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  1. R8RMick

    Antonio tweets he's done

    He actually looked pretty good in Raider camp last year, all things considered. Dude was making some sick grabs, and had plenty of juice even with freezing his feet. He overplayed his hand with the Clown act, and that window slammed down right on his fingers. They close quickly in this league, especially when you're a knucklehead. All he had to do was come into Oakland, work for about 70 catches and 900-1,000 yards, and he could have walked away a few million richer with a puncher's shot at a gold jacket. Now the fool will never wear it.
  2. R8RMick

    Cowboys at Giants: In-Game Discussion

    Focking cat.
  3. R8RMick

    Cowboys at Giants: In-Game Discussion

    Focking Barkley is killing me this year.
  4. Dude freezer burned his feet in a cryo chamber. Not sure how much of a pretty complex Pats playbook this mensa can navigate in two weeks.
  5. R8RMick

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Don't misunderestimate the fock-foolery factor of Antonio Brown.
  6. Winston blows. Bad enough I've got to watch this clown Jerome Boger ruin a perfectly good football game.
  7. I drafted in the two hole and got Barkley. At 23 Evans was there and had to do it, but I really wanted Godwin later. I'm already regretting it.
  8. R8RMick

    Tyreek Hill carted off

    We get the Chiefs next week. I'll take it.
  9. R8RMick

    Week1 ACTUAL Observations

    DeSean Jackson can still play. So can Sammy Watkins.
  10. R8RMick

    Tyreek Hill carted off

    I'm stacking him with Mahomies, who still may pull it off for me. Damn.
  11. R8RMick

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Easy. Sean McVay.
  12. R8RMick

    Baker Mayfield

    That'll cool the jets on the Brown's Bandwagon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  13. He got vultured bigtime. I was actually impressed with what I saw.
  14. R8RMick

    Lets see those lineups boys

    Agree with you on Lockett, Westbrook and Jacobs.
  15. R8RMick

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Josh Jacobs, Raiders

    Personally not sure about drafting an RB that early. I was thinking about Miles Sanders with a third rounder, but the plan to trade back and pick up extra picks fell through. All academic as Sanders went early anyway. Moot point as well, Gruden fell in love with Jacobs at the Senior Bowl and was the driving reason behind that pick (as well as the safety Abram at 27.) Critical thing to remember with Jacobs is he's hands down the most ferocious blocking back in the draft. More downfield than pass pro, but this is easily fixable. Also has great hands. Not thrilled with his 4.60ish Forty time but he moves well for a big man. At 220 he's a load. He'll be heavily involved in the passing game, it's huge to have that option with your early down back. Less predictable. Anyone who recalls Gruden's first stint in Oakland think of Charlie Garner, because I see JJ in that role with some short yardage stuff mixed in. Someone said it best, Carr is on the hotseat. In fact, seriously, it is a one year prove it deal with our QB as he can be let go with minimal cap damage in 2020.