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  1. R8RMick

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Josh Jacobs, Raiders

    Personally not sure about drafting an RB that early. I was thinking about Miles Sanders with a third rounder, but the plan to trade back and pick up extra picks fell through. All academic as Sanders went early anyway. Moot point as well, Gruden fell in love with Jacobs at the Senior Bowl and was the driving reason behind that pick (as well as the safety Abram at 27.) Critical thing to remember with Jacobs is he's hands down the most ferocious blocking back in the draft. More downfield than pass pro, but this is easily fixable. Also has great hands. Not thrilled with his 4.60ish Forty time but he moves well for a big man. At 220 he's a load. He'll be heavily involved in the passing game, it's huge to have that option with your early down back. Less predictable. Anyone who recalls Gruden's first stint in Oakland think of Charlie Garner, because I see JJ in that role with some short yardage stuff mixed in. Someone said it best, Carr is on the hotseat. In fact, seriously, it is a one year prove it deal with our QB as he can be let go with minimal cap damage in 2020.
  2. R8RMick

    * Updated: NFL Mock Draft - 2019 - Version 4.0

    Lol, compared to the winners I've seen? Yes it is. Be more specific if you want a debate.
  3. R8RMick

    * Updated: NFL Mock Draft - 2019 - Version 4.0

    Solid mock, across the board. I know you don't have trades built into it, but if the Top 3 are gone the Raiders may attempt to trade back to mid first round while picking up another additional picks. Probably a 2nd, 3rd and 4th or high pick next year. They need Edge players, but that guy is Clelin Ferrell.
  4. R8RMick

    * UPDATED: NFL Draft Profiles - TE Noah Fant

    This is a case of Mike Mayock doing his due diligence. Lots of mixed signals coming out from Raiders HQ, but Mayock is a BPA over needs guy.
  5. R8RMick

    The Free Agency Thread

    Both Tim Brown and Jerry Rice feasted in Gruden's offense, as well as Spidy Rison too. The problem is Carr, and what we get out of him. Dude has major holes in his game, and should've been out working on them the moment the season ended.
  6. R8RMick

    Antonio Brown says goodbye to Steelers fans

    I've been following this soap opera all day on Twitter. I don't want any part of this clown, talent notwithstanding. The Raiders are in rebuild mode, which is embarrassing enough. Spending precious early round draft picks on a 31 year old WR, whdn you're in the middle of said rebuild, just screams of incompetence. Stick to the process, stay with the rebuild. This is a move teams make when they are one or two players away. The Raiders need almost an entire new defense. We're sort of like the poor kid at Christmas, who wants the shiny new fire truck, but really needs pajamas and a new pair of socks. Right now Mr. Big Check needs to take his act to Buffalo and like it, lest he be forced to pay back his signing bonus.
  7. R8RMick

    * Updated: NFL Mock Draft - 2019 - Version 4.0

    This was a discussion most Raider fans were having months ago. Now we've moved on. This draft is deep at both positions.
  8. R8RMick

    What NFL team should trade for Derek Carr?

    You may as well be looking at who's next to buy the farm on Walking Dead. There's really no viable alternative to Carr at this point. Even if Gruden drafts a QB, and #RaiderNation will riot if he takes one at 4, they won't be ready this year. I don't see them moving him without a backup plan. Having said that, I see this as Carr's make or break year in the silver and black. He's got huge holes in his game and needs to address them this off season. His dead cap hit next year is 5 million. If they move on, it'll be then.
  9. R8RMick

    Raiders back to Oakland for 2019? (and 2020??)

    Yeah this ain't happening. Mark Davis is showing the sense of a squirrel trying to cross a highway.
  10. R8RMick

    OT Coin Flip Change

    This ^. Mother of God dude converted three straight 3rd and tens on that final drive. That may have been the worst playoff defense ever. It's a miracle the kid sent it to OT.
  11. R8RMick


    With one of the worst defenses in the history of NFL playoff football that kid kept them in the game. It was basically a coin flip either way at the end.
  12. R8RMick

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    That is just flat-out incompetence there. As a Raider fan I hate all referees, and don't care if we ban them and go to full-time cameras. At the very least these asshats need to devote the entire season to this job, I'm talking studying film, doing round tables, brainstorming in the offseason to get this s*** right. I get bang bang calls are tough, but Baseball umpires get them right all the time. Not comparing the two sports just the bang bang calls. There's no way the referee should be able to keep his job after blowing that call.
  13. Nobody is assigning blame, simply stating facts. It's been a traditionally weak division for years, several here have seen this and commented. Hell, the Bills lived on that formula to lose four super bowls in the early 90's.
  14. Brilliant insight. What, are you focking 12?
  15. Ha ha ha just stop it. In the last 13 seasons that New England has made the AFC Championship Game, the combined record of the other AFC East teams was 275-365. That's a winning percentage of .430. In that same span, the Patriots division record was 64-14-2. In no year did New England go worse than 4-2 in the division. It's a winning formula- a bye week followed by a divisional home game in January against a team which played the previous week.