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  1. hellothere

    Stepping Down

    Guys- Thought about it during the season and a lot afterwards, and I've decided to hang it up in the MFFL. I've really enjoyed playing with and discussing FF with nearly everyone here, it's been a great league for me and my longest running. A special thanks to Moz as being the commish is often thankless, and really more of pain in the arse than is appreciated, and he has kept this thing alive for so long. I really enjoyed the starting early aspect, as thinking about FF so early and discussing it was great fun, and helpful for other leagues. However, this fun has been nerfed by an individual using this league as his trolling playpen. He has just run wild and his idiocy spills over into nearly everything, trolling is only fun if its the curlies. I can see the general annoyance in other's as well, and its got to the point for me where the league isnt fun because of this as he acts like a child and constantly tries to start petty crap. Its not funny, its obnoxious. The rest of you guys have been great, and I wish you all the best. If you are ever headed Houston way, shoot me an email and I will buy the first beer and we can talk some football. hellothere
  2. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    Good game GEP, you assembled a great squad this year. Gl in championship.
  3. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    Good game BB, made me sweat MNF which is half the fun in ff. You had a great squad this year, look forward to next years rematch.
  4. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    You've got some stud backs left so well see. But a brees 6td night would be nice.
  5. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

  6. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    Ugh...this week was the definition of a beat down.
  7. hellothere

    Last Season

    Adios amigo
  8. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    I like baseball.
  9. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    My hip hurts, get off the lawn.
  10. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    Wow. Just wow.
  11. hellothere

    Regular Season Talk

    Foster just needs to survive the second half and the d to not crap the bed. But...one the whole, I am in 9 leagues and ran into 6 copies combined of boldin and fitz. Wtf. It was worse since they were late games and I was crushing in mos until then...
  12. hellothere

    Team Analysis and Ranking

    My Plan As The DraftUnfolded Was To Lock Up Top ContributorS At Poitions Other Than Flex (Rb). Didnt Ser Much Value Tgere Mid Rounds. If Flex Can Not GeT Demolished I Should Be Good. Had I Known How Far Qbs Would Fsll I Might Have Waited On brees. But Its So Qb Heavy On Scoring Im Not Too Upset. I Think Wr Was Neglected By Several Teams, And With Scoring In Ppr A Flex Wr Vs Rb Isnt A Killer. Went Higher Risk With Backups As Im Just Hoping On Backup Rb Geys A Shot Due To Injury Or OtherwisSe. My Phone Is Actinv Weird Do Excuse The Weitd Type.
  13. hellothere

    Predict how the Aaron hernandez saga ends

    Pakistan nukes India?
  14. hellothere

    17 - 18

    18.5 R.Bullock, K Hou