'm talking studying film, doing round tables, brainstorming in the offseason to get this s*** right. I get bang bang calls are tough, but Baseball umpires get them right all the time. Not comparing the two sports just the bang bang calls. There's no way the referee should be able to keep his job after blowing that call.
  5. Nobody is assigning blame, simply stating facts. It's been a traditionally weak division for years, several here have seen this and commented. Hell, the Bills lived on that formula to lose four super bowls in the early 90's.
  6. Brilliant insight. What, are you focking 12?
  7. Ha ha ha just stop it. In the last 13 seasons that New England has made the AFC Championship Game, the combined record of the other AFC East teams was 275-365. That's a winning percentage of .430. In that same span, the Patriots division record was 64-14-2. In no year did New England go worse than 4-2 in the division. It's a winning formula- a bye week followed by a divisional home game in January against a team which played the previous week.
  8. R8RMick

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    Chiefs running game in this Andy Reid offense is being underrated and overlooked. Damien Williams has stepped up huge. I agree Pats will flood the middle to take away Kelce. Stephon Gilmore will have his hands full outside with Hill. Chiefs have other weapons as well, Watkins et al. The key is the KC QB, and his ability to create. You just can't game plan for what he does. Unless the Chiefs defense just gives up points in droves I can't see this being easy for New England. Is it true KC has never lost an AFC Championship game at Arrowhead? Just calling it like I see it.
  9. R8RMick

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    Aints are going to miss Sheldon Rankins.
  10. R8RMick

    Seahawks at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Seahawks Twitter whining about officiating rather than their OC.
  11. R8RMick

    Raiders Hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Would've rather seen Louis Riddick Jr get that gig, but am a big Mayock fan. There's a rapport there with Gruden, who really doesn't need to be making the picks as a GM. Mayock will have strong input. Good move.
  12. R8RMick

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Dude, you're a funny guy. Not that you're a clown and you amuse me, but that you make me laugh.
  13. Lol, no. I like the idea of a powerful 240 lb running back, but Warren is basically one dimensional with his 4.69 speed. Or lack thereof. I want the team to draft a three down home run hitter.
  14. R8RMick

    Super Bowl Prediction: post yours

    Aints have a defense now, and a solid running game. And Drew Brees is one of the best playoff quarterbacks in the game. It's their year.
  15. Have always trusted your takes. How's his hands as a receiver and his work in pass pro? Raiders need a running back.